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Sculpting your body, your mind, your business, your life. It's all here.

    Machine vs Free Bar Squats: Which Is Best For Muscle Growth? - Episode 77

    Machine vs Free Bar Squats: Which Is Best For Muscle Growth? - Episode 77

    My whole life, I’ve always been fascinated by huge muscles. It’s also taken me YEARS of intense determination, drive, and ass-busting to get them. 
    As a former skinny yoga teacher, I dreamed of the day I’d have a round, juicy butt and huge legs. But yoga was definitely not the way to do it. So when I decided to get my ass in the gym and start training with my first personal trainer, Curtis, I was on a mission to grow the biggest glutes and legs I could possibly grow.
    Except I was doing it ALL wrong.
    I would position myself under the free bar week after week, month after month, trying my hardest to increase the load and increase my size.
    But my back couldn’t handle it.
    It hurt like a b*tch to squat under that free bar! All my years of yoga left me with very weak glute muscles because the types of squats you do in yoga don’t require much glute activation. Because of this, my lower back would pick up the slack of what my glutes should have been doing when I would break parallel and go deep (though I didn’t realize this at the time).
    My efforts were not matching my results. I wasn’t getting bigger! Instead, I was just constantly in pain, and my weak glutes were making it impossible to increase my load in the gym. After loads of researching, I realized what was causing my back pain. I became obsessed with building my glutes so that I could alleviate the pain and push some heavier weight so I could grow. 
    As you’ll hear in this week’s episode, a strange turn of events happened with my friend Emma that changed the course of my entire bodybuilding career. Listen to what changes I made in the gym that not only massively strengthened my glutes and my lower back, but turned my quads into melon crushers faster than I ever thought possible.
    This may shock you!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Buns & Guns: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/buns-and-guns/
    Basement Jacked: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/basementjacked/
    Kim’s IG: @thesculptedvegan 
    Squat Your Way To Relieving Back Pain: Episode 35: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/podcast/35/

    “The fastest, most efficient way to build more muscle is simply to add more load.”
    “It’s hard to train hard enough when using a free bar.”
    “If your goal is simply bigger legs (and not stronger legs), squat heavy on a machine!”
    “As long as you can lower with control and then still get back up with a bit of help, your muscles have not yet failed.”
    “Time does not equate results.”

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    How To Be an Overnight Success — Interview With Maria Hatzistefanis - Episode 76

    How To Be an Overnight Success — Interview With Maria Hatzistefanis - Episode 76

    It all started when she got fired.
    A young girl growing up in a safe environment on a small Greek island, where her parents praised doing things safely and only chasing a job that was guaranteed to secure her future, Maria Hatzistefanis knew she wanted to impact others in a unique way.
    Her childhood was never extravagant or luxurious. Her parents were teachers, and they all lived a very low-key and quiet lifestyle.
    Then one day (in her 20s), something happened that took Maria off the “expected” path and thrust her into the entrepreneurial world unexpectedly…
    She got fired from her first big job.
    And she says it was the best thing that ever happened to her.
    Maria decided to start her own business, Rodial, a potent and unique skincare brand (she even has a vegan line + uses a shocking special ingredient that mimics Botox)!
    She is now a London-based entrepreneur, best-selling author, TV personality, and podcaster!
    I was so thrilled when she agreed to be on the podcast. She talks about her life before she made it big, how she actually almost went bankrupt a few years ago, and she spills her dirty little skincare secrets (you will totally love these)!
    She also gives the most epic advice for aspiring entrepreneurs that I LOVE.
    You’re going to flip over this interview! Don’t forget to check out her amazing skincare line, linked below (I’m even buying some myself!)
    Happy listening!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 

    Maria’s book: How to Be an Overnight Success: Making It in Business (https://www.amazon.com/How-Be-Overnight-Success-Business/dp/1785037323)

    Maria’s skincare: Rodial (https://www.rodial.co.uk) and (https://www.rodial.co.uk/US/) (will be dot com summer 2021)
    Maria’s IG: @rodialbeauty and @mrsrodial
    Maria’s own IG filter “Banana Lowlighter”

    “The journey of every entrepreneur is never straight.”
    “If you want to be successful, you have to study the people who are doing it really well and learn from them.”

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    How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk and Talk So Your Kids Will Listen - Episode 75

    How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk and Talk So Your Kids Will Listen - Episode 75

    Most people just want to be right.
    If you’ve ever paid close attention to how people talk to each other, nobody is actually listening. It’s just a game of right vs. wrong where the “listener” is just waiting for the other person to stop talking so they can talk again. 
    This is not listening. It’s not even effective communication.
    Listening and communication are skills that need to be developed—skills that many adults don’t ever end up mastering.
    This gets compounded when we become parents. If we haven’t learned how to effectively communicate by the time we have children, we then make it damn near impossible for our children to learn and master these skills. It becomes a vicious cycle that makes relationships exhausting and hard.
    You’ve heard me discuss how many of our issues actually stem from our childhood. This is no different. 
    As a child, I grew up in a very authoritarian household. My parents were my parents, not my friends. We were spanked, shouted at, and punished — we even had a naughty step and went to a boarding school. I never felt understood or listened to. I spent much of my childhood rebelling and doing whatever I could to be the exact opposite of my parents (which is actually what most children do when their parents aren’t effective communicators).
    I craved acceptance and individuality but didn’t receive those things from my parents. But I vowed to be the total opposite of them and have spent my entire adult life seeking and learning how to do better, especially for my own kids.
    I have never punished my children. They’ve never been shamed, shouted at, talked down to, or suppressed. I ask them questions and nurture their individuality. I teach them how to seek answers for themselves. 
    And most importantly? I accept them for who they are, and they know and feel that every single day.
    If every parent can learn these important skills, we will witness a massive transformation in future generations.
    In this podcast, I will teach you exactly how to listen so your kids will talk and talk so your kids will listen. And in turn, your kids will have the healthiest, most fulfilling relationships at every level.
    Listen closely as I share the following strategies (and examples) that you can implement immediately in all of your relationships. But know this: it’s not enough for you to simply listen and read these strategies. You must actively apply them in your life every chance you get. 
    Strategies to have a better relationship with your kids:
    Use “It seems/sounds like…” questions to establish what they want.
    Ask “why” questions.
    Ask, “What would be the downside if you didn’t get it?” (this identifies the REAL problem)
    Ask, “Why do you need it to be that way?” (this establishes the emotional attachment)

    I really hope you enjoy this episode!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. By Jordan Peterson (https://www.amazon.com/12-Rules-Life-Antidote-Chaos/dp/0345816021)

    Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It. By Chris Voss (https://www.amazon.com/Never-Split-Difference-Negotiating-Depended/dp/0062407805/ref=pd_sbs_1?pd_rd_w=azkBS&pf_rd_p=2419a049-62bf-452e-b0d0-ca5b7e35a7b4&pf_rd_r=D9X021W76JTC7EZ9WRT0&pd_rd_r=4e924ada-04ae-4b0c-a73d-905db63c74f8&pd_rd_wg=Oc2qc&pd_rd_i=0062407805&psc=1)

    “Whenever we punish and control our children, we teach them that a part of themselves is bad, so then they fragment themselves into two different people.”
    “Children are not stupid. They know that the reason we’re trying to control them is to make our lives easier.”
    “ Kids will fight to the death for you to hear them.”
    “If you learn to communicate better with your child, you will model communication skills for them, and they will naturally learn how to d

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    This 8-Figure Business Coach Turned Empathy Into a Superpower That Made Him Millions (and How You Can Do It Too) – Interview With Alex Charfen - Episode 74

    This 8-Figure Business Coach Turned Empathy Into a Superpower That Made Him Millions (and How You Can Do It Too) – Interview With Alex Charfen - Episode 74

    Stop letting yourself off the hook.
    Too often, we fall victim to excuses, and these excuses become the way we do everything in our life. They become the habitual reasons we never reach our full potential, and yet most of us never realize we are the cause...or the solution.
    Over the last few years, more and more people are jumping into the entrepreneurial life, but something is happening in the process—they’re letting themselves off the hook. They’re not showing up for themselves. They’re getting wrapped up in their emotions and doing all the wrong things that are ultimately leading to the demise of their business. 
    So I decided to interview Alex Charfen, co-founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar business, to get to the root of why most people are struggling with entrepreneurship.
    It ended up being quite an emotional podcast.
    Alex may be a multi-millionaire now, but he has struggled throughout his life and has even experienced bankruptcy.
    As a kid, he had a difficult time fitting in. He was made fun of, mocked, and constantly judged (by kids and adults alike). He was the weird kid with massive self-awareness, always getting in trouble and constantly switching between the gifted classes and the special education classes, never knowing where he belonged. He spent much of his childhood surrounded by powerful women who supported each other emotionally. As a result, he developed an incredibly influential level of empathy, which I deem his superpower. 
    He has used his superpower to go from bankrupt to being on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in the country three years in a row and won many other awards. Now, his mission is to help other entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses just like he did.
    In this interview, he talks candidly about his struggles growing up and how he’s now using these experiences to make millions of dollars helping people. And you might be surprised to learn how he’s done it.
    You will hear him talk about: 
    Why he’s no longer unschooling his kids (I absolutely loved this)
    How his unique childhood experiences formed his massive level of empathy 
    How top-down pressure can destroy your team/business
    How entrepreneurs are failing and how they should be running their business
    How masculine and feminine energy can work synergistically to explode your business and make you millions
    What’s missing in women-owned businesses that could be the one catalyst to their massive success
    Why we say businesses are becoming more powerful than governments

    You are going to really love hearing Alex share his heart and passion. 
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth (by Brad Blanton)
    Alex Charfen’s website - BOOK A CALL to see how Alex can help you level up in your business: (https://www.charfen.com/)
    Alex’s podcast: (https://www.charfen.com/podcast/) 
    FREE BOOK: Your Entrepreneurial Personality Type (https://eptbook.com/ept)

    “When your behavior matches your beliefs, you are integrated.”
    “Consistency creates trust. Trust creates intimacy. Intimacy creates a greater level of communication.”
    “People may not agree with what you have to say, but they will respect the fact that you’re not afraid to say it.” 
    “What’s more human than helping each other?”
    “He who has the most joy wins.”

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    How To Build a World-Class Physique — Q&A With Mark Getty - Episode 73

    How To Build a World-Class Physique — Q&A With Mark Getty - Episode 73

    One thing you can’t cheat is hard work.
    We recently finished our last Butt Camp competition, and the final results were mind-blowing, but they didn’t come without nay-sayers and loads of confusion from people who don’t understand what goes into extreme physique change.
    My programs require 110% focus, determination, and discipline—to the point where only about 10% even finish them. Understandably, those who don’t have any background in body sculpting often question the final results because they’re so unbelievable. So I decided to interview my very own trainer, Mark Getty (the head judge in Butt Camp), to shed some light on exactly what it takes to sculpt results so mind0blowing that people not only question whether you’ve altered your pictures, but want to know how the hell you did it.
    Why Mark?
    Mark is a world-renowned champion heavyweight bodybuilder who has placed in the top 3 in his category over 100 times and holds 48 titles (both amateur and pro)! He knows more about physique change than almost anyone else and drops some big truth bombs in this interview that you can’t miss.
    He talks about:
    What to do if you don’t have a spotter
    How to go to failure even if you’re a beginner (and what failure really is)
    The most important equipment for your home gym
    Photoshoot tips that can take your photos from second place to first place
    How to transition out of a shred without gaining all the weight back
    His EPIC breathing advice for getting through the reps (this is great)
    ...and so much more fantastic advice that you need to hear!

    You will also hear about his experience in the last few weeks going plant-based for the first time! You are going to LOVE this episode. 
    Love Kim xo
    Reference List: 
    Book Mark Getty for a 1:1 coaching session: (https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/coaching/mark-getty/)
    Mark’s website: (https://theirishhulk.com/)
    Mark’s IG @theirishhulk: (https://www.instagram.com/theirishhulk_/?hl=en)
    Mark’s FB: (https://www.facebook.com/MarkGetty.BodyBuilder/about/)

    “One thing people can’t cheat is hard work.”
    “Every time you leave the gym, ask yourself: Could I have done more?”
    “When the pain starts, that’s when you keep pushing.”
    “Learning is all about making mistakes, and hopefully, you don’t make the same one twice.”
    “The guys that work the hardest always prevail.”

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    Day 5 - How to make a 6-month plan to sculpt muscle and burn fat like a pro! - Bonus Episode

    Day 5 - How to make a 6-month plan to sculpt muscle and burn fat like a pro! - Bonus Episode

    Remember the 5 BONUS podcasts I told you about the other day?
    WELL, today is Day 5 of 5, and I’m so excited for you to get access to these!
    Last week I ran a Free 5 Day Challenge that 16,000 people joined.  
    The trainings were INSANE and pumped everyone up beyond their wildest imaginations!
    So, I packaged them up and turned them into podcasts to share with you, so you don’t miss out!
    Here’s the schedule:
    Day 1 - The number one thing you MUST do if you want to sculpt your dream body
    Day 2 - The reality data you need to have before you can even think about meal planning
    Day 3 - How to work out EXACTLY how much to eat to build muscle AND burn fat
    Day 4  - I pull the rug out from under you and get you REAL with your food
    Day 5 (TODAY!)- How to make a 6-month plan to sculpt muscle and burn fat like a pro!

    • 2 hrs 21 min

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