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Reiki, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, God-dess and Wisdom Teachings, Sacred Mysteries

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Reiki, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, God-dess and Wisdom Teachings, Sacred Mysteries

    Regeneration - Changes Ahead...

    Regeneration - Changes Ahead...

    Beautiful Spring regeneration manifesting all over nature, so reflective of our being our bodies!.  Nature reflecting the healing power intrinsic in us and all of life.  Receive a little boost of inspiration of renewal, to be continued in April.
    A brief check in as I'm in the midst of the greatest Sacred Journey I've ever been on.  More to share on that in April.  Looking forward to plugging you in to a beautiful regenerative field.
    Join us this April and May livestream for our upcoming reiki trainings. And in person in the Fall for our Maui Sacred Journey and Reiki Trainings.
    Also always available for one on one session from wherever you are in the world.  By phone or livestream.
    follow link for details http://sacredventures.com/ or email us at info@sacredventures.com

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    2021 Visioning

    2021 Visioning

    honoring the power of our consciousness to create and transform. Join me through a segment of our first Reiki/Himalyan Yoga wksp of 2021, ushering in this new year with a powerful visioning and transforming conversation and practice.
    Acquire simple and empowering tools for visioning the year ahead, developing a daily practice that empowers you to affect change, rather than being infected by the imbalances and challenges around you.
    free and unshackle yourself! reclaim and master your energy and creative force, spreading your wings and creating the life and world you want to see/experience!
    join us livestream, one on one and group events, as well as our annual in person Maui Sacred Journey & Reiki Trainings  www.sacredventures.com

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    Live & Love Fully Now

    Live & Love Fully Now

    Join me under a starry night at our Northern CA hot springs retreat, as we journey through an end of year reflection and renewal.
    Cleanse the burdens of the past year as you connect to the light within, harnessing the gifts of this season.
    Unshackle chains of fear particularly around covid.
    Give yourself permission to live & love fully.
    Embrace life’s many changes and impermanence as you
    excavate your hearts desires and leap into courageous adventure, allowing your inherent joy and playfulness
    BE the golden age,
    as mainstream proliferates realms of separation and fear, be the phoenix rising! dance in the stream of grace, embodying unified consciousness, deep joy, love and peace.
    join us for one on one of group offerings (available via livestream, phone, zoom etc) at

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    Maui Renewal Activation Part 2

    Maui Renewal Activation Part 2

    calling on all warriors of light, on this Hallows Eve Full Moon/All Saints Day Weekend! Recorded from beautiful Mu/Maui in a vast open space known as Heaven's Gate.  Join me as we open and receive renewal and activation.
    Indigenous peoples of these Hawaiian Islands and all across the globe knew this time of year to be potent! Sept thru Dec, where the veil is thin between us and the inner realms and our connection with Amakaua, Ancestors, Illumined Ones, Saints, Avatars, Angels and on is strong.
    As we approach our election day, and we all step into our voting power, may we also remember all those that stand with us from the inner realms, beside us, along side us, as we rise together taking a stand in Truth, with clear conviction, no matter the results!!
    In solidarity with our Source, whatever you call it, God/Goddess/Universe/Consciousness/Love
    Reclaiming our bodies and the body of the Earth! Reclaiming our birthright to live a threat and fear free existence in Radiance, Vibrancy and Grace in every moment.
    May we be thunderous in our ability to pierce the veil of illusion and Tear Down the walls of separation and fear!
    May we take the reigns of our co creative power to live a sustainable abundant vibrant life, co creating a thriving peace filled world
    It all begins within us! first and for most from within our consciousness, within our vision, and then from our every action
    Be the calm in the storm
    until your very presence shifts the tides into an Eden all can be nourished by

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    Maui Renewal Activation 2020

    Maui Renewal Activation 2020

    join me under a starry night in maui with lapping waves plugging you into the renewing field of the beautiful sacred land.  Activate as we continue through the early morning hours of sound healing from the morning sound/chant of the hawaiian doves/birds.
    Tune into the impactful field of your very being to create versus react to the world around you
    Awaken to the miraculous nature of your body
    and the miraculous presence in all of life and the Earth
    empowering yourself to realign instantaneously through a committed practice.
    the powerful technologies of yoga, reiki, meditation, nature based practices etc empowers us with the ability to be the force of change on a subtle electro magnetic level.
    as you clean up your inner landscape you impact the outer landscape - ancient yogic traditions and sages have always taught us that all is created from within
    as we shift our inner space we have the power to shift the world around us! We have within us the most power technology
    most power bandwidth
    may we be the force of that flips the imbalances in our world into a reality of wholeness for the good of all
    enjoy a deep soak in aloha reiki breath
    with a healing meditation/visualization session
    tuning into mineralized pele soil and mana
    along with the fire of Pele to transform what no longer serves, emerging into that place of wholeness within you
    and your life
    for more info one on one sessions, trainings and events online, livestream and limited in person go to www.sacredventures.com  
    also email info@sacredventures.com

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    2020 Clear Vision

    2020 Clear Vision

    In 2020 we have the challenge to see things as they are! in ourselves and our world. clearly seeing into the realities that exist, and rather than judging, labeling, hating on the various atrocities and heinous systems and individuals we have the order to instead hold a CLEAR VISION for the healing and evolving of these systems and individuals.
    When we label and attack back, or run away from… we are in fact contributing to the continued perpetuation of the very thing we are judging.
    this does not mean we are doormats, or acquiesce to heinous acts. Quite the contrary, it is this compassionate action, this fierce love that empowers us to act and to hold those harming others accountable, supporting their healing and evolution. This breaks us free of the perpetual cycle of victim and perpetrator

    This is also true for those areas within ourselves we have been pushing down, denying, overlooking, stuffing.
    Areas we’ve been stuck in, whether its avoiding facing a wounding and giving it time to heal or avoiding taking care of ourselves and committing to our spiritual, emotional, physical daily wellness, or avoiding confronting a situation and standing up for ourselves.
    This is the year for us to see and act clearly in our own well fair and that of the world. 
    Right along with that is the opportunity then hold a CLEAR VISION of what we would like to create for ourselves and our world.  A CLEAR VISION of WHOLENESS.  It is through focused, one pointed centerdness, similar to how we learn it in the Reiki power symbol, that we move forward and rise above the havoc and the distortions, back into alignment of the reality and TRUTH of who we are and our world, An inherent vibrancy, wholeness, radiance and the ability to co-create a life and world that thrives and works for all.
    Enjoy a deeply empowering exploration into this topic,  as well as a nourishing and balancing healing session, meditation and visualization.

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