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Play guitar consistently. Stay focused and inspired. Have fun. See regular progress.

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Play guitar consistently. Stay focused and inspired. Have fun. See regular progress.

    EYE CANDY! The Master of Acoustic Guitar Inlay ★ Acoustic Tuesday 209

    EYE CANDY! The Master of Acoustic Guitar Inlay ★ Acoustic Tuesday 209

    If you've ever wondered how some of these crazy, intricate designs on acoustic guitars are made, you're not alone. In this video you'll see how some of the greatest masters of inlay create beautiful inlay design!

    The artists selected this week are world-renowned inlay artists, working with everything from lacquer to mother of pearl to create incredible art right on the guitar. We'll be featuring the folks who have created some of Martin Guitar's stunning instruments, as well as the incredibly talented Simon Haycraft who works on Thompson Guitars.

    Whether you're just starting to play acoustic guitar or you've been playing for decades, I always love to show people that acoustic guitars can be incredible art pieces, whether their inlay work is subtle or over the top.

    You'll also have a chance to preview an incredible documentary called Dragons & Vines. Brought to you by the folks at the Museum of Instrument Making, this 3-part documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in guitar design or inlay work. Be sure to check it out on the Museum of Instrument Making's website or YouTube channel!

    In addition to discussing acoustic guitar inlay, you'll get to see how valuable playing the guitar for at least 10 minutes a day is, especially when dealing with this week's TAC Tuesday Guitar Lick Challenge. And, just to drive that concept home, you'll hear from a TAC Family member who has used the 10 minutes a day method to launch his guitar journey to new heights.

    Last but not least, you'll get your weekly dose of acoustic guitar news you can use! Featured this week are…

    New Norman Blake album titled "Day by Day".

    Justin Townes Earle's Signature Model from Recording King

    Courtney Hartman's New Single

    The Lostines featured on Western AF's YouTube Channel

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    5 Best Canadian Guitars Under $800 (2021) ★ Acoustic Tuesday 208

    5 Best Canadian Guitars Under $800 (2021) ★ Acoustic Tuesday 208

    In this video, I'll show you the 5 best Canadian acoustic guitars under $800. These are the top 5 acoustic guitar made by trusted and respectable brands from Canada that I think are worth checking out in 2021!

    This list includes all of the brands that are inside the Godin Company. And, while I'm sure there are plenty of guitars out there that are also under $800, I'll need your help to discover those. So be sure to leave a comment in the description about your favorite Canadian-made acoustic guitars that are under $800!

    Now, back to our list! I chose each guitar on this list because they strike the perfect balance between quality, value, and sustainability. There are so many incredible things going on at each of these guitar builders, and I really hope you take a chance to check them out individually.

    Once we're done with the 5 best canadian guitar under $800, I want to take a moment and talk about how awesome the live guitar party at TAC was. What an incredible turnout, and it was so great talking with all of the TAC members and hearing about their experiences.

    Last but not least, I want to recognize the incredible amount of work Santa Cruz Guitar Company has done for the industry over the last 45 years. In fact, to help recognize and celebrate it, SCGC actually made a video highlighting the challenges they've faced over the last few years. I highly recommend you check it out!

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    HUGE Guitar Lessons from Lightnin‘ Hopkins ★ Acoustic Tuesday 207

    HUGE Guitar Lessons from Lightnin‘ Hopkins ★ Acoustic Tuesday 207

    Lightnin' Hopkins is one of the greatest guitar players in American history — his playing has influenced generations of blues artists. If you want to learn how to play Lightnin's songs, watch this lesson where he talks about some of his riffs and philosophy.

    This episode will show you some important mechanics of Lightnin' Hopkins' playing while also diving into his musical philosophy. By the end of the video, you'll gain some key insights on his playing and be able to apply some of his style and technique to your own guitar journey.

    I love focusing on Lightnin' Hopkins because so much of it has to do with feeling the music in your heart. Don't get me wrong, theres plenty of technique to work on when emulating Lightnin's playing, but there's also a mindset you need to play music in his style.

    Hopefully by the end of this episode, you'll have a greater appreciation for this master of blues guitarist. Be sure to let me know in the comment which one of his blues guitar lessons helped you the most!

    In addition to learning Lightnin' Hopkins' style, you'll get a chance to try the TAC Tuesday Guitar Lick Challenge. You'll be focusing on pull-offs and "punching" the rhythm. 

    And, finally, I've got a host of artists that I want to talk about on the Acoustic Guitar News segment. I also want to address some of my concerns about  @Gibson TV  and their new guitar line. 

    Featured on this episode:
    - Alexandr Misko  
    - Sean de Burca  
    - Elderly instruments  
    - Gibson Guitars

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    10 Most Impactful Singer-Songwriter Albums ★ Acoustic Tuesday 206

    10 Most Impactful Singer-Songwriter Albums ★ Acoustic Tuesday 206

    In this episode we're going to talk about the 10 most impactful singer-songwriter albums. We'll explore each album, and share what makes it so special. And in the end I'll reveal my favorite song from each one!

    Each of these singer songwriter albums had a huge impact on acoustic music. In this episode specifically, I'm taking a closer look at the lyrics that really take some of these songs to the next level.

    From Bob Dylan to Joni Mitchell to Jeffrey Foucault, I'm excited to hear what you think of my list! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what your favorite singer songwriter album is!

    In addition to featuring the 10 most impactful singer songwriter albums of all time, I'll be giving you the rundown on this week's Tuesday TAC Guitar Lick Challenge. We'll be cleaning things up in Open D tuning!

    Last but not least, I have a whole host of music releases to share with you — including, but not limited to, Béla Fleck, Daisy Tempest, Courtney Hartman, and Riddy Arman!

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    Do THIS to DESTROY Guitar Snobs ★ Acoustic Tuesday 205

    Do THIS to DESTROY Guitar Snobs ★ Acoustic Tuesday 205

    In this episode, I will teach you the 10 kinds of guitar snobs, what they LOVE to say and how to overcome their personalities — once and for all! Learn how to keep your ego in check when it comes to playing guitar or learning music theory!

    Guitar snobs can be a difficult obstacle on your guitar journey. However, it's important to remember that there is a deeper, psychological reason behind the snobbery and trolling.

    After years of experience in dealing with all the different kinds of guitar snobbery, elitism, and egotism, I've discovered the root of all of it: guitar playing.

    It may sound like circular logic, but I want you to hear me out on this. Once you understand why these folks act the way that they do, you can overcome their attempts to make you feel insecure and gain greater mental strength and clarity on your guitar journey.

    Besides chatting about guitar snobs, you'll get the chance to try out a new lick and see it used in a musical context! Let me know in the comments if you dig this new segment!

    Last but not least, you'll get a dose of acoustic guitar news you can use! Featured this week…

    Trevor Gordon Hall and "This Beautiful Chaos"

    Billy Strings and "Renewal"

    Watchhouse and Andrew Marlin's custom guitar

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    What‘s an Acoustic Guitar DI & 6 Best DI Pedals ★ Acoustic Tuesday 204

    What‘s an Acoustic Guitar DI & 6 Best DI Pedals ★ Acoustic Tuesday 204

    There are a lot of different DI pedals out there. But how do you know which one is best for your needs? Watch this video and I'll tell you all about the 6 best acoustic guitar DIs, so that you can find the perfect one for your sound.

    DI pedals are one of the more essential pedals for acoustic guitarists. A DI pedal allow you to capture the sound of your guitar and allow it to be processed on a soundboard. This allows a sound engineer or AV tech to change the balance on your guitar.

    If you ever plan on playing live or playing through a PA, you'll really need a DI. Because you can't just plug your guitar straight into a soundboard, the DI allows your guitar to be processed through a soundboard. 

    Each of the acoustic guitar DIs featured in this episode have a slightly different sound. I'll play the same guitar and run it through different DIs to allow you to hear how each DI captures the same guitar's sound differently. 

    In addition to hearing my 6 favorite acoustic guitar DIs, you'll hear about what it's like to start a guitar journey. From imposter syndrome to creating expectations, you'll hear how one TAC Family member overcame those negative thoughts to start their journey on the right step. 

    Last but not least, you'll get my curated list of acoustic guitar news you can use. 

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4.9 out of 5
785 Ratings

785 Ratings

m c soult ,


Thanks for the shows, so much information. Shout to Columbus, Ohio’s Six String Concerts!

Dru Oakley ,

A home for guitar geeks

A great, interesting resource for guitar players and acoustic lovers. Tips on playing, reviews of gear, and a warm personality to deliver it all. I look forward to it every week. Don’t miss it.


Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tony is always reviewing some kind of new product and giving insight on something guitar players can benefit from. I love the show! Keep it up please.
Btw I go to the acoustic life website and watch every episode, I hope that’s not hurting iTunes status ..
Nate V

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