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Etims are a bunch of Glasgow Celtic fans talking about Celtic, Fitbaw and everything else that raises interest and more importantly a laugh now and again.
May include random dog barking too.
Website is www.etims.net

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Etims are a bunch of Glasgow Celtic fans talking about Celtic, Fitbaw and everything else that raises interest and more importantly a laugh now and again.
May include random dog barking too.
Website is www.etims.net



    Hector, Monty and Desi get together to watch the second half of the Sarajevo v Celtic Europa league qualifier and its all recorded ( not the best audio but listenable).
    Who knew Celtic TV had so many different timed streams?

    The guys watch the game unfold and discuss all the activity or lack of it where relative before finally getting to cheer ( in instalments) as Eddie scores and the side progress into the Group Stages.

    We look back on the last month, since the last Podcast and the results that have followed and look forward to this months big games and also ask do we feel the same about football without fans being in the stadiums.

    Notable other references to David Turnbull, Barkas Moustache, Bradley Walsh and Johnny Firebird!

    • 1 hr 15 min


    Hector, Monty, Desi and eventually Ralph get together to discuss 'August and Everything After Bolingoli" ( one for Counting Crows fans there).
    The guys go round the houses discussing all the issues over the last few weeks.
    They analyse that terrible European exit whilst also looking ahead wondering whats in store for this Celtic squad and for the fans....is Covid the actual danger to 10 in a row rather than our own mistakes?
    The pod comes round to wondering just how bad is it really and asks does Hope triumph over Fear with the new arrivals in Turnbull and Duffy and Lenny now seems to remember how to play strikers

    • 1 hr 36 min


    Hector, Desi, ramph and Monty get together to discuss out with the old in with the new

    New Kit launched
    New Keeper bought
    New Season started - New Celtic Passport to Paradise launched - New PPV too?
    and other notable mentions

    New Kit Launch
    Celtic Da dilemmas at the Midnight sales at the Superstore
    The Argyle Street store now open post overhaul
    A few concerns about the sizing...have Celtic fans shrunk during COVID
    Anyone been into Sports Direct to see if its there?..is anything there?

    New Keeper bought
    Welcome to Vasillis Barkas
    26 yrs old, 100+ games for AEK, cost around 4-5m , 10 caps Greece
    So...are we 'charoúmenos' aka happy at this signing?

    New Season started
    - Surreal flag day? 5 subs.. nbr of new accounts treaming - schools results
    - Hamilton win...Eddy hat trick..fullbacks linking up to score, Klimala goal
    - Calmac masterclass
    - Broony stats a concern at all?
    - Killie this week...concerns?

    Other news
    Stephen Fletcher - 1 year deal?.33 yrs old...13 goals in 30 games last year?
    also linked with West Ham striker Albian Ajeti, Peterborough forward Ivan Toney

    Whats the best option?

    "5 or 6 attempts to sign" Aaron Hickey and Celtic winger Barry Hepburn away to Bayern?..chance missed?

    Caley sign Defender Robbie Deas on 3 yr deal..best of luck
    Bayo to St Mirren before weekend?...help our competitors competitor time?
    2 Aberdeen players tested positive..6 in isolation...looks bleak...could season get called early?

    Brendan missing out on CL...shame or good?
    Kieran Tierney FA cup win..hooray!
    55 Staff redundant at Arsenal...what price a Clubs soul?

    • 1 hr 47 min


    Hector, Monty, Ralph and Desi got together to discuss all thats happening in the lockdown world of Celtic and beyond.

    Topics discussed how many Knock Knock jokes can you get out of Adidas, New balance and a certain Mr Ashley.

    We discuss the new kit and Hectors dream coming true as the Adidas video makes him feel like a 15 year old boy with a pirate VHS all over again.

    We chat on Sports Direct laughs as more revelations about the great new Castore Deal come to

    We look at the departures and an arrival at Celtic and discuss the Goalie position in particular
    and the recently filled coaching role.

    We consider the future for some of the squad and expectations over July period as we look to prepare for actual football happening!

    • 1 hr 46 min


    Its 9 in A Row day and Desi, Ralph, Hector and Monty get together to discuss another historical milestone on Celtics history.
    We talk about the heartwarming tributes from Lawwell and Lenny.
    We look back at key moments and the key men of the season.
    We pay our dues to Lenny and his captain Broony and their massive contribution.
    We talk about how sweet its been to come back and claim the title.
    We look ahead to whats coming down the line as we face going for THE TEN!

    • 1 hr 44 min
    Dossier Day

    Dossier Day

    The Dossier Day Podcast kicks off with Desi, Monty, Hector and Ralph discussing the laughable Dossier produced by Rangers calling out The SPFL.
    The talk drills down into the lack of fatcs, if thats possible, before taking a tun to address a people out of time and not knowing where they fit in the World.
    We talk Covid and Football and what could be coming down the line regards Season Books present and future and we conclude with Montys exciting Podcast News.

    Could this plucky little hope filled Podcast achieve its crazy dreams?...the answers naw!

    We end with some Twitter follower laughs and a final plea to just end the bullying and threats!

    • 1 hr 36 min

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