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In this podcast, we hope to share information, lessons learned, interviews with VIPs in the field of special education.Join Robin Fabiano, Abby Hanscom and Angela Smagula as they bring diverse viewpoints and some humor to an otherwise serious topic.

A Special Education Teacher, Administrator and Lawyer walk into a bar....all you ever wanted to know about special education Robin Fabiano, Abigail Hanscom, Angela Smagula

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In this podcast, we hope to share information, lessons learned, interviews with VIPs in the field of special education.Join Robin Fabiano, Abby Hanscom and Angela Smagula as they bring diverse viewpoints and some humor to an otherwise serious topic.

    Final Episode of Season 2! AKA Robin's Had It!

    Final Episode of Season 2! AKA Robin's Had It!

    Thank for you listening to Season 2.!  This school year has been a challenge in so many ways but doing the podcast and hearing from people all around the country has been a bright spot. We wish everyone a restful and refreshing summer and welcome ideas for topics for Season Three in September!

    Here are links to topics discussed during this episode.

    Watch the My Disability Roadmap short film here

    Official trailer for How to Dance in Ohio

    MADESE IEP improvement plan (draft doc. and updated guidance on referral, eligibility and evaluation)

    Thanks for being part of the Pod!
    Robin, Angela and Abby

    • 27 min
    When schedules don't align

    When schedules don't align

    Please go back in the archives and listen to an episode you may have missed from season 1 or season 2.  We'll be back next week for the final episode of season 2.

    • 2 min
    Retention Contention

    Retention Contention

    Listen in on the debate about grade retention. Angela, Robin and Abby discuss the documented pros and cons and  debate the trends and impact post COVID.

    Grade Retention Post COVID 19: Evidence Based Guidance, UCONN School of Education, October 2021

    Alternatives to Grade Retention by Linda Darling Hammond for the School Superintendent's Association

    History of the Debate  and Research (this issue has been around a long time)

    Research Roundup on Retention from 2008 published by ASCD

    Is Retaining Students in the Early Grades Self Defeating? 2012 Brookings Report

    When Kids are Held Back, Gains  Can Follow - Harvard Graduate School of Education 2017

    Massachusetts Retention Data 2022

    MASC - promotion and retention of students

    • 32 min
    We've Got Mail!

    We've Got Mail!

    Listen in as Robin, Angela and Abby respond to collected questions from listeners.
    Topics include the always scintillating details of school discipline, the ins and outs of a parent's right to choose to medicate or not medicate their child and a super timely topic - all things extended school year.

    If you are interested in the Extended School Year guidance document referenced in the episode you can find it here:
    MA DESE Extended School Year FAQ

    BEWARE - this is a Massachusetts document and may be more expansive  than the guidance documents for your state.  But - we've used it for over a decade with good results for kids and families and send it along as a helpful resource and potential discussion starter.

    Here is a great article from NPR that you can listen to related to the national special education teacher shortage and the types of creative solutions that are being developed to respond.

    Here’s a tutorial for Read Write for Google:

    • 26 min
    Administration Consideration...

    Administration Consideration...

    Have you ever considered becoming a special education administrator?  It isn't as wild an idea as you might think!  Join Robin and Abby as they share their journey on the path to educational leadership. Pros/Cons and lots of food for thought!

    Sample Student Services Department Head Rubric
    Sample Student Services Director Rubric

    • 35 min
    CODA: Movie Critique

    CODA: Movie Critique

    The film CODA has won multiple awards this year including Best Film and Best Supporting Actor. We watched the film and had lots of thoughts about the representation of people with disabilities in film.  There are a variety of opinions and reactions to the film from people with and without disabilities. Check out the film on Apple TV, take a listen to our convo (Spoiler Alert) and send us your reactions and thoughts.
    Angela, Robin and Abby

    CODA review in New York Times
    CODA review in the New Yorker
    CODA review The Conversation
    CODA review Variety

    • 29 min

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4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

fan-o-rock ,

A Special Education Teacher, Administrator and Lawyer Walk into a Bar

This is an excellent podcast: informative, interesting, thought-provoking, entertaining. Robin, Abby, and Angela share what is clearly a wealth of knowledge, insight, wisdom, and firsthand experience dealing with all aspects of special education. You can tell that they love their jobs, believe down to the bone in the underlying tenets of inclusion (“.. a right, not a privilege”), and are 100% committed to the students and families with whom they work and the teachers and administrators with whom they partner.

I have learned a lot from listening to the first eight episodes and have come away inspired. Robin, Abby and Angela understand and appreciate the degree to which special education laws have changed the lives of thousands of students and families and have positively impacted the culture of schools everywhere. I love that they are forthright and honest in sharing their own evolving ideas about best practices while not shying away from some of the thornier challenges.

Greg Hurray, former principal

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