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An Outlander podcast inspired by the Diana Gabaldon books series, the Starz television series, and bonnie Scotland. Produced and narrated by Desirre Andrews.

A Dram of Outlander Podcast A Dram of Outlander

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An Outlander podcast inspired by the Diana Gabaldon books series, the Starz television series, and bonnie Scotland. Produced and narrated by Desirre Andrews.

    Better to Marry Than Burn

    Better to Marry Than Burn

    Jocasta shares her heart and difficult history.
    Murtagh tries to sway her away from marrying.
    Governor Tryon continues to cause trouble for Jamie.
    Jamie has a crisis of pride and hurts Claire.
    Claire hatches a plan that gets her 20th-century self in trouble.
    Roger finally gets R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    Jemmy becomes the heir apparent.                                          Forbes is a bad Hobbitses.                                                             

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Perpetual Adoration

    Perpetual Adoration

    It all feels very Greek tragedy with the webs and spinners. 
    Claire is contemplative, hesitant, and pushed to discover how important a single patient was to her finding her way back to Jamie. 
    Jamie is the King of Men. A man of honor, and blood.
    Roger's insecurities get the upper hand yet again.
    Brianna's own webs of deceit unravel and she is exposed to Roger before they can make peace and work together. 
    And for now and forever Adso will be known as "Murder Kitty". 

    • 52 min
    From the Beardsley's to Brownsville

    From the Beardsley's to Brownsville

    Jamie and Claire discover a shocking truth when they try to free the Beardsley brothers from their indenture. Roger commands his way to Brownsville gathering men of fighting age. An adulterer is in their midst. Roger keeps the peace, but ruffles feathers all the same. Brianna fears. Lives are saved. Babies abound.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Between Two Fires S5 E2

    Between Two Fires S5 E2

    Jamie is The King of men walking the razor's edge of loyalty, honor, and oaths between the Crown and his people.  Murtagh has become a man of blood while stirring the Regulators to violence and rage. Claire is a frustrated 20th-century physician feeling stuck in the ways of the 18th. Roger is feeling inadequate and cannot seem to find a useful place in the 18th-century. Brianna struggles with trauma. Marsali is caught between two mothers. Bonnet believes he is a father and wants what's his. 

    • 1 hr 14 min
    On This Day

    On This Day

    The people of Fraser's Ridge, friends, and family gathered to celebrate the wedding of Roger MacKenzie and Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser. The big house was almost complete. Memories were shared and made, drinking games, feasting, dancing, romance, threat, treachery, bonding, politics, oaths, and a release of oath all happened in the two days lived onscreen.

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Domesticity, Building Bonds, and Duty

    Domesticity, Building Bonds, and Duty

    Roger returns with mission incomplete. The baby is cranky. Brianna is at her wit's end. Roger gets beautified. He’ll sing to help Jamie prepare the guests. Roger gives an uncomfortable history lesson to Brianna. Roger sings to an appreciative crowd. Jamie calls the men to duty. Roger reflects. Jamie and Claire find respite in their room. Jamie writes a letter.

    • 1 hr 9 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
100 Ratings

100 Ratings

Outlander lover ***** ,

Dram of Outlander lover

This is my favorite Outlander related podcast. I look forward each week to each new episode. I think of Desire as a friend! I sure miss these podcasts and look forward to Desiree's return!

JessPennyb ,

Love the vibes, but the mouth noises keep it from 5

Funny, chili, great and interesting commentary. But dang...the sipping, ice movement, and ICE CHEWING was a hard pass. Eliminate that and its a perfect 5 stars!

buffaloplaidgirl ,

Miss these podcasts

Your voice and input on the books and show is amazing. Totally miss listening. You make my drive to work and home effortless and enjoyable. Please come back.

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