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Every episode we provide you three stories: two of which are true and one is false. Can you find the line between fact and fiction? Find out every Wednesday!

A Hint of Fiction William Acker and Alexandria Bivens

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Every episode we provide you three stories: two of which are true and one is false. Can you find the line between fact and fiction? Find out every Wednesday!

    The Most Mysterious Place on Earth - Disneyland

    The Most Mysterious Place on Earth - Disneyland

    To all who come to this Happy Place, Welcome! In this episode, we celebrate Disneylands birthday with a star studded extravaganza! Ghosts, we got em, Yeti's, check, black widow brides looking for their next lover, oversided mice, we have it all!
    Our three stories include: Counterprotestors take over the Disneyland Park, three animatronics dissapear and reapper and Walt gets a little help from the CIA, can you tell which story is true?
    Intro: 00:46
    The Day the Yippies Invaded 8:18
    The Animatronics That Left and Then Came Back 25:21
    The building of a city, with a little help from a spy 40:16
    Outro: 48:02

    • 53 min
    The Greatest Objects Never Seen Again - Lost Artifacts

    The Greatest Objects Never Seen Again - Lost Artifacts

    Legends of objects of value and grandeur surround people of similar nature, we look to these relics as milestones of our accomplishments as humans and sometimes these objects take on stories of their own. Weapons of great power and destruction, secrets that could change the world or powerful objects that in the wrong hands could cause the end of everything. 
    These sacred and special artifacts sometimes go missing and lost to time, where do these pieces of our history go and what happened to these mythic items?
    Today, we bring you three stories of powerful artifacts lost to time. A feudal swordsmakers most powerful sword goes missing during a World War, a bardian original is lost to the annuals of the stage and an engine is created that smells good.
    Intro - 00:59
    The Greatest Sword from the Greatest Swordmaker - 3:07 
    When Love Was Won and Lost - 18:10
    The Engine That Smelled Good - 31:01
    Outro - 43:12
    Audio Editor - Veekalp Sharma (iamveekalp@gmail.com)

    • 49 min
    It's Where you Live - Strange Towns

    It's Where you Live - Strange Towns

    We all come from somewhere and all towns have a story.  While many feel safe and secure, sometimes dark truths lurk just under the surface. What truth’s will you uncover in your cozy little hamlet’s and homesteads? And what if those truths are not always what they seems
    In this episode, we discuss three strange and in some cases deserted towns, filled with their own dark stories. A man obsessed with flight makes a journey above the skies, An ancient seaside town, is actually a den of sin and debauchery and a small coal mining town becomes abandoned after an accident.
    Intro: 0:57
    The City of the Skies: 2:40
    The Sunken City of Sin:  18:51
    Fires All the Way Down: 26:23
    Outro: 37:02

    • 42 min
    I Put a Curse on You and Now Youre Mine - Curses

    I Put a Curse on You and Now Youre Mine - Curses

    Curses are the great equilizer in our world, we see them in our history, our media and our mythos. But how do curses affect the real world and how do you try and stop one?
    In this episode, a bad contract affects all who work on the Man of Steel, Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King, and a cursed forest attracts wedding bells.
    Intro - 1:07
    The Curse of the Man of Steel - 5:14
    Curse of the Ancient Mummy - 20:31
    The Cursed Forest that Wants Wedding Bells - 34:16
    Outro - 41:51

    • 46 min
    By Air, By Land and By Sea - Cryptids

    By Air, By Land and By Sea - Cryptids

    Humans are considered to be the top of our food chain, we are the biggest apex predators on the planet, contending with Great White Sharks, Lions, Tigers and Crocodiles…. Oh my. The question I put to you is, what if we were not? Stories of large humanoid creatures, flying beasts in far flung jungles and massive sea creatures make us question our place at the top of the food chain. Do these cryptids pose a threat to our very existence?  
    In this episode, a bat creature attacks an expedition team in a remote jungle, a large sea creature is unearthed after some major construction and an ugly creature cries tears of amber for its lost incarnation. One of these stories isn’t true, can you figure out which one? Welcome to A Hint of Fiction
    Story Timestamps
    A Screech in the Night - 3:44
    Monsters on the Seven Seas - 12:29
    The Crying Cryptid - 22:16

    • 32 min
    Dont Go Breaking My Heart - Breakup Stories

    Dont Go Breaking My Heart - Breakup Stories

    Love is amazing, it lifts us up, it binds us, and it makes us become something more than the sum of our parts. On the other hand, losing love can feel like losing a part of yourself, and can make you to make outlandish decisions in the scramble to be whole again. 
    In this episode, a goddess ghosts a aggressive suitor, a Emporer and his wife are just awful and a poet scorns the love of a mistress, which causes her to go insane. 
    Intro: 1:12
    Do as the Greek’s do and Ghost: 2:47
    A King in Heartbreak, A Tyrant of Rome: 16:01
    Nothing Like a Lover’s Scorn: 31:59

    • 50 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Taff 79 ,

Excellent podcast!

Well made and easy listening. If you’re looking for a top notch story teller, look no further!

Jesus aka Tyrant Dominus ,

Fun and Tricky

Been enjoying the show, having the tales told while I try to figure which is real and which is not is fun. Interesting array of different topics, so something new every time. A great listen, bottom line.

liz-9595 ,

Hooked on first episode!

This podcast is really great! The stories keep you guessing if they are real or not. They keep me on my toes and many results shocked me! Great storytelling. Can’t wait for more!

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