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Columbia University Jazz Concerts, Spring 2012 Columbia University

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    Rank and File

    Rank and File

    Composed by Eli Aleinikoff
    Eilo Aleinikoff, tenor saxophone
    Dorian Bon, guitar
    Charlie Hack, bass
    Cam Johnson, drums

    • 10 min
    Staccato Exile

    Staccato Exile

    Music by Daro Behroozi, Poetry by Dina Omar
    Daro Behroozi, woodwinds
    Dina Omar, voice
    Sam Yulsman, piano
    Chris Castro, bass

    • 10 min


    Composed by David Halpern
    Corey Dansereau, trumpet
    Carl Majeau, clarinet
    Gerard Ramm, tenor saxophone
    Jacob Sunshine, guitar
    David Halpern, bass
    Jesse Chevan, drums

    • 11 min
    Dectet No. 1

    Dectet No. 1

    Composed and conducted by Mark Micchelli
    Charlie Lopresto, alto saxophone and flute
    Lety ELNaggar, tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone
    Carl Majeau, tenor saxophone and clarinet
    Daro Behroozi, bass clarinet
    Corey Sansereau, trumpet
    Sam Grunblatt, trombone
    Aidan Miles, piano and keyboard
    Jacob Sunshine, guitar
    David Halpern, bass
    Ian Marsanyi, drums

    • 8 min


    Music and lyrics by Jacob Snider
    Jacob Snider, piano and vocals
    Raviv Markovitz, bass
    Armand Hirsch, guitar

    • 3 min


    Composed by Ian Marsanyi
    Ian Marsanyi, drums and computer
    Chris Pitsiokos, saxophone
    Carl Majeau, saxophone

    • 6 min

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