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A podcast about wargames and wargaming

Advance After Combat Advance After Combat

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A podcast about wargames and wargaming

    Advance After Combat 2023-05-26

    Advance After Combat 2023-05-26

    Anniversary GiftsStorm over JeruselumGreatest DayPanzer/MBTLock n Load TacticalSaigon 75War and Peace: Game of the Napoleonic WarsA Most Dangerous TimeAt World at WarNext War: PolandEastFront IIOCS: Case BlueTrickshotMusic: Goose - Hungersite

    • 2 hr 25 min
    Advance After Combat 2023-03-24

    Advance After Combat 2023-03-24

    D&D Nerds
    Levy & Campaign
    Neighbor Story (for hopefully the first time)
    AAC Con
    Empire of the Sun
    East Front II

    • 2 hr 37 min
    Advance After Combat 2023-02-17

    Advance After Combat 2023-02-17

    Miniature Wargaming
    High School Reunions
    Upcoming Games
    1812 Invasion of Canada
    Vietnam 1965-1975
    Levy & Campaign
    Musket & Pike
    Rules of Piquet
    War & Peace
    Music: Khemmis - The Hunted

    • 2 hr 34 min
    Advance After Combat 2022-11-26

    Advance After Combat 2022-11-26

    PreordersWargamersNapoleonicsLevée en Masse: The Wars of the French RevolutionThanksgivingAAC Con 2022 Dutch InterCity Trick Shot 1837 1848 Shores of Tripoli Locomotive Werks Innovation Ponzi Scheme Granada: Last Stand of the Moors Verdun: 1916 Steel Inferno Mushroom Eaters Shores of Tripoli Knights of the Air Federation Commader Atlanta is Ours Men of Iron La Bataille de Mont Saint Jean Glorantha: The Gods War Bayonets & Tomahawks Android: Netrunner GURPSSpaceCorpSpace InfantryFields of FirePacific WarBattle of Molwitz Granada: Last Stand of the Moors

    • 3 hr 45 min
    Advance After Combat 2022-09-09

    Advance After Combat 2022-09-09

    Classic Audio Issues
    Miniature Painting
    Guild Lore
    Elric Kickstarter
    Federation Commander
    Musket & Pike Dual Pack
    Victoria Cross II Deluxe Edition
    Fire on the Mountain
    Music: I Can't Explain - The Who

    • 3 hr 26 min
    Advance After Combat 2022-07-22

    Advance After Combat 2022-07-22

    KidsLocal PoliticsColumbia Block GamesCOINLa Bataille Wilderness War18XXBGA
    Music: Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line

    • 2 hr 28 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

ultramafic ,

The best gaming podcast out there. The best wargaming podcast ever!

Can’t be beat. My review from a few years ago was so misguided.

Simpultin ,

The Best

This is probably my favorite podcast: history, gaming, humor, and the right amount of off topic banter. The hosts are funny and genuine. They will poke fun at just about everything, including themselves. They also aren't afraid to express an opinion.

At its best, it's like joking with gaming friends over a couple of beers. Sure, I'd rather be gaming with my friends but it's Sunday night and I'm doing the dishes. Listening to Advance After Combat is the spoon full of sugar that keeps me chuckling while I do.

Teusdudydydh ,

I was only going to give it 4 stars...

...but the the 5th Star was a bonus. It counts just like the other four stars, but it’s a bonus star.

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