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Learn about unsigned bands throughout the world through a very simple method, 3 questions & a song. Tune in as Bill Domiano of the Pennsylvania Rock Show introduces you to unsigned bands from anywhere on the 3rd rock from the sun!

3 Questions and a Song William Domiano

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Learn about unsigned bands throughout the world through a very simple method, 3 questions & a song. Tune in as Bill Domiano of the Pennsylvania Rock Show introduces you to unsigned bands from anywhere on the 3rd rock from the sun!

    Arshenic 3QS038

    Arshenic 3QS038

    3 Questions for Arshenic

    * If you had the ability to go back in time and to front any band in history, which band would you join?

    * Can you tell me about the moment, that you realized that you wanted to be a musician?

    * Tom Tikka wanted from the band the Impersonators (episode 037) would like to know who you consider your influences to be and what influenced your logo?

    About the Song:

    Where did you sleep last night was the song written by Leadbelly. The song is most known by Nirvana's MTV unplugged performance. April is the month of Kurt's death so we wanted to honour him by making our own interpretation of the song. We went to studio 3 weeks ago when the Coronavirus started to spread in Poland and the restrictions started. After a week, we couldn't stay home, any longer so we decided to record that song and the epidemic theme music video.

    About the Arshenic:

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    * Where to find them:







    Location: Gdansk, Poland

    Genre: alternative rock metal

    Arshenic is a Polish rock metal band. Our music is based on experimenting with metal, goth rock, folk, progressive rock and electronic. Band was formed in 2006 in Gdansk by Ofilia, lead singer and lyricist, who is also a singing and screaming coach.

    Since then the band has played about hundred concerts in Poland and Germany, and appeared in Polish edition of "Must be the music" TV talent music show. Our last album Final Collison was out on 20/08/2019 by Sliptrick Records and its rated by the reviewers as 8,5/10. Song that's promoting the album is titled Dear Remorse and has a unique music video which tells a deamon/ghost story.

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    The Impersonators 3QS037

    The Impersonators 3QS037

    Tommi Tikka, of the Impersonators, takes his turn at 3 Questions and a Song

    * If you could go back in time and follow a band around for a full year to learn from, who would it be and why?

    * If you were able to go out and headline a tour, what bands would you want to open for you?

    * Bonus Question: What album would you want to hear again for the very first time?

    * Who exactly are you impersonating, and I kinda want to the know the story behind the Sad Cafe EP- asked by Matt Matigan of Psithurism in episode 036

    About the Song, Cloud Nine

    “(It) started taking shape after a therapy session, during which I was made to reflect on what my role has been in pretty much each and every one of my relationships. Although it was hard to admit at first, I soon came to realize that I’ve always been the so called “designated driver,” the one who abstains from getting what he wants so those around him can be content.”

    He continues, “Unaware of my soul search, Antti sent me a beautiful poem about a couple growing old together. I remember reading it and laughing out loud, thinking I wouldn’t be able to write anything in that vein…and yet, the lyrics for the chorus were missing! A few days went by before I returned to the poem but as soon as I did, it hit me. Whether right or wrong, why not just write about what comes most naturally to me: trying to assure the happiness of the people I love. Before I knew it I had the words of the chorus figured out.”

    About the Impersonators

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    Location: Finland

    Genre: Indie Rock

    Comprising Tom Tikka and lyricist Antti Autio, The Impersonators are just that: a duo which masquerades as a full band and does everything it can to defy convention – whether that being their insistence on avoiding touring or their songs, which home in on the warts-and-all gnarliness of love and real life. In fact, if one were to find a common theme that runs through the group’s entire catalog, it would probably be how life very seldom resembles or turns out like Disney fantasies.

    Despite their poignant lyrics, The Impersonators are still a joyous and sweet proposition, with their vocal harmonies and chiming chords harking back to such 60s pop majesties as The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. Together with their secret weapon, producer Janne Saksa, The Impersonators craft their lyrics and melodies into retro-flavoured “alternative pop/rock”. While adding a modern twist to the final soundscape, their goal is to nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth that graced the pop records of yesteryears.

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    Psithurism 3QS036

    Psithurism 3QS036

    Matt Matigan of Psithurism tempts fate with 3 Questions and a Song

    * What would you tell a Pittsburgh band coming to Chicago's scene to play?

    * If there was an apocalyptic event and a handful of people were left on the Earth with just one song from every band, which Psithurism song should survive?

    * Where did the name Psithurism come from?

    * Bonus Question - if you could sit on a bench for a hour and talk to any musician in history, who would you talk to and what would you ask about?

    The Song: Bloodlust

    Location: Chicago

    Genre: Metal

    Psithurism's first EP was entirely self-recorded and produced but this song marked a change in not only the songwriting but was also the first track that was actually mixed and mastered in a studio. The sound is a bit more dynamic than the material on the first EP. Lyrically, it was a bit of a social commentary. The song is about the current political climate and how people on both sides say that they wish that we could all just listen to each other and try to see both sides and move forward yet nobody is taking any steps towards actually making that happen and everyone just stays mad at each other.

    About Psithurism

    Psithurism started off as Daanish and Caleb, 2 friends from high school and Mike, one of Daanish's coworkers. The 3 of them jammed and steadily wrote music over the course of a couple of years and decided to finalize the lineup in 2018. Matt, the vocalist, joined in the summer of 2018 and the bassist, Bart, joined not too long after that. They come from a wide range of influences but all share a love of technical music and after everything was all said and done, ended up with a style that is both very heavy but also very technical and structured. They've released an EP & 2 standalone singles and have played a number of shows around Chicago including opening for national headliners and playing in shows made up of local acts.

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    Ray Powers 3QS035

    Ray Powers 3QS035

    3 Questions for Ray Powers

    * Having started touring at the age of 15 and being into different aspects of the music industry over your lifetime, what do you believe was your biggest moment?

    * You can pick 1 album that you’ve already heard to erase the memories of having heard it, and go back to listen to it like it’s the first time again. What would it be?

    * Do you prefer working with artists on the production side of things, or performing in front of an audience? asked by Shock Frenzy in episode 34.

    About the song, It's You

    This is my second-ever solo single, originally released in 2013 and remains a mainstay in my live set. I composed the music and lyrics unassisted. Music comes to me effortlessly, but lyrics can be a challenge. When I hit a speed bump on the lyric is when I'll typically reach out for a collaborator, but 'It's You' pretty much flowed for me.

    I laugh when I hear a recording artist say that they can't pick a favorite song because, how you do play favorites among your 'babies'?

    Songs evoke feelings, but songs don't have feelings that can be hurt. 'It's You' is my favorite.

    I'm excited that the 2020 Remaster will give this and others a fresh new life on the airwaves.

    About Ray Powers

    Band Location: New York, NY

    Band Genre: Rock

    Ray Powers promised something special for 2020, and has delivered with a remastered compilation album of his chart-topping singles, limited-availability B-sides and previously unreleased songs in Decade Of Singles (2011-2019).

    Powers is a music industry veteran, having toured with a plethora of acts since age 15. He’s a respected and sought-after vocalist, bassist, composer and producer with Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame credentials.

    In addition to logging tour dates and studio sessions, Powers hosts the globally-syndicated radio show ‘The Ray Powers Hour’.

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    Shock Frenzy 3QS034

    Shock Frenzy 3QS034

    The 3 Questions for Shock Frenzy

    * What has been your most memorable moment while being a part of Shock Frenzy?

    * If you could invite any musician to be featured on your next song, who would you contact and why?

    * How, with line up changes and all the stuff they've been through for 12 years, how do they keep the creative process fresh, how do they go about writing new songs, and how do they handle that? asked by Jozey & the Corruption in episode #33

    About the song, Fuel to Fire

    No One, its our first single and pretty obvious what its about…lol Its the first song that Jeff and I wrote for the band over a year ago and definitely the most popular at our shows! It has an old school rock riff with a Kiss or Alice Cooper type chorus.

    About Shock Frenzy

    Band Location: Cleveland, OH USA

    Band Genre: Hard Rock

    SHOCK FRENZY is a hard rock band which formed in 2008. The band started as a five piece unit involving, Paul Hospodar,Vocals - Matt Sather, Drums - Andy Brant, Guitar - Matt Jenkin, Guitar & Brian Sather, Bass.

    In December 2011, after three years of dedication, Brian decided to leave the band to pursue other adventures. Not looking to replace Brian, Paul also being a bass player stepped into the role and will fill the bass and lead vocal duties.

    In August of 2016, Matthew Jenkin and the band parted ways. The lead guitar duties have been taken over by Tad Clark.

    To this date Shock Frenzy has released 1 full length recording called FEEL THE FRENZY, a 3 SONG EP titled HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRE and 3 singles, all available through digital distribution.

    LINE UP:

    Paul Hospodar: Vocals/Bass - Matt Sather: Drums - Tad Clark: Lead / Rhythm Guitar - Andrew Brant: Lead / Rhythm Guitar

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    Jozey & the Corruption 3QS033

    Jozey & the Corruption 3QS033

    The 3 Questions for Jozey and the Corruption

    * What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you on stage?

    * If you were to go out on an international tour as the headliner, what 2 opening bands would you bring with you?

    * Bonus question - Taco Bell or Burger King

    * What did you do to stay creative during this quarantine time? asked by Brady Novotny in episode 032

    About the song, No One

    No One, its our first single and pretty obvious what its about...lol Its the first song that Jeff and I wrote for the band over a year ago and definitely the most popular at our shows! It has an old school rock riff with a Kiss or Alice Cooper type chorus.

    About Jozey and the Corruption

    Band Location: AKron, OH USA

    Band Genre: Sleeze Rock

    JTC is a high energy, dirty, sleazy three chord driven hard rock trio, straight from the Rust Belt and the Rubber City! Taking inspiration from hard rocking bands like Kiss, AC/DC, The Brides of Destruction, The New York Dolls, Airborne, Guns N Roses and The Rolling Stones, they have forged their own style of hard rock and roll in the truest form!

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