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Welcome to the Advancing Women Podcast where ambitious women come together to challenge the status quo, advance their careers, and up-level their lives. The Advancing Women Podcast is hosted by Gender Equity Expert and Executive Coach Dr. Kimberly DeSimone.

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Welcome to the Advancing Women Podcast where ambitious women come together to challenge the status quo, advance their careers, and up-level their lives. The Advancing Women Podcast is hosted by Gender Equity Expert and Executive Coach Dr. Kimberly DeSimone.

    Does Diversity Training Do What It Is Supposed To Do?

    Does Diversity Training Do What It Is Supposed To Do?

    Diversity training is aimed at interrupting problematic behaviors that can sometimes lead to a hostile workplace and inequitable opportunities, or lack of opportunity for certain groups. It’s meant to create a more culturally competent environment, to improve morale, help workers feel more committed to their jobs, help companies recruit and retain a diverse workforce and even increase productivity and creativity.

    But does it do these things…and if not, why not? Also, is mandatory diversity, equity, and Inclusion training effective, and if not, how do we make the necessary changes to create solution that move the needle. Solutions that mitigate both the mindset and the behavior that is woven into the fabric of our organizational and institutional culture so we can create lasting, meaningful, measurable change.

    Real change is not measured with words. It is not measured with input; it’s measured with outcomes. Changing culture must be a holistic process infused in every part of organizational structures - it is habits, habitual behaviors at the individual, team, and organizational level. We must identify the habits that are hindering equitable outcomes and create initiatives that create impact – measurable outcomes that prove what we are doing is moving the needle and creating real cultural change.

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    Gender Equity is Good for Everyone – Not Just Women!

    Gender Equity is Good for Everyone – Not Just Women!

    We are still, too often, trying to “sell” people on gender equity.

    First, we must prove that we don’t already have it. This idea that “things have gotten so much better” persists and with it, the idea that the work is done, when the data just don’t support that. The work is far from done!

    Next, we must prove that gender equality is not about accommodating women, a narrative that is the opposite of equality. We don’t “accommodate” half the population. It’s about creating an environment conducive to the success of individuals in the 21st century

    And finally, we must convince people that there is value to everyone, that gender equity is good for everyone. This episode focuses on the evidence-based, proven positive outcomes for everyone.  The world, nations, businesses, women, children and YES…men too!

    A more gender egalitarian future is one that will improve our lives. It’s a future with potential for more happiness, reduced stress, better health, better marriages, stronger families, more successful and profitable companies. It’s about more abundance. Win-win.

    A rising tide lifts all boats. Less gender inequality = less gender discrimination for women and men. We will all thrive in a world where both genders are afforded their own "pursuit of happiness" unhindered by discriminatory policies and laws, prescriptive social constructs, and gender stereotypes and biases. Let’s talk about how we get there in this week’s episode of the Advancing Women Podcast. #genderequity #genderequality #hapiness #abundance #worklifebalance


    Audette, A.P., Lam, S., O’Connor, H. et al. (E)Quality of Life: A Cross-National Analysis of the Effect of Gender Equality on Life Satisfaction. J Happiness Stud 20, 2173–2188 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10902-018-0042-8

    Michael Kimmel: Why gender equality is good for everyone – men included TEDWomen https://www.ted.com/talks/michael_kimmel_why_gender_equality_is_good_for_everyone_men_included?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

    Caroline Strachan: Why gender equality is not just about women TEDxFolkestone https://youtu.be/a4WuurpnSbc

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    Tapping Into Your Flow Mojo!

    Tapping Into Your Flow Mojo!

    Have you ever been “in the zone”, the highly focused mental state conducive to optimal creativity and productivity?

    In positive psychology, this is known as the Flow state, the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process. Coined by Hungarian American Psychologist and author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (you’ll have to listen to know how it’s pronounced!) flow is, at its core, about achieving happiness, joy, purpose, and optimal performance.

    A lot of people say that the purpose of life is to be happy. I'm not so sure. I challenge this thinking in this episode arguing that maybe the purpose OF life is to find purpose IN life.

    This episode explores how that flow state is note bestowed, rather, it can be developed. This week’s episode focuses on how we can learn to achieve flow in our lives. The key aspect to flow is control: in the flow-like state, we exercise control over the contents of our consciousness rather than allowing ourselves to be passively determined by external forces.

    “The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990).

    It's not necessary to wait for lightning (or your flow state) to strike. If we understand the benefits and outcomes of flow and reinforce the habits and circumstances that can cultivate flow, we can continue to cultivate joy and accomplish worthwhile things.

    Some references from this week’s episode:

    Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1996). Creativity: Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention. New York: Harper Collins Publishers.

    Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1990). Flow: The psychology of optimal experience. New York: Harper & Row.

    Walker, C. (2010). Experiencing Flow: Is Doing it Together Better Than Doing It Alone? The Journal of Positive Psychology. 5. 3-11. 10.1080/17439760903271116.






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    Male Allyship

    Male Allyship

    This episode is focused on male allies for gender equity in the workplace and why male allyship is so crucial in the advancing women movement.

    This isn't about men being in a savior role. We're not damsels in distress. It’s about shifting the conversation from empowering women (spoiler alert – women are already powerful!) to empowering male allies to be at the forefront of leading inclusive, respectful, cultures where women too can thrive. We need male allies boldly and publicly supporting the work of advancing women.

    This episode also focuses on building upon allyship towards advocacy. An ally is a person who unites for mutual benefit, an advocate takes it even further with public support - it’s about men being upstanders not bystanders.

    We also discuss the allyship gap and the evidence based, action-driven strategies organizations and leaders can adopt to help combat inequity.

    Male allies are in a powerful position to make change, and this episode is a call to action!

    Reference: The 21st Century Male Allyship 3% Movement https://www.3percentmovement.com/men

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    Use Good Communication to Interrupt Gender Bias

    Use Good Communication to Interrupt Gender Bias

    You’re in for a real treat on this week’s #advancingwomenpodcast. I am delighted to have communication expert Dr. Pat Sanders as a guest this episode talking about how communication can be our superpower! We discuss how the power of a good story, and a good narrative can impact our advancement. When people are willing to really listen and hear and understand, they're much more likely to be on your side and advocate for you. This episode helps with the pragmatic tools we need to use our communication superpower to mediate and transcend bias and barriers that keep talented, warrior women from advancing.

    We address #intersectionality – a term coined by lawyer and civil rights activist Kimberlé Crenshaw - how race, class, gender, and other dimensions can intersect and overlap creating layers of bias and barriers. We’ll talking about how to hone your communications superpower using proven communications strategies and tactics. How good communication can lead to #resiliency and #antifragility. As Dr. Sanders notes “You're speaking is one of the most powerful tools that you can possess in your arsenal of communication.”

    For more information on Dr. Pat Sanders go to her website https://www.drpatsanders.com/

    LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/drpatsanders/

    And for more information on the Advancing Women Podcast https://advancingwomenpodcast.com/

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    The Deals We Make

    The Deals We Make

    Work and Family Decisions and the Impact on Women’s Bargaining Power

    Women’s workforce decisions, whether to work full time, work part time or stay at home (after starting a family) can have a significant impact not only on our economic wealth over our lifetime, but also on our agency, voice, and bargaining power.

    This episode explores the full complexity of our roles, our bargaining power and our voice in the home and in the workplace. We’ll talk about the Opt-Out Revolution and the Opt-out Myth. It’s a conversation not just about our choices, but also about knowing and acknowledging the unintended or hidden consequence on our earning potential for the lifespan.

    This episode will serve as a cautionary tale and/or a road map to guide you if you’re in the thick of it.

    #leanin #getbacktowork #thefemininemystique #genderequity #womenempowerwomen

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5.0 out of 5
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107 Ratings

judyrimmer ,

Love Dr Kimberly DeSimone podcasts!!! Amazing!!!


~Dr. Pat~ ,

Women should be listening to this podcast!

Advancing Women Podcast is simply amazing in so many ways. Dr. DeSimone breaks down ways in which women can be encouraged to become their own person, authentic self and self-proclaimed warrior. I am subscribed and will continue to listen to her sage and powerful advice. She offers it in such a personable way. Thank you for this fantastic content!

ebonikamiyo ,

Real insight!

Very nice to hear about the reality of barriers that women face that are often blamed on stereotypes, gender bias, etc., and the climate of fear as a result. Real talk!

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