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Two authors editing our lives one day at a time to make tomorrow better than today.

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Two authors editing our lives one day at a time to make tomorrow better than today.

    ARDL 318: The Experience of Travel

    ARDL 318: The Experience of Travel

    Lindsey has recently returned - as in yesterday - from galivanting about the Mediterranean. In this episode we discuss what travel teaches us about ourselves and other people. How do we respond to different cultures? How does what we want out of a vacation effect how we travel? How does traveling show us that, while everyone has different experiences and understandings, at the end of the day, they are still people. 

    We also discuss how you can experience these same growth opportunities without planning a large trip or taking a cruise. 

    • 38 min
    ARDL 317: Advice From the Young with True That Podcast

    ARDL 317: Advice From the Young with True That Podcast

    As Lindsey molds young people into performers, Kristi got the chance to sit down with two of the young women from the True That podcast. Shelby, a high school junior, and Libby, a senior, share the hopes and dreams they have for what life will look like in the future and what they hope the future versions of them remember from these days. 

    Listen as they remind all of us to hold on to what is important, to never lose focus of God, and remember that being ourselves will always be the best thing we can do. 

    Connect with these ladies: 

    True That Podcast website

    True That Instagram

    • 19 min
    ARDL 316: True Romance

    ARDL 316: True Romance


    What is romance? 

    We discuss Castle, Bridgerton, kisses, and Hot Pockets and what each of them make us consider about what it means to measure the depth of a relationship in non-superficial terms. 



    • 29 min
    ARDL 315: Enchanting the Heiress

    ARDL 315: Enchanting the Heiress

    Lindsey puts on her interviewer hat to ask Kristi questions about her new novel, Enchanting the Heiress. Topics include how this book is similar to Seinfeld, how Jonas is similar to Kristi's husband, and how Lindsey is going to find a way to make Rigsby's book come sooner rather than later. 


    Other things mentioned: 

    Our deep dive episode into all things Bridgerton from January 2021

    Where to get your own copy of Enchanting the Heiress

    Kristi's Monthly Newsletter



    • 27 min
    ARDL 314: Handling All the Things with Janyre Tromp

    ARDL 314: Handling All the Things with Janyre Tromp

    Lindsey sits down to chat with Janyre Tromp, who is an editor, an author, a mom, and more about how she handles all the things. (Spoiler alert: she doesn't!) They discuss prioritizing, mental health, and how important it is to understand all the stuff beneath the surface of life. 


    Connect with Janyre:





    Her Novel Collective Facebook Group


    • 31 min
    ARDL 313: The Path to Success

    ARDL 313: The Path to Success

    How often do we find ourselves making decisions based on what we've always assumed we should do? What if we allowed ourselves to rethink success and open up the idea of what it takes to get there? 

    After a brief discussion of Spiderman (with very minor spoilers) Kristi and Lindsey discuss how life hasn't always taken the turns they assumed it would.  Those differences don't mean failure, though. In fact, they can mean more success than we ever thought. 


    • 25 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Caitlyn Santi ,

One of my favorite podcasts!

I love this podcast! Kristi and Lindsey make me laugh, and never fail to give me lots of excellent food for thought! A Rough Draft Life is one of my favorite podcasts, I've listened to all the episodes so far and I always eagerly anticipate each new episode.

Violinauthor ,

A Rough Draft Life

This podcast is fun and inspirational. It’s fun to tap into the two authors’ lives behind-the-scenes. I’m enjoying it a lot!

JMR3153 ,

Cute and challenging

This podcast is both quirky and fun and also deep and challenging!!

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