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Tracking Re-invention of Atlantic City. News, Info, Tourism, Real Estate, Investment, Development. Hosted by Mel Taylor.


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Tracking Re-invention of Atlantic City. News, Info, Tourism, Real Estate, Investment, Development. Hosted by Mel Taylor.


    Callaway Election Tactics Legal, Really Bad For Atlantic City Residents

    Callaway Election Tactics Legal, Really Bad For Atlantic City Residents

    Dude is bad news.

    Need to win an election in AC and/or South Jersey? Better call Craig Callaway. Make sure to place your order early, and stroke a big check for Craig. He's the man that magically delivers thousand of votes... that all lean the same way. No matter how good or bad of a candidate you are.

    Craig Callaway: ex-con who legally exploits current election law in Atlantic City and South Jersey. He's really good at it, too. Puts big bucks into his pockets....and s****y politicians into office.

    Listen to clips from WPG Radio, Harry Hurley & Craig Callaway:

    Click to listen.

    Craig Callaway: the man who brought you AC Mayor Frank Gilliam. Yup. The same Frank Gilliam recently forced from office and facing jail time for stealing money from a youth sports league.

    Callaway on Gilliam: “I regret that I didn’t do more homework on Frank Gilliam.”

    Craig Callaway is a poor judge of character.

    HASSAN CALLAWAY was good choice for Pleasantville school board? He missed half the meetings. Craig Callaway is uncle of Hassan Callaway and P-ville school board president, Carla Thomas. Read more in Press of AC

    Callaway is a political mercenary, primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics. Got the cash? Craig delivers the votes. No matter how unqualified or dangerous you are.

    They ask us, who’s looking out for our best interest? Two years go, Callaway recommended Frank Gilliam.

    Recently, Callaway brought thousands of additional ballots, propelling incumbents Vince Mazzeo & John Armato past controversial Republican challenger Phil 'Greenhead' Guenther, along with his running mate, John Risley.

    Hurley & Callaway

    The Callaway Machine. Callaway often referred to as power broker, political genius, or some kind of respectable pontificator of politics. Callaway is none of that.

    Callaway is eerily equipped to deliver votes that all lean the same way.

    Callaway's GET OUT THE VOTE efforts. A ride to the polls and $30 bucks gets almost anyone elected. NO matter how poor a candidate. Yup, Callaway can be legally bought. By extension, so can Atlantic City voters, it seems.

    Craig Callaway. Mercenary extraordinaire. Running a sweet, legal scam on Atlantic City taxpayers.

    CALLAWAY FUN FACTS. (from FBI and an Ordinary Guy)

    Craig Callaway, a former Atlantic City Council president. Served 3 ½ years behind bars. Bribery and blackmail.

    From: FBI and an Ordinary Guy

    In 2007, Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway, Ronald Callaway a. k. a. Jihad Abdullah and David Callaway were charged in a political blackmail scheme.

    Postcard Joey Polillo Un-filtered; Atlantic City Now and Then

    Postcard Joey Polillo Un-filtered; Atlantic City Now and Then

    Mr. Joseph Polillo…  this guy BLEEDS Atlantic City. Also known as POST CARD JOEY Polillo. Using super-human powers, he forced his way onto The Mel Taylor WPG 1450 Talk Radio Show on Jan 8, 2016. Click to listen.

    Polillo was employed by Atlantic City for 30 years, working as Chief Licence Inspector. Needless to say, Joey has seen the good, bad and the ugly.... during his 3 decades working for the City. He knows where many bodies are buried. ;)

    2009 Atlantic City mayoral candidates, from left, Jesse O. Kurtz, Joseph Polillo, incumbent Lorenzo Langford and Dennis Mason:

    Pic: Press of Atlantic City

    2009 Atlantic City mayoral candidates, Kurtz, Polillo, incumbent Langford and Mason.

    Read More at Press of Atlantic City: Atlantic City mayoral candidates split on plans for Bader Field

    Polillo took multiple runs for local Atlantic City public office, including the Mayor's seat. Polillo lost each time but certainly made an impact with his passionate pleas for municipal sanity.

    Today, Joey Polillo is an author, actor, regular radio guest, grower of a massive beard, Atlantic City history & postcard expert.....and a no-nonsense sh*t-stirrer.

    Postcard Joey Polillo is an Atlantic City classic. He's our kind of guy.

    Visit >   PostCardShow.com

    Buy the new book: Joseph; Inspirational Poems

    Mailing Address:

    The Postcard Show.com LLC

    301 N. Raleigh Ave

    Atlantic City, NJ 08401-1031

    Email Address:


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    ACprimetime News Update. King Arthur Podcast 2.10.18

    ACprimetime News Update. King Arthur Podcast 2.10.18

    King Arthur Radio

    Show notes from ACprimetime news update. King Arthur Radio Show and Podcast. WIBG. 1020am. Feb 10, 2018.

    Gilliams Island parody. Gilliam in Vegas to study weed.

    Atlantic City Crime. Recent stabbing on Tennessee Ave.

    10K Frank. Kudos to AC Mayor Frank Gilliam.

    On Monday night at the IRISH PUB, Gilliam entered the lions cage and faced his accusers. The DEM committee wanted to know how he intercepted a 10K check from the Atlantic County DEMS, that was supposed to go to Atlantic City DEMS….and NOT to Frank’s personal campaign acct.

    Wow. An event not to be missed. Everybody was there. Council president Marty Small, Councilman Kool Mo Dee, better known as Mo Delgado, Jeff Fauntleroy too. Plenty of media, but the Press of AC, and other local media did NOT report on the substantial in-fighting between the DEMS of the City and the County.

    The Press of AC ignored the major head line: Gilliam called the County a LIAR.

    Did Big Frank use Mr Jeff Fauntleroy as an enforcer? That’s what Craig Callaway says, according to a recent radio interview. Big Frank’s campaign manager Richard Winstead was there too. Pointing fingers at 2 of the County DEMS, who were also in attendance.

    Gilliam called Mike Suliman a liar. More than once. Says County is just dividing the city against itself. Accusations of the race card being played? Maybe. Gilliam & Winstead did their best to defend against these very disturbing accusations. We think many are too afraid to go up against Big Frank. The 'No Snitching Allowed' rule needs to be thrown out said those in attendance.

    Stockton HATE Day. Social Warrior Training.

    Student Indoctrination is what some are calling this full day of HATE at Stockton University. Social Justice Warriors. Easily offended. Triggered. Snowflakes. The oppressed. A victim mentality.

    Citizen Seth Grossman called out Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman and his “United Against Hate Day” event this week, claiming this event only teaches students to Hate America, Whites, Jews, Men, and anyone with a different opinion on things.

    It should be noted that the historic appearance by US Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was a private, event that was supposedly NOT recorded. Not even a transcript was released. We can only assume that this would only upset the snowflakes and easily triggered media and student body.

    Early indications suggest that parents footing the bill for their kids to go to college, are thinking twice…before sending their kids to the AC campus of Stockton.

    Safety concerns. Will their kids ever get a real well-paid job after graduating with a degree in gender studies and social work?

    A program schedule that would make Saul Alinsky proud. Rules for Radicals. Divide & conquer. Pit people against each other.

    Ultra Credit offered for all sessions.

    ·      Safe Zone Workshop

    ·      Cultural Humility

    ·      Hate Speech in the Classroom

    ·      Understanding Activism and Your Role

    ·      Propaganda, Hate Speech, and Fake News in History

    ·      Take a Stand against Bullying

    ·      Then and Now: Southern Poverty Law Center

    ·      National Anthem Protests and Freedom of Expression

    ·      Microaggression, Bias and Prejudice: Ways to Respond

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    Frank Talk About Atlantic City, Margate & Brigantine

    Frank Talk About Atlantic City, Margate & Brigantine

    Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam


    These are some show notes from the recent King Arthur Radio Show on 1020am, WIBG. FEB 3, 2018.

    ACprimetime NEWS 2.3.2018

    Atlantic City DEMS MEETING about 10k check Gilliam

    Gilliam’s first CRDA meeting. Packed with residents opposed to Chelsea Beach takeover by CRDA. Frank was NOT ready for this.

    MARGATE using zoning rules to help some developers?

    MASTER JETTY for Absecon Island?

    Back bay dredging

    Brigantine getting beach nourishment now. North end of Brigantine beaches now under more control of STATE

    Brigantine property taxes & appeal process questioned by 2nd homeowners.

    2018 Summer Flounder Regulations. Reforming Magnuson-Stevens Act Of 1976.


    Social Justice Warrior

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    PODCAST: AC Democrats Question $10,000 Check in Mayor Gilliam’s Bank Account

    PODCAST: AC Democrats Question $10,000 Check in Mayor Gilliam’s Bank Account

    The Atlantic City Democratic Committee under the leadership of Joyce Mollineaux, is in turmoil over a missing $10,000 check. Seems like the check ended up in Frank Gilliam's bank account, instead of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee .

    Questions remain:

    * How did Gilliam allegedly get a $10,000 check meant for the Atlantic City Democratic committee?

    * Why did Gilliam allegedly sign the check?

    * Did Gilliam deposit check into his own acct?

    * Will Gilliam & Joyce Mollineaux correct the situation?

    Listeners to the Kevin Hall Radio Show asked: why so much mishandling of money? It was brought to Joyce Mollineaux's attention that a $10,000 check was roaming around out there. It was supposed to come to us.

    From Kevin Hall Radio show: We worked very hard to win. Committee members found out many were not paid. We gotta get to the bottom of this. Where is the money? We knew it was cashed because we saw the elect reports. It was written out to us, and we saw the signature and it was not our treasurer or our chairperson. It never came to us directly. Now we're doing an investigation. Very disturbed. We're not gonna pacify and say it was a mistake. We want justice.

    Did Atlantic City Democratic Committee Chairperson, Joyce Mollineaux, sweep this issue under the rug?

    How did Mayor Frank Gilliam, allegedly take receipt the $10,000 check, and allegedly deposit it into his own campaign account. It even looks like Gilliam signed the back of the check.

    If true, why didn't Mollineaux and Gilliam just return the $10,000 to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee?

    The Atlantic City Democratic Committee is not happy, so they'll convene an emergency meeting of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

    A vote of no confidence in Mollineaux as Chairperson? According to Harry Hurley, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee may ask law enforcement to investigate. A potential Election Law issue looms as well.


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    Levinson & Grossman Challenging Constitutionality of PILOT Bill

    Levinson & Grossman Challenging Constitutionality of PILOT Bill

    The infamous PILOT bill is finally being challenged. Liberty & Prosperity, a constitutional advocacy group lead by Seth Grossman, has teamed up with Atlantic County Exec Denny Levinson. Both sides presented arguments in front of Superior Court Judge Mendez on Nov 30. Both are convinced that the PILOT is un-constitutional.

    Grossman, a Somers Point attorney and former Atlantic City councilman, refers to the PILOT as 'Payment in Lieu of Peanuts Taxes.' 

    The goal of the Casino PILOT was to stabilize Atlantic City’s tax-collection base. Wildly inaccurate assessments contributed to Atlantic City's near bankruptcy and eventual state take-over. The PILOT bill allows casinos to collectively pay $120 million per year instead of actual property taxes and allows them to upgrade their properties without tax implications.

    County Exec Denny Levinson said Seth Grossman was outstanding in front of Judge Mendez. 'He was terrific.'

    The current PILOT allows a private entity to gaining at the expense of the average taxpayer. Not review-able for 8 years. Every non-casino property will see tax hikes, says Levinson.

    Listen to Levinson on WOND Radio, Dec. 1, 2017


    Other notes: The Chiesa firm representing the STATE is out, effective Jan. 2018. Til then, it's another payday for that law firm, says Denny. Most recently, the Levinson family took a personal hit by standing up against Gov. Christie. With the County fighting the PILOT in court, the outgoing and very unpopular Governor pinked slipped the very capable Matt Levinson, son of the County Exec. Matt was not re-appointed to his position on the Casino Control Commission. That’s how Christie rolls.

    In addition, Atlantic County believes it should receive at least 13.5% of PILOT revenues, based on agreements with both AC Mayor Don Guardian, and Gov. Christie. (WATCH VIDEO)


    Everybody in legislature agrees. 13.5% should be given to taxpayers. Something that was verbally guaranteed by the outgoing Governor Christie.

    Press of Atlantic City thinks 10% is fine? Levinson pointed out that the Press of Atlantic City printed inaccurate data on the morning of Dec. 1, 2017. Was this just an error on the editor's part?


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