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A summary of today's impactful news stories from around the world hand-picked by our staff at TRT World.

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A summary of today's impactful news stories from around the world hand-picked by our staff at TRT World.

    Friday, January 24, 2020

    Friday, January 24, 2020

    *)China confirms second virus death outside of epicentre

    China confirms a second coronavirus death outside Hubei province in the epicentre, bringing the death toll to at least 25.

    More than 830 people are infected. Nearly a dozen cities in central China are under lockdown, as officials try to contain the coronavirus.

    Cases have been reported in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the US.

    The World Health Organization has held back on declaring the flu-like virus a global emergency.

    *)Trump abused power like no other president – Democrats’ case

    Democratic prosecutors made an expansive case at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that he abused power like no other president in history.

    Prosecutors argued that Trump abused power for personal gain, swept up by a “completely bogus” Ukraine theory.

    On Friday, Democrats will press their final day of arguments, focusing on the second article of impeachment: obstruction of Congress’ investigation.

    *)'Sopranos' actor says Weinstein raped her in mid-1990s

    A New York court has heard gruesome testimony from actor Annabella Sciorra, who says Harvey Weinstein raped her 25 years ago.

    Sciorra is one of 80 women who have come forward since 2017 with allegations of sexual assault against the disgraced movie producer.

    Weinstein could face life in prison in New York state if convicted of being a serial sexual predator.

    *)UN court orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya from genocide

    The UN's highest court has ordered Myanmar to take urgent measures to prevent genocide against the country's Rohingya Muslim minority.

    The International Court of Justice made the initial ruling on a case brought against Myanmar by the Gambia.

    Myanmar and its army are accused of carrying out a systematic campaign of elimination against the Rohingya.

    And finally,

    *)Grammys set to honour music's best as scandal overshadows gala

    Los Angeles is gearing up for the Grammys as the Recording Academy’s former head, Deborah Dugan, filed a discrimination complaint.

    Dugan says she was suspended after raising concerns over sexual harassment, voting irregularities and other misconduct within the Academy.

    The Academy, which has accused Dugan of misconduct, says it has launched an investigation.

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    Thursday, January 23, 2020

    Thursday, January 23, 2020

    *)Democrats urge Republican ‘courage’ at Trump impeachment trial

    Democrats have accused President Donald Trump at the Senate impeachment trial of cheating to ensure re-election in November.

    They called for “courage” by the president’s fellow Republicans while considering the case against him.

    The Senate was hearing opening arguments from the prosecution on the second day of Trump's impeachment trial.

    *)China locks down Wuhan to stop virus spread

    China has shut down the city of Wuhan as the number of cases and deaths from a novel coronavirus type rise.

    The virus appeared last month in Wuhan, and the vast majority of China's 571 cases have been in the city.

    Other cases have been reported in the United States, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

    *)Rockets target Libya airport ahead of regional peace talks

    Libya has been forced to close Tripoli’s airspace once again, following threats from warlord Khalifa Haftar to shoot down commercial planes.

    The UN-backed Government of National Accord said Mitiga airport was hit with six rockets and called the strikes a violation of the ceasefire.

    This comes after a truce was agreed with world leaders last weekend in Berlin.

    *)Many killed in tribal attack in disputed South Sudan border region

    Suspected Misseriya tribesmen killed at least 19 people in the Abyei border region of South Sudan, UN peacekeepers said.

    There have long been tensions between the nomadic Arab Misseriya tribe who cross over from Sudan to graze livestock and the South Sudanese in the area.

    Local Abyei authorities put the death toll at 32.

    And finally,

    *)New rules could bump emotional-support animals from planes

    The days of passengers bringing pets on airplanes as emotional-support animals could be coming to an end.

    The US Department of Transportation has proposed a plan to ban untrained service animals on flights.

    This could mean untrained dogs and cats, and more exotic companions such as pigs, pheasants and snakes might lose flight privileges.

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    Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    *)Senate approves rules for Trump impeachment trial

    A dispute over rules kept Senate up on the first full day of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

    Republicans and Democrats battled over summoning high-level White House witnesses.

    But Senate leader Mitch McConnell mobilised his side’s 53-47 majority in the body to slap down the Democrats’ attempts to amend trial procedures.

    *)China outlines measures to curtail coronavirus outbreak

    China has stepped up measures to contain the outbreak of a Sars-like virus which has infected over 400 people and has spread to several countries.

    Chinese authorities increased fever screening at transit points and cancelled several Lunar New Year events.

    Patients with the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in US, Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

    *)Crisis-hit Lebanon’s new cabinet to meet for first time

    Lebanon’s new cabinet meets for the first time on Wednesday, as ministers begin the urgent task of addressing a pressing economic crisis.

    The government, under Prime Minister Hassan Diab, was formed after Iran-backed Hezbollah and its allies agreed on a cabinet of 20 specialists.

    Lebanon has been without government since Saad al Hariri quit as premier in October following widespread protests against the political elite.

    *)Jeff Bezos’ phone reportedly ‘hacked by Saudi crown prince’

    Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and The Washington Post, was the victim of a phone hack by Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, The Guardian reported.

    An encrypted message from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2018 to Bezos allegedly included a virus that hacked the billionaire’s phone.

    Saudi Arabia denied the report but UN officials are expected to confirm there is enough evidence suggesting Saudi Arabia was behind the hack.

    And finally,

    *)NYC prosecutors to begin making rape case against Harvey Weinstein

    US prosecutors will begin presenting their rape case against Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday.

    Weinstein faces life in prison if convicted in a trial seen as a watershed moment for the #MeToo movement.

    The 67-year-old Hollywood producer pleaded not guilty to charges of assaulting two women but faces many more accusations of sexual assault.

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    Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    *)Deadly virus kills four in China and infects over 200

    A fourth person has died from a new strain of the coronavirus in China.

    The deadly outbreak has infected over 200 people, with cases reported in Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

    The World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak.

    *)McConnell proposes swift impeachment trial with long days

    Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has released his proposal for a speedy impeachment trial.

    But Democrat leader Chuck Schumer calls the proposal an attempt at a cover-up.

    Meanwhile, Trump rejected the impeachment charges and called for its immediate dismissal.

    *)Clashes erupt between migrants and Mexican authorities

    Mexican security forces fired tear gas at a large caravan of Central American migrants as they tried to cross a river between Guatemala and Mexico.

    Mexican authorities say they've detained over 400 migrants from the clashes.

    US President Donald Trump has threatened to 'punish' Mexico and Central American countries economically if they fail to curb migrant flows.

    *)Huawei CFO extradition hearing begins

    The extradition hearing of Huawei's Chief financial officer has started in Vancouver.

    Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada and a month later, the US indicted her for breaching US sanctions on Iran and moved for her extradition.

    The 47-year-old denies the charges, saying that her alleged conduct was not illegal in Canada, as the country didn't have sanctions against Iran at the time.

    And finally,

    *)Retailers slash prices of Harry and Meghan merchandise

    The price of souvenirs with Harry and his wife, Meghan, are being slashed just days after their split from the British monarchy.

    From bobbleheads to mugs and t-shirts, British gift shops are trying to clear their stock.

    Shop owners say suppliers plan to stop production because the couple is no longer part of the royal family.

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    Monday, January 20, 2020

    Monday, January 20, 2020

    *)Foreign powers back Libya ceasefire as warlord chokes oil flows

    A special summit on Libya held in Berlin ended with an agreement for a truce and an arms embargo.

    World leaders along with warring factions attended the summit hosted by Germany and the UN.

    But Libya's oil production still remains blocked by Khalifa Haftar's militia and could cripple the country's economy.

    *)China confirms 139 new cases of deadly coronavirus

    China confirms a third person died after contracting a deadly new coronavirus.

    139 new cases were reported over the weekend, with the virus spreading to new cities and countries, including Thailand and Japan.

    Scientists are still struggling to understand the nature of the outbreak and the type of virus they're dealing with.

    *)Lebanese security forces, protesters clash for second night

    Lebanon deployed its army to quell violent anti-government protests in Beirut.

    Around 400 people were injured after security forces fired rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators.

    Unrest has deepened as government struggles to control the economic crisis.

    *)World's billionaires have more wealth than 60 percent of population

    An Oxfam report says the world's richest 2,000 people control more money than the poorest 4.6 billion people combined.

    It also says unpaid or underpaid work by women and girls adds three times more to the global economy each year than the technology industry.

    The report has been released ahead of the annual World Economic Forum this week.

    And finally,

    *)SpaceX says 'picture perfect' test paves way for human mission

    SpaceX has successfully tested a crucial abort system on an unmanned spacecraft that will carry astronauts into space.

    The launch was a demonstration of the safety abort system for the Dragon crew capsule, in the event of an aborted launch, or a rocket failure.

    SpaceX is one of two companies with multibillion-dollar contracts to fly NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

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    Friday, January 17, 2020

    Friday, January 17, 2020

    *)Trump impeachment trial to start in election year

    The US House of Representatives has taken the next step to impeach President Donald Trump.

    Senators were sworn in as jurors, four of whom are running for the Democrat’s nomination to challenge Trump in the presidential election.

    Trump will become the third US president to face trial in the Senate.

    *)Libya’s warlord Haftar to participate in Berlin peace talks

    Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar is willing to attend peace talks in Berlin, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said after visiting Benghazi.

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also attend the Libya conference, which is on Sunday.

    The summit brings together foreign powers and rival Libyan camps in a bid to end the war over Tripoli, the capital, and agree on a power-sharing deal.

    *)Anadolu Agency employee released, three remain in detention

    One of Anadolu Agency’s four employees detained in Egypt earlier this week has arrived back in Turkey.

    Hilmi Balci [Hilmi Baljeh] said he felt the support of his nation while he was held by the police in Cairo.

    On Tuesday, Egyptian police raided the AA office in Cairo and detained four employees, including Balci, over alleged fake news.
    Ukraine’s PM resigns after heard on audio leak insulting Zelenskiy

    *)Ukraine’s Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has resigned, Russian agencies reported.

    The PM’s resignation follows an audio leak in which he is heard calling President Zelenskiy a “dummy” with “primitive” grasp of economics, the Kyiv Post reported.

    Zelenskiy will consider Honcharuk’s letter of resignation, the presidential office said.

    And finally,

    *)Fires, then floods, how much can a koala bear take?

    The drought that contributed to Australia’s catastrophic bushfires has this week given way to huge downpours in some of the ravaged areas.

    While rain is seen as a reprieve, experts warn it comes with dangers of flash floods – a threat koalas near Sydney are now encountering.

    Heavy rains sent flash floods through the Australian Reptile Park, which shared images of soaking wet koalas clinging to gum trees.

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