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Two non-experts work their way through the entire available run of the old time radio anthology X Minus 1 with occasional guests.

A Thousand Maybe Worlds Rocket to Mars

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Two non-experts work their way through the entire available run of the old time radio anthology X Minus 1 with occasional guests.

    X Minus One Discussion

    X Minus One Discussion

    Rescued from obscurity, an episode we recorded in July of 2017. We briefly discuss the story of a convincing activist and then the nature of evil. Insights into people bad at blackmail, audiobook celebrities, and Richard's dating profile.

    Are we back? One can only hope.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Episode 54 -- "Where Ever You May Be" X Minus One

    Episode 54 -- "Where Ever You May Be" X Minus One

    Now featuring both of us...
    William Redfield and Ernest Kinoy do their best to delight us with a really dumb story, Richard dreams of Bewitched, Ryan gets creeped out by old timey sexual innuendo and we all find a way to enjoy something bad.
    Ryan gives it a 2 and Richard a 3
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    • 1 hr
    Episode 53 -- "Project Trojan" X Minus One

    Episode 53 -- "Project Trojan" X Minus One

    From out of nowhere comes a new episode. That we kind of discuss. As well as Riverdale, other anthologies, and Ryan eventually falls off the planet.
    Ryan gives it a 7 and Richard gives it a 6.5 in a category divide.
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    • 1 hr 7 min
    Episode 52--"If You Was a Moklin" X Minus One

    Episode 52--"If You Was a Moklin" X Minus One

    We complete a years worth of weekly episodes in the span of a year an half or so with Murray Leinster's "If You Was a Moklin" where we discuss the line between adorable and scary, we forget our own podcasting history, and discuss evolution the way people who don't 'believe' in evolution think it happens.
    Ryan is an 8.5 and Richard is an 8
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    • 1 hr 10 min
    Episode 51--"Project Mastodon" X Minus One

    Episode 51--"Project Mastodon" X Minus One

    I finally got some time set aside to edit one of the two episodes on deck, so here for your listening pleasure is Simak/Kinoy joint Project Mastodon.
    Topics include chill time travelers, goofy plans, a half-assed history of our writing, and the defense contractor pitch for top down scrolling games of the 80s.
    Ryan landed at a 7, Richard at a 7 1/2
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    • 1 hr 4 min
    Episode 50 - "Lulungameena" X Minus One

    Episode 50 - "Lulungameena" X Minus One

    We're back. We've flipped the audio problems once again as we dive into the linguistic sorta story "Lulungameena." We discuss arcane grammar rules, ruin classic comedy bits, and quibble over what literal is.
    Ryan give it a 7, Richard a 6.5
    athousandmaybeworlds@gmail.com @1000MaybeWorlds and A Thousand Maybe Worlds on Facebook. Also, now on Stitcher.

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Delta-Whiskey ,

The kind of intelligent tavern talk this country desperately needs.

The subject matter is iconic, but despite that stature is treated evenly here as there are poor episodes. These two culturenauts amuse me to no end with their fun banter but are dead on target discussing the artistic and cultural or (possibly epochal) merits of these episodes. I find myself putting in my two steel pennies worth all the time. Two tentacles up!

Jack Tunney ,

Glad this Exists!

Richard and Ryan are fantastic hosts and guides through a story-by-story recap and detailed analysis of the Old Time Radio and Sci-Fi classic, X-minus One. I think most OTR fans would agree X-minus One is the "best of the bunch" of these OTR Sci-Fi shows, and, frankly, it is my favorite of all time. How wonderfully serendipitous to come across this new podcast while looking for rebroadcasts of the show on iTunes. Richard are Ryan provide insight and backstory to each episode as well as providing their own thought provoking and funny takes. Each show begins with a challenge to Ryan to summarize the episode within the seemingly impossible 3-minute mark. He does an admirable job, though perhaps uses a few more "F-bombs" than absolutely necessary (that’s likely a result of the pressure involved though). In any event, A Thousand Maybe Worlds has become a favorite podcast of mine and I look forward to hearing it each week. As a side note, I am very interested in literary analysis and often reflect on how enjoyable it would have been to take Richard’s English class in college!

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