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Stories of entrepreneurs and professionals on their way to scale their impact. 


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Stories of entrepreneurs and professionals on their way to scale their impact. 


    Arsen Nurmagomedov - The Parallel Entrepreneur with Three Successful Exits

    Arsen Nurmagomedov - The Parallel Entrepreneur with Three Successful Exits

    Welcome to 3rd episode of Journey to Scale! I'm thrilled to bring you today's episode, where I had the pleasure of sitting down with Arsen Nurmagomedov [https://www.linkedin.com/in/nurmagomedov/], a remarkable parallel entrepreneur who has successfully built and exited three businesses. Arsen's story is truly inspiring, and I'm excited for you to hear about his ventures in content, SaaS, and even offline industries.

    In our conversation, Arsen takes us through the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, sharing valuable insights into how he navigates the challenges of managing multiple ventures. We also dive into his experience with acquisitions and how he approaches work-life balance. I was captivated by Arsen's dynamic spirit and his ability to thrive on new challenges, and I know you will be too!

    So, without further ado, let's jump right into the episode. Here's the breakdown:

    00:00 - Welcome to Journey to Scale and introduction to our guest, Arsen Nurmagomedov
    00:13 Arsen joins us and shares a bit about himself
    00:50 Exploring Arsen's background and his focus on B2B SaaS products
    01:59 The incredible journey of building Restpack and AnnounceKit
    03:20 Making the decision to sell and navigating the acquisition process
    06:57 Building a new product and fostering a positive company culture at Kovan Studio
    10:37 Arsen's approach to balancing multiple ventures and industries as a parallel entrepreneur
    14:01 Arsen's thoughts on the importance of company culture and the journey of entrepreneurship
    17:27 How you can reach out and join the journey at Kovan Studio
    20:05 Closing remarks and outro

    Thank you for joining us on this episode of Journey to Scale. I hope you found Arsen's story as compelling as I did. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, and I'll see you in the next episode!

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    Yigit Konur - Founder And Product Manager At Wope

    Yigit Konur - Founder And Product Manager At Wope

    We shot this episode with Yigit back in October 2022.* Since we recorded the episode, Yigit and the Wope team launched the first version of their product. You can give it a shot here: https://wope.com/

    Where to find Yigit

    * Twitter: https://twitter.com/yigitkonur
    * LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yigitkonur/

    What we covered in this episode

    * Who is Yigit Konur?
    * What was it like to move from being the founder of a successful agency to the product manager of a SaaS business?
    * What is most challenging for building an SEO SaaS product, and what is most exciting about it?
    * What advice would Yigit give aspiring SEO SaaS founders?
    * Lightning round with Yigit


    * It took some time for me to publish the episode because there was a problem with my voice. I spent hours fixing the voice, but it's still not the best. I finally published the episode because what Yigit shared about his journey was pretty valuable. I hope you find it valuable as well. 🤞

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    Helping Companies Scale - Gabriela Pulido (Founder, Scalto)

    Helping Companies Scale - Gabriela Pulido (Founder, Scalto)

    Gabriela Pulido is a mother of four and also a serial entrepreneur. She's a Venezuelan, born and raised in Venezuela, and went to the school in the US Columbia University School of Engineering. Now she's helping companies scale their impact with her newly founded company, Scalto.

    Gabriela also mentors early-stage companies as a Business Mentor at Endevaur Miami [https://endeavormiami.org/meet-mentors-gabriela-pulido/].

    We talked about being an immigrant entrepreneur in the US, the rewarding and hard parts of entrepreneurship, and how she manages all the different things she's doing in parallel.

    Where to find Gabriela

    * LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gabriela-scalto/ [https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabriela-scalto/]

    Where to find Cagri

    * Twitter: twitter.com/cagrisarigoz [https://twitter.com/cagrisarigoz]

    * LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cagrisarigoz [https://linkedin.com/in/cagrisarigoz]

    * All other links: s.cagrisarigoz.com/links [https://s.cagrisarigoz.com/links]

    What we covered in this episode

    * Who is Gabriela Pulido?

    * How was Gabriela's experience when she first moved to the U.S.?

    * What made Gabriela move to entrepreneurship after 8 years of professional work at a well-known consultancy firm?

    * What is Scalto's methodology to help companies scale?

    * What is it like to be a mentor at Endevaur Miami?

    * Ligthning Round with Gabriela

    Transcript of the episode*

    Cagri Sarigoz: Hi Gabriela, Can you please talk a bit about yourself? Who is Gabriela?

    Gabriela Pulido: Hi. I'm Gary. I am Venezuelan, born and raised, and I went to school in the Us at Columbia University City School of Engineering. I'm a mother of four, a serial Entrepreneur, and an Avid Seeker of Creative Solutions in the space I work with.

    Cagri, How was your experience when you first moved to the U.S.?

    Gabriela: Yeah. So after many years in Venezuela, coming from New York in Venezuela, I migrated decided to migrate five years ago. It was a hard decision because we were a family familiar four coming into the. We landed in Miami with amazing things happening. At that point, it was just the Miami tech movement, but then it came along. The biggest hurdle, the biggest focus for me, was to adapt to understand what was happening in the environment, a completely different sales approach. Education, lifestyle, adapting and perceiving differences, and then playing upon my strengths. And I was dedicated to building the network and going forward in terms of figuring out the way to scale my company. In a whole new environment with the right three steps ahead or looking forward to helping solve the midsize companies problems in terms of scale. So that's when I pivoted from branding. To communications and and scaling companies with that mindset in place.

    Cagri: What made you move to entrepreneurship after eight years of professional work at a well-known consultancy firm?

    Gabriela: So interesting. So after being in consulting for management consulting Arthur little, and that went to Future brand, which is a branding agency, and the on behold, it was two thousand and four that they decided to close shop in South America. I was in charge of Latin America and the Caribbean nations. And it was a very fast exit from them. And from my end, I had clients which I could leave. And I decided to pivot and create my branding agency solving for those problems so that the clients... The current clients I had. So was while they were moving out, I was creating my own space, which grew to be a multinational company in terms of having offices in Dubai, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. And New York as a bas

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    #0 - Intro

    #0 - Intro

    Hello everyone.

    This is Cagri Sarigoz, and welcome to my new podcast Journey to Scale.

    In this podcast, you can expect seeing some entrepreneurs, some business people, and professionals,

    Scaled their careers or on the way to scaling their careers or their impact, their organizations. So, you will see different range of careers and professional lives here.

    P.S. I'm looking forward to your honest feedback: provide it as a comment on your favorite podcast app or on my podcast website at https://www.journeytoscale.xyz/podcast.

    This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.journeytoscale.xyz [https://www.journeytoscale.xyz/?utm_medium=podcast&utm_campaign=CTA_1]

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