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The Working Class Bowhunter - Unscripted - Real - Relatable

Working Class Bowhunter Curtis Geier, Eric Hamann

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The Working Class Bowhunter - Unscripted - Real - Relatable

    Chris Keefer

    Chris Keefer

    Chris Keefer joins the podcast this week! We cover a lot in this episode from spending 30+ days in the depths of Alaska, getting charged by a wolf, and luck in the whitetail woods! Enjoy! 

    Covered in this episode:
    -Not twins
    -History / behind the scenes work 
    -Dropped - the beginning and crazy stories
    -Producing 15+ shows on outdoor TV
    -New wave of outdoor media
    -Did dropped change everything?
    -Buy a Glock
    -The "sour toe" of Dawson City
    -What species holds your heart?

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Bear Camp - The Final Chapter

    Bear Camp - The Final Chapter

    This week we wrap up the final stories from our Wyoming bear camp!  Would you have what it takes to hold out and wait for a giant with the chance of going home empty handed?  High risk means high reward... or a 19 hour drive thinking about what you should of done?

    • 1 hr 32 min
    Summer Scouting With Mark Drury

    Summer Scouting With Mark Drury

    In this episode we start a conversation with an Illinois Police officer and discuss some of the difficult times right now, getting back into hunting and learning more as a hunter. 

    After that segment, Mark Drury jumps and talks summer scouting with us. From disease, public land, moon phases, and fun conversation in the mix! Enjoy! 

    • 2 hrs 28 min
    Making Hunting Great Again

    Making Hunting Great Again

    Mr. MHGA himself stops in the studio this week! We talk about his Instagram page, why he does what he does and we talk through some controversial topics. Enjoy! 

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    • 2 hrs 24 min
    Billy See - Wildest Dreams TV

    Billy See - Wildest Dreams TV

    Billy See from Wildest Dreams Tv is in the studio this week! This episode is more than a hunting podcast! From hosting a show to personal growth. We cover a lot of topics on every spectrum during this one! Enjoy! 

    Some of the topics covered in this episode:
    -Veteran Shout Out Segment - Paul Sereda 
    -Taking kids hunting
    -Industry / Family balance 
    -Creator brain perspectives 
    -Walking an edgy line

    • 2 hrs 27 min
    Old Barn Taxidermy

    Old Barn Taxidermy

    Sam Gaylord and Johnny Utah stop in the studio to talk all things old barn taxidermy! From starting the business, working with other taxidermists, different avenues of the art, and more! Enjoy! 

    • 2 hrs 10 min

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