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A Cariibean podcast dedicated as a platform for cannabis education and advocacy throughout the Caribbean region.

The Caribbean Cannabis Channel Prophet Natty

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A Cariibean podcast dedicated as a platform for cannabis education and advocacy throughout the Caribbean region.

    Placing St.Vincent & the Grenadines on the Medical Cannabis Map

    Placing St.Vincent & the Grenadines on the Medical Cannabis Map

    We Are Medicinal- A local medical cannabis business set on making a name for themselves out of St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG). SVG legalized medical cannabis in 2018 and from since then, this coompany has been leading the way with a wide variety of their products (bud, vapes, tinctures etc) made from the raw plant material grown out of the rich volcanic soil of the island. 

    Francesca Ferdinand, Retail Manager, who has over 10 years experience in marketing and sales, takes us through the exciting role she plays in the overall branding and marketing of their extensive product line, with even more on the way.

    Jessica Gagne, Farms Operations Manager, shares her story as she moved from working in the Canadian Cannabis industry to now assisting the Medicinal family with her hands on expertise and knowledge. Despite the many challenges faced with growing, Jessica tends to focus on the many more positives she has had working with the local team. 

    To find out more about We Are Medicinal, visit their websiite at
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearemedicinal/?hl=en
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_sTtI10DRvRy-p8-WyJB7g

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    Thinking of Security for Your Medical Cannabis Business?

    Thinking of Security for Your Medical Cannabis Business?

    Olympian Security Solutions Inc. (O.S.S.I) is a  security and risk consultancy company, specifically configured for the Medical Cannabis Industry in Barbados. 

    Charles Pile,  a director at O.S.S.I, joins us to share the company's story from conceptualization of the business to registration for licenses such as security and transport services for medical cannabis businesses in Barbados.

    Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/OSSIBarbados/ 
    Contact them at ossi.barbados@outlook.com  

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    Consciously Using the Herb (WHY, WHAT & HOW)

    Consciously Using the Herb (WHY, WHAT & HOW)

    Are you  misusing the plant!?

    As we trod through life day to day, we often engage in activities without really understanding why we're doing it or may be engaging in something that is not inherently wrong but because it isnt in alignemnent with you, it feels offkey.

    Join Prophet Natty as he shares the importance of understanding your WHY, WHAT and HOW, as it relates to cannabis. How to achieve your desired outcome in a manner that is tailored to your body, mind and spirit. 

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    Ah-Drianna: Youth in Cannabis

    Ah-Drianna: Youth in Cannabis

    Often times when discussing the cannabis industry or cannabis use, voices from a certain demographic such as the youth population are often quiet or reluctant to share their stories for fear of discrimnation from friends, family or possible jobs. However, Ah-Drianna, believes in cannabis confidence and the power of her voice as she shares her story with us.

    Ah- Drianna is a singer, songwriter, cannabis enthusistant and proud user. For the last six(6) years, she has been in Jamaica while pursuing her BSc in Entertainment and Cultural Enterprises Management with Integrated Marketing Communication, at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. 

    In this episode. she discusses her journey with cannabis and how it has helped her tap into her true potential, while unlocking her "authentic self."  She also shares how she was able to gain opportunities working with brands such as CanEx Jamaica and Sensi Medical Cannabis House. 

    Song: Adrijuana by Ah-Drianna
    Available  for Streaming on all major platforms (Spotify, Youtube, Apple) 
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    Ayanna Wadada: Navigating the Cannabis Industry as a Community

    Ayanna Wadada: Navigating the Cannabis Industry as a Community

    Ayanna Diaz, better known as Ayanna Wadada, co-owner/founder of the Wadada Movement, a lifestyle movement which branches further into the Ladies of 420 brand, which is centered on cannabis advocacy and education.

    Ladies of 420 was created 5 years ago by the sisters as a means of educating the public on the benefits of cannabis and how it can be used for numerous ways to benefit the day to day lives of people, while fostering a community for herbalist near and far.  As Ayanna rightfully states in the interview, cannabis has helped to motivate, inspire and drive their business to excellence and they hope it can be done for others.

    In this podcast interview the host, Prophet Natty, asks Ayanna about her personal journey with cannabis, the vision for the Ladies of 420 community and how spaces such as that help to further the cause of cannabis legalization through  advocacy and education in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider region.

    We also cover some of the products and services that the Ladies of 420 offer such as the CBD For Beginners guide and more.

    Visit their website: https://wadadamovement.com/
    Instagram: @ladies.of.420 
    Instagram: @ayannawadada 

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    Meet Your Neighbourhood Rastaman

    Meet Your Neighbourhood Rastaman

    Tune in  with The Caribbean Cannabis Channel as your host, Prophet Natty, introduces himself and his journey with cannabis. 

    Meditate with him and relive the story of his first high and the spark it created for his future with cannabis.

    Most importantly he shares why he decided to start The Caribbean Cannabis Channel, why it is needed along with hints on  topics you can expect to hear in the coming weeks.

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