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Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.

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Every Wednesday, Will Foley and TPP have open, raw conversations on mental health, mental illness and everything on its spectrum. Stomping the stigma’s one conversation at a time. Two not so ordinary dudes sharing their stories, opinions and tools to be well, be safe and be Above.

    Grace w/Judi Merriam

    Grace w/Judi Merriam

    "If I don't grieve in a healthy, active way, it will be a second death for me", says author, Judi Merriam. Judi's middle son Jensen, took his life December 23, 2011. When Judi couldn't find a book to help her along her grief journey she started the painful process of writing one. As the mother of not only Jensen, but two other children, Judi had no choice but to start the healing process. Judi's writing helped her do the work to emerge from the darkness with the help of grace. 
    Episode one hundred eighty two of Above Ground Podcast this week deals with suicide and grief. Judi Merriam channeled the pain of losing her middle son, Jensen, into a memoir entitled, Empty Shoes by the Door. Judi's desire is to shine a light of hope into the lives of those who grieve, especially parents who have lost children to suicide. The journey of grief is such an individualized and singular road to walk. Speaking our truth allows us to move forward. "When we pretend it's something it's not, we can't heal", says Judi. Running away from the darkness constantly doesn't allow us to see the light. 
    Shock carries us in the aftermath of a suicide loss. "Shock allows us to function, at first, when we don't know how to function." and Judi says it took about the first five months for it to wear off. This gave way to being angry. Anger didn't last long once Judi admitted how angry she was and allowed it to run it's course. People often do not recognize the carnage of a suicide death. Telling someone that their loved one is in a better place or that there is a plan for it can do more harm than good and often leads to a harder healing process. Judi will be missing her son until she dies and the holidays remind her of the loss with the empty place at the table. 
    We often cannot make sense of something senseless. No longer asking why and constantly searching for answers, has given way to finding peace without all the answers. Jensen was a creative force and his dream was to be a professional animator. Jensen showed no signs that his life would end by this choice. We need to understand that dialoguing about suicide does not put an idea in someone's head. Quite the opposite, actually. So don't be afraid to ask if you suspect anything. 
    Judi credits her memoir coach Marion Roach, for guiding her along the creative path and helping her craft a tribute as well as a guide to dealing with the grief of losing someone to suicide. Judi speaks her truth and is willing to sit in the ashes and brokeness of what's left behind with you should you want to reach out to her via her website. Check out this Schenectady Gazette article written about Judi and Empty Shoes by the Door. 
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    Blow Up the Outside World

    Blow Up the Outside World

    Someone tried to tell me something, don’t let the world bring you down, but nothing can do me in before I do myself. We are often our own worst enemies. Chris Cornell knew that at his core, his lyrics identify it, so  lets blow up the outside world and save it for the ones we can help. 
    This week Above Ground Podcast drops episode one eighty one. Inspired by Soundgarden and their track from the 1996 album, Down on the Upside. Blowing up the outside world can help your cause and set you free. It can also hinder your growth. 
    We are taught to fear the outside world. We are told it’s a dangerous place. We are force fed a steady diet of us versus them and to wall your kingdom off.  Blowing up the ideas of separation and division never sounded better at this point in the journey. The question is, is it too late to save ourselves? If it were, we wouldn’t be doing this. 
    Thanks for listening to episode one eighty one. Please grab TPP’s new book, Never Underestimate the Power of You.  Tim’s DIY book about your ultimate DIY project, you!  
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    Walking the Path w/Kim Egel

    Walking the Path w/Kim Egel

    “The barrier to introspection is self-awareness “says Kim Egel ,our guest for this week’s Above Ground Podcast, episode one hundred eighty. Kim chats with the guys about her path into the mental health field as a therapist in San Diego, California. Kim looks to empower and provoke change in her clients. Time to start walking the path with Kim Egel.
    With no self-awareness you will not ask yourself questions about who you are. The only way to learn is to ask questions and acquire the answers. When the journey of a thousand miles begins it is best to have at least a general understanding of where you are headed or you will get lost. You can never plan the entire trip, but by asking about your direction helps you get back on course. 
    Kim’s fascination with people started very early and she learned that she could make a career out of helping individuals discover who they really are. Walking the path is a continuous process. But how do we start to feel our uncomfortable feelings and sit with them. 
    Just start toward where you would like to head, but don’t lose your curiosity about where you are headed. Kim has more than twenty years of experience and was doing this job before covid and now post covid and the world has changed every where.  Kim’s approach is very person-centered and works within the humanity of the individual. 
    Kim’s practice weaves a tapestry of modalities, a sort of extension of who she is just like her endeavors of jewelry, photography and blogging. Please check Kim out at any of these links. 
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    Until next may the force be with you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and Stay Above.

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    My Anchor

    My Anchor

    Anchors can hold your boat safe in harbor or hold you back from sailing the wild sea. Anchors often collect debris from the ocean bottom or they can make a home for sea life. They can be raised by ferocious storms and tossed away like it never meant a thing or hold clossal steamers within the chop. Anchors represent up and down. My anchor helps stabilize me from the storms and tribulation and return to shore. 
    This week episode one seventy nine of Above Ground Podcast is all about anchors. What holds us where we need to be? Which ones need to be raised in order to chart a new course? Through a relationship, a career change, grief, death or a mental health challenge. Anchors take strength and response to move or raise. Quint wouldn't put on a life jacket ever again, but I suggest you take my example of putting one on, in order to stay bouyant in the stormy seas. Take a deep breath. 
    It's heavy and the willingness to harness the energy of raising up and setting out to sea can be an amazing act of empowerment or can cause us to fall into deep despair and give our energy over to the dark night of the soul. Face your darkness like every hero does. Become an explorer and learn the terrain of your heart, mind and emotions. Anchors up, time to set sail and chase the sun.
    Never Underestimate the Power of You, has hit the streets and is available to order from Amazon. We all have mental health and we have the ability to improve. Maybe it is time we start paying more attention to it and the impacts it has on our daily living. You, the reader have the power to change who you are and who you choose to become. This book is a guide written by a person who embarked on the healing journey—a journey that you too can begin, when you are ready, TPP will be a voice to guide you. 
    When you are curious about what healing can bring into your life but you don't know where to start. It's time to believe in yourself and the future you can create. Never Underestimate the Power of You, because life is a DIY project.
    Huge shout out to Capital Region Living Magazine for the podcast plug in the Holiday 2022 issue. Thanks to Abby Tegnelia for making it happen. She will be a guest on a future episode. Thanks to all of you for listening as we roll closer to celebrating four years of throwing stigma into the pit and cleaning the floor with it. Follow, like, rate, review and share. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above.
    Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley


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    Odds Sweet Things & Dead Ends w/Mike Langone

    Odds Sweet Things & Dead Ends w/Mike Langone

    Recovery is never a straight line. Things we do to comfort ourselves can create the most uncomfortable outcomes. But us humans can overcome even the most difficult situations and with good bones we can reanimate the animal within.
    Welcome to episode one seventy eight of Above Ground Podcast. This week we are joined by Mike Langone. Mike is the singer for Nippertown based band Black Belt Jones, the promoter of Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market and the bone artist behind Odds, Sweet Things and Dead Ends.
    "You can't focus so much on why, it's more like how I can make things better", says Langone about his struggles with addiction. Langone made his way to Nippertown via the Lower East Side of Manhattan more than twenty years ago. 
    Langone took his experience and turned it into a career. First as a CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) and now as a Housing Specialist for an Albany, NY based non-profit who helps the homeless population. 
    Langone expresses how much his life has changed from living the life of an addict. His vulnerability and choosing to live has provided him a way to stay busy as an artist of the living and the dead. 
    Thanks for listening to this week's episode of Above Ground Podcast. We are grateful to have you here and we cherish being the "curators of hope". 
    TPP will be releasing his new book, Never Underestimate the Power of You, via Amazon very soon. Please follow our socials for all the updates and a link to order. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.

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    Escape From Within

    Escape From Within

    We believe you must feel it to heal it. Embracing what it means to be human makes life a bit easier to manage, at least we'd like to think so. This includes realizing that it's you alone in our decision to unlock the door and escape from within. 
    Epiosde one seventy seven of Above Ground Podcast is all about those pesky feelings we need to find a language to discuss.This week we got Inpired by the Flotsam and Jetsam tune, Escape From Within.
    We hold the key to our escape. We all have limited time with this thing called life being terminal in all. When we awaken to this idea, it places the responsibility squarely on us to sign the contract of death that begs to be signed when we scream our way out of the womb onto the earth stage. 
    Journaling is a great tool to use to filter your feelings. Having the language to describe what sludge and debris blocks us from our path. Byron Katie's The Work, could be a useful place for you to start.
    Ellis Paul says the world aint slowin' down and our real time practice in the human condition takes acceptance and action. When we build these muscles it helps us deepen our capacity to juggle. When we juggle the years like chainsaws don't kill the power.
    This Saturday Will is performing at Fuze Box 12 Central Avenue Albany, NY. 8pm showtime $10 at the door. Above Ground Podcast fans come see Will & TPP do a very special song to close out the set. Hope to see many of you there. 
    TPP is launching his book, Never Underestimate the Power of You, on November 11th, and you will be able to purchase through Amazon. When we have a link we will post it everywhere. Be sure to check in on our social media. 
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    Until next Wednesday,get well, be safe, Stay Above...

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4.9 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

Vincentboy27 ,

Lovin Above Ground

Just started listening to you guys and I'm really liking the way you guys connect to us listeners and how down to earth you both are, funny and really insightful.

Thank you for bringing above ground to all of us.....beyond important to get mental health and mental illness in the forefront of all of our minds!

You have a new fan in me.....I'm going to tell all my friends about you guys!!! Thank you so so much!!!

Your work is truly inspirational and so appreciated

Kara Stein-Conaway ,

Self-love practices

I really enjoyed listening to your episode on the self-love practices you use in your life to take care of yourselves and to cultivate worthiness. The more we use our voices to share what we’ve learned, the more we grow ourselves and the more we can help others too. I hope you both continue sharing your wisdom in this way.

lockettes ,


It fantastic to feel like you can relate to someone, or even better your not alone. These two gentlemen are great to listen to. They really help.

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