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Join Felicia Marti as she shares a bit from within herself every week and how she's working through life, implementing tools for well being, and encouraging herself and everyone who's listening to feel empowered and care for themselves.

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Join Felicia Marti as she shares a bit from within herself every week and how she's working through life, implementing tools for well being, and encouraging herself and everyone who's listening to feel empowered and care for themselves.

    Choosing YOU over Fear and Sameness

    Choosing YOU over Fear and Sameness

    Does it feel like August is already flying by? I feel it- and I feel the change that seems to be everywhere in the air right now. When things are changing it's really easy to feel fear and anxiety crop up more inside of us. That's why this week on the podcast I'm talking a lot about making space inside our selves to deal with our discomfort, how to choose yourself, and how to rely on yourself to give yourself what YOU need. You deserve it.

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    How Looking Back Can Help You Move Forward

    How Looking Back Can Help You Move Forward

    Today I am deep diving into a topic close to my heart right now which is the ways we can look back at our own personal history to find inspiration or missing pieces to where we're stuck in our lives right now!

    Remember: looking back is not to wish we were who we used to be. We've got to be proud of who we've become, and all the work that's gone in to being who we are and where we are today. That said, it is natural for us to have some things we used to be really good at or committed to naturally fall back as we've concentrated on new areas of our life. Those are the areas we can look to not to re-create, but to be inspired by what was motivating us, how we were coping, or how we were supporting ourselves then vs what we're doing now.

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    Finding Your Reset Moment

    Finding Your Reset Moment

    Do you ever find yourself craving the new year's arrival just so you have a chance to "have a fresh start?" Totally understandable. But you do not need a new year, or a new month, a new moon, or even a new week to hit that reset button in your life.

    This desire to crave a reset, an then how to go about finding the changes you want in your life is at the heart of this week's episode of the podcast. Here I'll share a bit of how I've been wrapping my own mind around the reset I'm craving, as well as my current plan of action that makes sense from a self compassion standpoint, as well as a realistic one.
    I hope this helps you if you've been craving a bit of this too- and it's a perfect time to start contemplating as if you do want to sow some intentions during Thursday's new moon- it's a great time to do so!

    Quick reminder that if you'd like to join for the moon group on Wednesday evening to track the lunar cycle this month there's still time to sign up! You can find the link to sign up at abitfromwithin.com/links

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    What Covid Brought Me

    What Covid Brought Me

    Dave and I tested positive on the Capricorn Full Moon- the last full moon of in a year of lunar cycles since Dave came down with his first long haul covid symptom last December. Honestly I hadn't fully put that together until right as I was recording this, sharing a bit from within with you. It made me realize and hope that somehow through healing and recovering from this bought of covid can full bring the kind of completion to a hear of unimaginable hardships.
    I recorded for longer than I meant to, I wanted to just pop in and share a bit of what I've been going through- and it of course ended up being a bit more of a heartfelt share. I also include our astro check in in the first 10 minutes which includes insight into this Last Quarter Moon as well as an introduction to Leo Season which starts July 20th!
    Thank you for being supports of this podcast, and the Patreon. It means so much that I can share a bit from within with each of you- and I hope that you stay inspired to keep taking care of yourself through all of life's ups and downs.

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    Evolving Not Solving

    Evolving Not Solving

    Are you ready for the first Full Moon of the summer? I hope so because this one brings huge opportunities for us to explore what's going on inside of us.

    I'm already starting to feel that and I think you'll hear that loud and clear in this week's episode all about giving ourselves permission to evolve instead of solve: i.e. trying to "fix" ourselves.

    In our world it is so easy to get bogged down with information and ideas that you *must* use to improve yourself. Instead I think the best thing we can do is tune out all the noise and go inward. Make decisions for yourself from a place of self love, self acceptance, and with compassion. From here you can't go wrong.

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    Turning Striving into Thriving

    Turning Striving into Thriving

    We must start with the end today as I share with you what this week'd podcast is about. Striving and Self Sufficiency were the two cards that popped out at the card drawing I do at the end of every single episode. Rarely do we get two but this week, together, they had the best summary of all.
    When things get busy we often tend towards shutting down or turning away from the stuff that feels hard. While that's a natural response, often the best way out is through. But through doesn't have to mean suffering. Through can mean learning, making changes, and finding what works for you. Tune in for more.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Mom22abc ,

A little bit of everything

Felicia digs deep into vulnerability and self care through her experiences with yoga, astrology and self reflection. It feels like hanging out with a good friend.

Ignatius of Arvada ,

Nice interplay between the cerebral and soulful.

Very interesting getting the perspective of a successful millennial woman. Very authentic, so very refreshing. Keep it up, The rest of you check it out.

gnsausy ,

Reflective, relevant, and so right on

A Great podcast with reflective and relevant musings. I enjoy how real it is and the authenticity and vulnerability of the host. This podcast radiates real life and is easy to listen to with just enough take aways to remember and ponder in my own life. It is a joy to listen to and learn from!

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