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Podcast by Beth and Cari

ABC Book Reviews Podcast Beth and Cari

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Podcast by Beth and Cari

    ABC Book Reviews with Becca Spence Dobias

    ABC Book Reviews with Becca Spence Dobias

    Beth and Cari interview Becca Spence Dobias, author of the forthcoming ROCK OF AGES, about her crowdfunding campaign, writing with kids, and more!

    • 26 min
    Beth and Cari's New Podcast

    Beth and Cari's New Podcast

    Beth and Cari are back with a new podcast! And we're on Soundcloud now! Find us on www.abcbookreview.com and on Facebook!

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

Misses BB ,


I really enjoy these podcasts. I know that Beth and Cari are two busy moms who can't podcast often, but when they do, it makes my day. Keep up the great work no matter how often you can release.

hockeymom* ,

So Bad!

I've been listening a long time. In the beginning, the sound quality was bad and one of them constantly had the sniffles, but they actually talked about books and so I hung in there. Now, while the sound quality is better, it is more about them giving their opinions about things rather than just telling me about books. The latest was about attachment parenting and they went on and on and on about their experiences and the failure of the medical community and how women are being scared away from natural childbirth because of the fear of pain, etc. I just didn't care! I downloaded the podcast to hear two librarians talk about books. If this interests you, more power to you. It just isn't what I was looking for in a podcast about books.

Axe udder ,

Big Fan!

I love listening to all of their podcasts! these ladies are funny, informative, and entertaining to listen to. Thank you for the half hour entertainment each download. It makes my workday go much faster :)
Book Nerdette

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