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A Weekly Rotating Jam Session featuring Live Performances by Oakland's Finest Independent Musicians, Hosted by Primate King & Jungle Royalty Recordings

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A Weekly Rotating Jam Session featuring Live Performances by Oakland's Finest Independent Musicians, Hosted by Primate King & Jungle Royalty Recordings

    Accidental Practice: Episode 10

    Accidental Practice: Episode 10

    As time moves forward and as we all grow a little older and wiser, the things we spend our time on become more and more a representation of who we are in this life…There has certainly been a great amount of time put into each and every note heard in the 10th Episode of Accidental Practice – many of such notes come from outside of our everyday spheres and spark innovative tendencies in all whose paths they may cross.

    Check out indie electronica/hip-hop/experimental superstars such as Sixfingerz (Antwerp, Belgium), Audioescapism & Natur-al (Britain), Eric Grabczyk & Tape Deck Apocalypse (Milwaukee, WI), Cy Tru (Wuppertal, Germany), Jones Fo Sho (somewhere between Spain & Antarctica) and The Malander (São Paulo, Brazil) as they rip through aural threads of time and space during the first half of Episode 10!

    Local Smokeland, California artists include Dennis Wong (guitar), Jesse Miller (keys/atari), Greg Spickard (cowbell) and yours truly, Primate King (gong + too much other to list).

    Learn impressive new words like: Insolvent, Absquatchulate and Deipnosophist

    Check out all of the fun at http://www.accidentalpractice.com/ http://primateking.blogspot.com/ and http://primateking.ning.com/

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Accidental Practice: Episode 09

    Accidental Practice: Episode 09

    When exploring the depths of both real life and the internet for the world’s finest independent musicians, a lot of gems can be turned up—many of which come from the most peculiar places. In the 9th episode of the Accidental Practice Podcast, all listening ears will be filled with freshly recorded sounds both local to Smokeland California and reaching around the globe. Discover underground heroes in genres as far reaching as dubstep, glitch, trip-hop, psychedelic blues, ambient, experimental, funk, 4-bit, hip-hop and MORE!

    Featuring guest appearances by: Alone Together, Analog Affair, The, Ballademaker aka Ivar F. Hansen, Brian Knarfield, Christiaan3 aka Christiaan Pistorius, Dennis Wong, Diakon, Evan Westmoreland, Genesis aka Prophet of the Womb, Lizz Houndshell, Kat B., Kat J., Sixfingerz, Travis Green and WelterWill by way of Possessed Audio Lab.

    Contributing Countries: Belgium, China, Japan, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

    Super fun happy bonus extras include in-house jam sessions, live (and studio) remixes, UC Berkeley freshman band practice, David Bowie and Weezer karaoke, a live taping of The Ellen DeGenerous Show, movie clips, local folk music and some Atari 2600 SFX!

    Learn More about these Rockstars at http://PrimateKing.Blogspot.com and http://PrimateKing.Ning.com

    • 55 min
    Accidental Practice 08: Ft. One Man Krass & Sir Dark$eid

    Accidental Practice 08: Ft. One Man Krass & Sir Dark$eid

    Hi, this is your Host, Primate King, welcoming you to the 8th Episode of our try to be but not so weekly rotating jam session . . . Accidental Practice!

    This episode has been a long time coming and believe you me, we didn’t pull any punches when it comes to bringing you the finest independent musicians our beloved Smokeland California has to offer. Actually, we’re bringing together artists from all corners of the globe. Yeah, we had to step it up a little bit…it helped get you tuned in though, didn’t it?

    We’ll hear from Smokeland California’s very own resident guitarist Dennis Wong who will actually be playing keys for a short while in this episode…also, we will hear some recent guerrilla-styled performances from Nice Guys Finish Last and Fill (that’s F – I – L – L) from Southern California that took place at our good friend Rose’s 24th birthday party. Another treat we have to offer on this episode of the Accidental Practice Podcast is a collaboration between Swiss producer Patrick Kiener aka One Man Krass and NYC rapper/producer Sir Darkseid. We also have a brand new remix of a song by Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s very own Living Dred. If that doesn’t quench your thirst, perhaps a couple exclusive prim8king remixes + mashups will dump the proverbial cooler of Gatorade over your head while you’re not looking…either way you crack it – it’s going down!

    Now we bring you . . . Accidental Practice!

    • 51 min
    Accidental Practice 07: Ft. Thomas & Charlie Benton

    Accidental Practice 07: Ft. Thomas & Charlie Benton

    Joining us this week we are brimming with joy in welcoming back (for the longest streak thus far) Thomas Benton for his third show in a row!

    . . . Only this time Thomas brought his brother Charlie down to Lions Den Studios for a session that is sure to be remembered! The brothers team up to bring you some of the finest sounds that Smokeland CA has to offer!

    Perhaps by mistake or merely drunkenness, I got the idea to start freestyling & singing over the boys beatbox / guitar combo . . . boy was that funny! You’ll catch that through the episode . . . It gets even greater when I thought it was a disco party :)

    Beatbox, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock Reggae, Freestyle, Experimental

    Smokeland, CA

    • 22 min
    Accidental Practice 06: Ft. Tom, Reid & Jonathon

    Accidental Practice 06: Ft. Tom, Reid & Jonathon

    This week we are excited to bring two newcomers into the studio...playing a circuit bent Yoda and the ever-famous Casio CTK-150...please welcome Reid Wedding!

    ...and entering the studio with a set of the tightest bongos we’ve ever seen slung over his back like a samurai...we bring you Jonathon Rousell!

    This week we also welcome back the shining star from episode 05, Thomas Benton! Don’t miss Tom serving up a sampler platter full of Anchorman beatz, breakz & bytes!

    If that isn’t enough to get you salivating, we’re bringing you even more hotness from the Lion’s Den kitchen here in Smokeland California...in the form of beefy iPhone apps, Vintage circuit bent Atari riffs and bacon-wrapped appetizers coming from Emu...the ESI-32 sampler!

    • 22 min
    Accidental Practice 05: Ft. Thomas Benton & Lizz Houndshell

    Accidental Practice 05: Ft. Thomas Benton & Lizz Houndshell

    This week we are excited to bring two newcomers into the studios who just happen to be our favorite two people from Berkeley California, Thomas Benton and Lizz Houndshell!

    Tom and Lizz may not be full (or even part-time musicians), but given the opportunity to let loose on a Friday night, the magic comes puffing out !

    We were overjoyed that Lizz brought her ukulele into the studio for a little sing-a-long and were surprised to learn that Tom is now in the running for closet beat box champion of the world! Also, you’ll undoubtedly discover that we really let the sheep out of the barn on this episode… and along with them; you’ll find in our arsenal an Emu ESI-32 digital sampler, the massive Ableton Live software as well as a Circuit Bent Atari 2600, Lil Baby Driver Ambient Synthesizer and Photocell Theremin.

    • 33 min

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Brian M. Ball ,

Adhesive Sonic Fusion from Smokeland, CA

An aural collage of indie artists from around the globe (outside of the US, Episode 10 explores Britain, Belgium & Brazil to name a few) and local artists from "Smokeland", California that touch on genres as diverse as acoustic, electronic, jam and experimental, and as traditional as drum & bass, dubstep and hip-hop -- but done up with a twist...forging "found sounds" with remixes, movie clips with collaborations and practice sessions with the world's finest indie artists is what those guys at Accidental Practice do best!

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