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We chronologically chart Swedish history in a light-hearted and conversational way. Each episode we continue the narrative and talk about the relevant period in question. Vikings included!

A Flatpack History of Sweden A Flatpack History of Sweden

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We chronologically chart Swedish history in a light-hearted and conversational way. Each episode we continue the narrative and talk about the relevant period in question. Vikings included!

    1. Welcome!

    1. Welcome!

    Welcome to A Flatpack History of Sweden! In this perhaps too long introductory episode, we say hello to our new podcast, explain the format and give a brief lowdown on what we are going to be talking about on our journey through Swedish history!
    Update: We have just re-released the first 8 episodes of the podcast, so people can enjoy the first episodes with an improved sound quality! We give a longer explanation at the start of the episode.

    • 16 min
    S1. Swedish Civilian Dog Tags

    S1. Swedish Civilian Dog Tags

    Surprise! This is our first special episode, breaking the chronological order to talk about an interesting historical object we found in our flat recently. Sweden issued civilian dog tags to all new born citizens for 50 years between 1960 and 2010. But why? We look into it and also have a brief chat about the history of dog tags in general. 

    • 28 min
    2. Stone Age Swedes - After The Ice

    2. Stone Age Swedes - After The Ice

    We kick off our podcast with a look at how Sweden physically formed after the last ice age. We meet the first people to move in after this change and see how they lived during the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Ages. Expect Mammoths, hunter-gatherers and a very special lady - Bäckaskogskvinnan! 
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    • 26 min
    S2. Swedish Urban Bomb Shelters

    S2. Swedish Urban Bomb Shelters

    We're taking a break from our usual chronological journey and instead visit a historical site in our own home. In what could be seen as part two of our special episode about dog tags, we continue to look at Sweden's preparations for war in the 20th century. Just like with the dog tags, we found that we're living with a reminder of history, namely a bomb shelter in our own basement! We go to have a look and explore the background as to why there were so many shelters built in Sweden. 

    • 55 min
    3. Stones, Farming and Goats

    3. Stones, Farming and Goats

    We continue investigating the Stone Age in Sweden, this time focusing on the Neolithic period. We find out how farming was developed, why so much fire was involved and touch on the amazing graves and burial chambers we will focus on more next time around.
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    • 27 min
    S3. Intelligent Speech - Sweden during WWII

    S3. Intelligent Speech - Sweden during WWII

    Surprise! It's not time for a regular episode this week, but instead we're bringing you an extra special episode. Back in April we had the pleasure of giving a talk at the Intelligent Speech Conference 2021. This is the recording of said talk, plus a brand new intro and outro that we've recorded specially. 
    In our talk we look at how and why Sweden, unlike all of its neighbours, escaped invasion during the Second World War. We discover how one natural resource can make all the difference, and how the decisions of a few politicians on one fateful weekend echoed throughout history. Last but not least, we have a quick look at how Sweden was affected by the war, even though it wasn't invaded. Beware of accidental bombings! 

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
62 Ratings

62 Ratings

thesuperalice ,

Informative and well-paced

I’m a complete novice to Swedish history and in only 5 episodes in, but I must say this is very well-paced and informative, and a great balance between fairly deep dives (esp. compared to other Scandinavian and/or Nordic history podcasts I’ve found) and light chat between a couple of intelligent, personable hosts. Looking forward to the rest of it!

Erich.V ,

No Spoilers!

Flashback to over 500 days ago! My family has decided to move to Sweden and as a voracious audiobook listener, I went searching for a good history of Sweden audiobook to listen to. I didn’t find that audiobook. Instead, I found A Flatback History of Sweden.

At this point I’m living in Sweden, working in Denmark and all caught up on Swedish history into the 15th century. There’s a sweet satisfaction of listening to King Erik’s decision to tax all ships traveling through the Baltic Sea as I take a train directly over the waterway in question.

You don’t need to live in Scandinavia to enjoy this podcast though. The hosts are clearly doing this as a labor of love. Their passion about history and storytelling is clear and you can tell where they have worked hard to restrain the impulse to share the sights they have seen from wandering down every possible path of history branching out from Sweden.

I’ve never reviewed a podcast before, because unless you’ve listened to all the episodes it feels like reviewing a half read book. I know that logic isn’t sound, but I’m very happy to have listened to all of the episodes of this podcast that are available. The only problem is I’m only caught up until the early 15th century. Hopefully this Kalmar Union thing is built to last and makes it into the early 21st century. Don’t tell me if you know. I’m waiting for Åsa and Chris to fill me in.

kgsmd ,

Wonderful storytelling

I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast as preparation for a trip to Scandinavia. Will be spending a bit of time in Sweden visiting our Grandparents grave and stomping grounds near Arboga. Love the special episodes as well. Thank you! Karen

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