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Health is about more than just learning to choose and prepare real food. A Bite of Health podcast provides you with encouraging bite size information on learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Encouraging moms on the parenting journey to improving their family's health through proper nutrition, a focus on fitness, and avoiding toxins. Tips on improving sleep quality, natural living, and overall wellness.

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Health is about more than just learning to choose and prepare real food. A Bite of Health podcast provides you with encouraging bite size information on learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Encouraging moms on the parenting journey to improving their family's health through proper nutrition, a focus on fitness, and avoiding toxins. Tips on improving sleep quality, natural living, and overall wellness.

    Impact on Health Due to Domestic Abuse on the Rise During Covid 19

    Impact on Health Due to Domestic Abuse on the Rise During Covid 19

    All forms of domestic abuse impact health and well-being

    Domestic abuse is on the rise in 2020. Physical abuse is an obvious risk to health and well-being, not to mention the very life of the abused. Emotional abuse is detrimental to the mental health of the abused. Of course, domestic abuse can also impact physical health. Many times emotional abuse precedes physical abuse.

    Being abused makes it much more likely for psychological and physical illnesses to occur. Anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, impact mental health. Moreover, the general deterioration of health due to stress are all risks that a victim of abuse may face. Abuse can lead to lower self-esteem or even alcohol and drug dependency. As a result, the mental and physical health of the abused is also under attack.

    Mandatory lockdowns to flatten the curve of COVID-19 have, unfortunately, created a new problem for people who experience abuse. The problem? Being trapped at home with their abuser. Appointments, errands, and other trips outside the home may be a momentary escape for the abused. During the pandemic, these outings are likely not happening.

    According to reports, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is reporting an ever-increasing number of calls. In New York, officials are working to increase the number of resources available to the abused.

    Finding Your Voice

    Mannette Morgan is on a mission to stop the cycle of abuse within our society, an enormous undertaking. In fact, she dreams of a society that is free from abuse.

    To attain this, we need to step up and face the reality of abuse within our society, communities, and even within our own families. Burying our heads in the sand or sweeping abuse under the carpet isn't the answer.

    This is why Mannette is my guest in today's podcast episode shedding light on domestic abuse. You can listen to this episode by using the player above or by going anywhere podcasts are available.

    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911. If you are looking for help from an abusive situation, look for resources on Mannette's website, which includes all the organizations and resources she mentions in this episode. As Mannette mentions, she answers the emails of readers looking for help.

    In addition, for questions on abuse take a look at this Help Guide. Mannette would also like to encourage you with her ABCs for Life, which is a free download on her website; you don't even have to enter your email.

    If you’re experiencing abuse or partner violence and need help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or you can chat with an advocate on their website. 

    In conclusion, if you are a friend of someone who is being abused, please be careful in sharing resources as they may be "monitored" by their abuser. Texts, emails, and browsing history could be a source of fuel for the abuser that leads to more abuse. In other words, when reaching out to encourage, be careful not to hurt someone who is hurting.

    About the author: Mannette Morgan

    Mannette Morgan is an inspirational speaker, author, and abuse survivor who inspires others to rise above adversity and strive for a better life. After 30 years of intense self-work,

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    Not Losing Weight on Keto Could Be Due to One of These Hindrances

    Not Losing Weight on Keto Could Be Due to One of These Hindrances

    Not losing weight on Keto?

    You're following a Ketogenic diet and suddenly find your weight loss has stalled. What's the cause? Today I have Jessica Ancaya, from Holistic Keto Goddess here to answer all your questions about why you're not losing weight on keto and some unusual areas that might be blocking the path to success.

    "Unexpected areas that might hinder weight loss" is the topic of today's podcast episode which you can listen to in the player above or on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify!

    What would we find in a Ketogenic Pantry?

    The first thing you should realize before beginning a keto diet is to feel good; you have to eat well! For your mitochondria to function at their best, you have to give them fuel. I am going to go through a rundown of what a holistic keto goddess should keep in her pantry. The foods that I will mention have so many benefits, both physically and mentally. Keto Pantry

    What is Ketotarian and do you follow that type of Ketogenic diet?

    Too much protein or cheese can be another reason why you are not losing weight on keto.

    In 2018, Dr. Will Cole wrote the book titled the Ketotarian. In his work, his objective was to show a clear path of exactly how to use food as medicine and optimize every system in your body 1. Using a noun, he defined Ketotarian as a ketogenic plant-based rock star! When analyzing the word as an adjective, Ketotarian is the amalgamation of delicious healthy fats and vegetable meals to optimize your metabolism, brain, hormones, and overall health. Merging the Gap Between Keto and Vegetarian

    More information on the Ketotarian lifestyle can be found in Dr. Will Cole’s book Keto-tarian. Jessica's Ketotarian menu plan for one full week of healthy low-carb, high-fat meals is a great way to start of the ketogenic diet or to move you through a weight-loss stall. A vegan diet can create nutrient deficiencies but following Keto-tarian, eating more fish and less red meat can help with the B12 factor.

    Cycling Carbs - How do you do it and how often?

    If you are healthy, it may be of benefit your body to go ahead and increase your net carbs to a few times per week. Especially since there are certain complex carbs( not on the keto diet) that have beneficial nutrients for our body. This article will highlight the six things you should know about carb cycling on keto and will increase your confidence about going keto. What You Should Know About Carb Cycling

    Adding too many carbs to your diet and not watching your portion control can also be a factor that can prevent or stall weight-loss.

    Intermittent Fasting - What is it? Who will it benefit and who should not do it?

    Consider intermittent fasting if you are not losing weight on keto, but only if you are in good health!

    Intermittent fasting gives your body a break from digestion and is a wonderful tool for improving health, healing mitochondria. Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, have adrenal fatigue, or another health condition.

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    Childhood Nutrition Tips and Strategies with Jackie Vega

    Childhood Nutrition Tips and Strategies with Jackie Vega

    Childhood nutrition is essential for growth and development as well as to prevent illness and disease. You want to prepare healthy meals and snacks for your kids but between finding the time and choosing foods they'll eat it can be overwhelming.

    For the last 29 years, I've tried every technique to provide a well-balanced diet for my six children and I've collected lots of great strategies. Still, I feel like there's always more to learn. Today, Jackie Vega, a registered dietician, and blogger is here to share some of her best tips on childhood nutrition.

    Listen to the podcast episode using the player above or using your favorite podcast players such as iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

    Healthy sleep and healthy eating habits complement each other. The food you eat can have an impact on your sleep patterns and the hours of sleep you are getting or losing. Likewise, the quality and amount of sleep you are getting will impact on your food intake. - The Wellness Solution

    One tip Jackie mentioned during this episode reminded me of charcuterie, with shrimp cocktail, cut vegetables, cheese, meat, pickles, olives, and other whole foods. My children also enjoy having a spread of foods to graze on during movie night, game night, or other gatherings.

    She also mentioned pizza and I think this is a good way to get kids to eat a small number of vegetables with their pepperoni. Don't be afraid to add a few bell peppers to that pepperoni pizza!

    Jackie also shares with us a few tips on other pillars of health, because food is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep, nutrition, movement, and limiting screentime are four factors that parents must monitor carefully for keeping kids mentally and physically healthy.

    More Tips for Childhood Nutrition

    Jackie has so much helpful information on health and nutrition on The Wellness Solution! Here are a few resources related to this podcast episode:

    * Healthy Habits and Foods that Help You Sleep

    * Great podcast about behavioral changes regarding nutrition and the family.

    * Jackie's podcast episode about healthy kids.

    * Meal Prep for busy moms

    Find Jackie on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and her second Instagram account.

    Jackie Vega a licensed, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in private practice in south Florida specializing in recipe development, meal planning, fitness consulting, integrating personal lifestyles into individualized programming. She has more than 7 years of experience.

    Her areas of expertise include women's health and pediatrics.

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    Don’t Make this Common Mistake at Breakfast

    Don’t Make this Common Mistake at Breakfast

    Where are you when it comes to breakfast? Are you eating a meal fit for a King or do you skip breakfast altogether? No matter where you fall on this spectrum, one thing is for sure; traditional breakfast foods like cereal and pastries are not the healthiest choice.

    By far one of the biggest mistakes with breakfast is eating typical breakfast foods. So many of these are over-processed and sugar-laden. I’m talking about the standard American breakfast of waffles, cereal, toast, muffins, bagels, and fast food sandwiches, which are by far some of the worst choices you can put on your plate. Eating a high carb breakfast is basically creating metabolic disasters all day. In turn, these metabolic disasters create excess body fat and diseases related to obesity. Many experts do stress the need for more protein but forget to warn folks of eating too many carbs. Research has shown that starting the day with high-quality protein sources can improve anxiety disorders, in addition to other benefits. - Replace High Carb Breakfasts to Feel Energized

    Most people consume enough protein at dinner but need to increase their protein intake at breakfast. By the way, if you enjoy eating carbohydrates at breakfast, try complex carbs like beans, here's a delicious option: Energizing Breakfast Taco.

    Other resources related to this podcast episode:

    * Avoid insulin resistance at all costs; check out 14 Things We Do to Lower the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

    * Avoiding childhood obesity Keeping Kids Healthy and Preventing Childhood Obesity

    * How to Teach Kids About Healthy Eating Without Food & Body-Shaming

    * Download Step 2 Make the Most of Breakfast

    * Read more about and join the Tasty Bite Cookbook Club here.

    * Make some delicious turkey breakfast sausage

    * How his diabetes diagnosis led to the creation of a low carb cereal

    If you can't give up your bowl of breakfast cereal, try this low-carb cereal instead of the sugar-filled variety in the supermarket.

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    Her Daughter’s Bedtime Struggles Taught this Mother to Slow Down

    Her Daughter’s Bedtime Struggles Taught this Mother to Slow Down

    This podcast struck a chord for me as a mom and you may experience a similar feeling as you listen to this episode. Your child may have had difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or experienced anxiety at bedtime and you know how exhausting that can be for the entire family. Even if bedtime has been smooth sailing, you will relate to the struggles many moms face; that is, being more present when our children need us.

    Author Terah Boyd was struggling through a difficult time with her family. Out of the blue, her two-year-old daughter began having severe anxiety at bedtime. Forcing the toddler to comply quickly turned to misery. After a year of difficulties, this mom slowed down, took a look at herself, and found the answers. Later, her daughter was diagnosed with Autism and being neuro-diverse.

    Learning to be Present

    In this episode of a Healthy Bite, Terah shares these answers with parents and children—particularly those in the Autism community—through her new book, Showdown At High Moon: Queen Takes a Stand.

    Society has created such a high standard, and most parents feel pressured to adhere. We are always rushing to keep up and stay on point, so we appear to be the perfect family. Often when we feel stressed, we go on autopilot as a coping mechanism. But when parents zone out, we can miss glaring or subtle signs that something is amiss with our kids. They may need extra attention, or they may be missing milestones and need professional help.

    Terah was able to connect with her daughter by slowing down and truly paying attention to her daughter, setting her standards and ignoring critics, and entering a guilt-free zone. By doing these things, Terah set them both on a path for happier, healthier lives.

    One night in the middle of a melt-down, I just started singing to her, I made up a lullaby right there on the spot. She responded well to it; we started singing it together every night; she would even sing it sometimes during the day. I could see it was calming to her. It was something to hold on to; I don't think she felt she had that before. We need to encourage our children to be confident and talk to their parents about their fears. And for children with Autism, we need to see the child before the diagnosis.

    Showdown At High Moon includes the lullaby lyrics. Terah also recorded the lullaby so parents and children can use it as a comforting tool alongside this endearing story.

    As I listened to this song, chills covered my arms as it completely took me back to my years as a young mother, putting my babies to bed. There were several lullaby albums that I listened to with my children and songs I sang to them. This song would have definitely been added to my collection.

    Listening to Terah's soothing voice, I could feel how much heart she put into this lullaby and felt an immediate connection to her in the sphere of motherhood. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Also, as a mother who is way past the bedtime struggles stage, and as one who has children on the spectrum, I can say that this phase of motherhood doesn't last forever and the goal of being present is one that is worth pursuing.

    About Terah Boyd

    Sparking growth and maturity in people's lives, Terah Boyd is an Autism Awareness Ambassador, Psalmist/ Inspirational Speaker, singer, and author. Two of her three children are on the Autism spectrum, and her daughter is also neuro-diverse.

    Terah uses every opportunity to advocate for children with enhanced needs, especially when it comes to education. There desperately needs to be a reform of the educational system when it comes to options given to those who think differently than us. It is also so important to support mothers of those amazing kid...

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    Happiness Hacks from Top Experts Plus Cheat Sheet

    Happiness Hacks from Top Experts Plus Cheat Sheet

    If you are struggling with unhappiness, one thing is for sure; you are not alone. A quick internet search will yield 8 billion results.

    With all this information available at our fingertips, why are so many of us still searching for happiness?

    I've spent a significant amount of time pursuing happiness. One thing I have discovered is that some of us are simply comfortable with our unhappiness. Over the years it has become our security blanket.

    We may even self-sabotage, recreate scenarios, or replay old scripts that keep us in that familiar unhappy pattern. We identify with it.

    The act of choosing to be happy may itself be a source of anxiety because anything unfamiliar is also uncomfortable. Allowing oneself to experience happiness may also stir up feelings of guilt; perhaps feeling that we don't deserve to be happy. Trusting that happiness will stick around may feel like risky business.

    The bright side

    You can train yourself to be happy. Here's one example: you wake up ready to enjoy the weekend but when you pull back the curtains all you see is a gloomy, rainy day. For many people, the first instinct would be to feel as if the weekend were ruined. What if, instead, you decided to grab a blanket, a cup of hot tea, and a book and curl up on the sofa listening to the rain?

    It's all about perspective.

    [Tweet "The pursuit of happiness is forged on the battlefield of the mind. - Gary Rogers"]

    So, for today's "Healthy Bite", I've asked top experts to share their best happiness hack with you. You can listen to this podcast episode in the player at the top of this page, or you can listen on Spotify, iTunes, or Stitcher.

    Two Steps to Being Happy

    The very first person I asked was David Essel, and of course, he hit a home run with this response:

    Stop complaining. Seriously that's it. Unless you're complaining to a professional or one very close friend, check out how many times that you complain, gossip, bitch about the pandemic, the administration, the scientist. One of the greatest ways to become happy is to do what's called "emotional regulation. "

    A fancy term for, you have control over what you say, what you think, what you do. Emotional regulation says that we acknowledge a block to our happiness is our engagement with people who are conspiracy theorists, gossipers, negative in nature…and if we want to be happy, there are two steps to follow.

    Number 1. Stop complaining. Entirely. Now that might mean you have to cut out social media, the media, news, etc. Do whatever you have to do to quit complaining.

    Number two. Surround yourself with people that are better than you. This is a stretch for many of us. Make sure in your circle you have someone who is more successful financially, has a better body, a better relationship, a deeper connection to God… And by involving yourself with these types of people you will find happiness.

    Hear the episode with David Essel: You Need to Know: Social Inclusion Starts from the Top Down

    For more information visit talkDavid.com. Sign up for "David Essel's motivational minute," free; every Tuesday and Thursday, you'll get an inspirational video to bring your life to the next level. Everything is at www.talkdavid.com

    David Essel, Counselor, Life and Business Coach, Success, Relationships, Marriage, Addiction Recovery, Speaker, Author, TV/Radio Host

    Trust your Intuition

    A favorite author in the field of psychiatry is Jill Sylvester. Not only did she write "
    Rebecca Huff

    From Motherhood to Menopause – Seasons of Sisters
    Mon, 04 May 2020 12:45:04 +0000
    Hey, new mom, you're going to want to watch the video of this podcast to see the "welcome to motherhood" unboxing. Part two with Seasons of Sisters founder, Shannon Covel is all about w

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13 Ratings

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Excellent Podcast on Chronic Pain

I accidentally stumbled upon the Podcast about Chronic Pain. It was amazing! Can’t wait to buy the book and learn more about my own chronic pain condition. Thank you!

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Lots of great info for ALL Moms!

The information Rebecca shares is timeless. No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in you’ll find great info to help you out. Not a mom? This is perfect for Aunts, caregivers, friends! You won’t be disappointed. 💕

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