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Your new favorite True Crime, Comedy podcast! We discuss all things true crime, mystery, paranormal experiences, etc. while enjoying a cocktail...or three. Sit back, grab a drink, and listen to us talk about MURDER and MYSTERY!

A Shot of Crime Tara Bowman and Shauna Selzer

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Your new favorite True Crime, Comedy podcast! We discuss all things true crime, mystery, paranormal experiences, etc. while enjoying a cocktail...or three. Sit back, grab a drink, and listen to us talk about MURDER and MYSTERY!

    73-The Hi-Fi Murders

    73-The Hi-Fi Murders

    On April 22, 1974 in Ogden Utah, a home audio shop, The Hi-Fi, was robbed. The men who entered the shop shortly before closing and began taking hostages. These hostages were tortured and three of them, brutally murdered. Listen to episode 73 for more on, The Hi-Fi Murders.
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    72-A Killer BFF

    72-A Killer BFF

    In this episode, we talk about the murder of Adrianne Reynolds. When Adrianne moved to Illinois, she was looking for a new beginning. And when she met friend, Sarah Kolb, she thought it she was off to a great start. Until a love triangle ensued. A once best friend, turned into the enemy. Rage, Jealousy and emotion took over and Adrianne ended up murdered. Listen to A Killer BFF for the full story.
    We also discuss our hometown true crime happenings in this episode as well as a listener story! 
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    • 59 min
    71-The Fritzl Dungeon

    71-The Fritzl Dungeon

    18 year old Elisabeth Fritzl went missing. She wasn't seen again for 24 years. But where was she all that time? Listen as we discuss the twisted and disturbing case of Josef Fritzl, ELISABETH'S FATHER. 

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    • 57 min
    70-An EXTRA Shot of Crime (The Case of Sarah Stern)

    70-An EXTRA Shot of Crime (The Case of Sarah Stern)

    In this episode, we discuss some recent news in true crime and the case of 19 year old, Sarah Stern. Her car was found abandoned on the Belmar Bridge in Neptune City, NJ and Sarah was no where to be found. When police turned to her friends for help in tracking her down, they find some disturbing evidence. 
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    • 1 hr 14 min
    69- Death and Conspiracy: Princess Diana

    69- Death and Conspiracy: Princess Diana

    In this episode, we discuss the one and only; Princess Diana. The people's princess who captured the world's hearts and her death who crushed us. Was it just an accident or was something much more sinister at play? We go through the details surrounding her car crash in Paris and the conspiracy theories along with it all. Grab a drink, relax and enjoy your weekly shot of crime!
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    • 1 hr 29 min
    68- Pure Evil: Chris Watts

    68- Pure Evil: Chris Watts

    In this episode, we discuss the Watts Family Murders. Our dear friend, Victor Benavides, tells us the story of husband and father Chris Watts. The narcissistic, psychopath who took the life of his pregnant wife and two small, innocent daughters. Warning: this episode is heavy and dark. Tears were shed in the making of this episode. Cuddle up, listen close and enjoy your weekly Shot of Crime. 
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    • 1 hr 15 min

Customer Reviews

coll_m ,


I previously tried to leave a review but I think I used too many bad words. Oopsy. To keep this short and sweet, these girls are funny as all hell and bring much needed levity to my commute and true crime obsession. If you’re going to be butt hurt about research, swear words, jokes or ~adult beverages~, I’d say go elsewhere for your episodes, and also get a life. Keep up the awesome work, Tara and Shauna, and thank you for the content — it has genuinely improved my routine!

AwesomeWaffles ,

Love this podcast!

Two super fun ladies hanging out and talking about true crime and paranormal things! It always feels like hanging out and laughing with my best friends!

alya43 ,


Great podcast!!

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