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Every episode, Aaron and Rob take a simple idea for a role playing game, like Dungeons & Dragons, and develop it into a scenario that listeners can use for their own one-shot, complete adventure arc, or even base an entire campaign around. Adventure Hook topics get chosen at random from a list of 20 different ideas which are then replaced by listener submitted suggestions.

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Every episode, Aaron and Rob take a simple idea for a role playing game, like Dungeons & Dragons, and develop it into a scenario that listeners can use for their own one-shot, complete adventure arc, or even base an entire campaign around. Adventure Hook topics get chosen at random from a list of 20 different ideas which are then replaced by listener submitted suggestions.

    Ep 45: Born Under a Dark Sun - Adventure Hook

    Ep 45: Born Under a Dark Sun - Adventure Hook

    Today’s Hook: Monster/Magic Item grab bag

    Talk about getting into your character…

    On this very special “double sized” episode, the Adventure Hook guys take the premise of using random charts to structure an adventure, and go totally crazy with it to actually create the background of the character that Rob will be playing in the new actual-play 2nd Edition D&D Dark Sun campaign series that Aaron will be running soon… and which will (once again) be created in collaboration with Red Moon Roleplaying!

    From random encounter charts, to old skool magic item tables… from wild talent lists to simple flips of a coin, the Adventure Hook guys take inspiratiuon from all manner of random material, and weave it together with the anthropological, near-exhaustive Dark Sun source material to shape the details of the brutal background of Rob’s mantis-man telepath PC, the Thri-kreen Psionicist: Mma'ak-qhari of the Kanoko• Pack. 

    And of course, what character creation for an Aaron game would be complete with first consulting his infamous Dark Secrets table..?

    Racial memory, past-lives, cycles of reincarnation, and even memories of a hellish afterlife are just a few of the esoteric concepts Aaron and Rob visit as they create this uniquely Dark Sun character… while simultaneously exploring the setting he was born into. Aaron provides listeners with another gazetteer-level dissertation on Athas, the world of Dark Sun, and exuberantly expounds upon the various progressive ideas (climate change, social justice, gender identity, and more) that from its inception were thematically intrinsic to this rather avant-garde little RPG setting from the early 90’s. 

    Also this time, not only are Aaron’s Star Trek references totally on point, but you’ll get to see how they merge with a Star Wars one Rob makes later to create one super cool concept for a player character indeed (let’s just say we see how the Thri-kreen are kinda like Klingons + Jedi). Anyway, Rob offers up all sorts of interesting fill-in-the-blanks in need of answers to round his mantis-man’s background out, but for those truly “in the know” fans of the setting, the guys also answer perhaps the most burning question of all…

    Has Mma’ak ever tasted elf flesh?

    Plus!: Enjoy listening to the guys as they continually struggle to pronounce the word “chatkcha”…



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    Episode 2: An Item Coveted By All (on Patreon)

    Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com made available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 License.

    Adventure Meme

    Ominous Intro

    8-Bit Dungeon Boss

    Be sure to submit your own Adventure Hook ideas using the hashtag #newadventurehook and they could end up the topic of a future episode!  

    Also you can use the hashtag #Critfail to instead give us your worst ideas which will occupy a place on our dreaded Cr...

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    Episode 44: The Power Enhancing Drug (aka: “The United States of Cthulhu”) - Adventure Hook

    Episode 44: The Power Enhancing Drug (aka: “The United States of Cthulhu”) - Adventure Hook

    Today’s Hook: A new power enhancing (instantly level 20 for a minute) drug has made its way into the streets and is causing people to rampage and then drop dead...(Rhys Brown on Facebook)

    Talk about having drug problems…

    On this very special Halloween episode, the Adventure Hook guys endeavor to make your darkest dreams of running a game based on horror movie tropes into a waking nightmare by enlisting the aid of horror GM extraordinaire Mattiaz Fredricksson (of the Red Moon Roleplaying podcast) to bring his particularly dark imagination fully to bear upon this creepiest of RPG hooks…

    And it should come as little surprise that things almost immediately take a turn towards the Cthulhu Mythos!

    From a secure military installation working on a secret project to harness the powers of “The Color” (Out of Space?) to an MK Ultra style program utilizing a variation of Dr. Herbert West’s eerie supernatural drug which transform its users into invincible undead slasher maniacs and sets them on a rampaging kill-spree massacre… there is nowhere you can run to… nowhere to hide from all the varied (and vicious) scenarios your co-hosts and their special guest manage to conjure up for you… again and again!

    And like many horror stories (and most Lovecraftian ones) there’s no guarantee you’ll survive this night of horrors all the way to the end… certainly not before the greatest mystery of them all is solved:

    What’s inside Area 52?!!!

    Plus!: Rob give a quick dissertation on the mysterious concepts surrounding the mystically fatal Climaxtus drug created by the Aeonuian people of the Reliquum setting.

    Banter Topic: to kick this show off, the Adventure Hook guys welcome Mattiaz Fredricksson by talking a bit of shop about all things gaming related (but of course, especially Lovecraft) before diving into this episode’s super spooky hook…


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    Hack/Slash comic by Tim Seeley (on Amazon)

    Delta Green (on DriveThru RPG)

    Reanimator (on Amazon)

    Call of Cthulhu 7e (on DriveThru RPG)

    The Monsters are Due on Maple Street - Twilight Zone Episode (on Netflix)

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    Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com made available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 License.


    8-Bit Dungeon Level

    Be sure to submit your own Adventure Hook ideas using the hashtag #newadventurehook and they could end up the topic of a future episode!

    Also you can use the hashtag #Critfail to instead give us your worst ideas which will occupy a pla...

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    Episode 43: We’re Back! - Adventure Hook

    Episode 43: We’re Back! - Adventure Hook

    A long hiatus and there's reason to believe

    Maybe this season will be better than the last

    I can't remember the last hook that you read as you were leavin'

    Now the shows go by so fast.


    Yes, Rob and I had to take quite a hiatus this years.  But we're back and ready to get back down to business! Story business!

    • 25 min
    Adventure Hook Ep 42: Planar Intrusions - Adventure Hook

    Adventure Hook Ep 42: Planar Intrusions - Adventure Hook

    Today’s Hook: An amateur wizard experimenting with planar travel in his house inadvertently damages the boundaries between planes, causing various other planes to begin intruding into our own. (Craig A. Butler).

    Talk about having boundary issues…

    This episode, the Adventure Hook guys take a number of different approaches when brainstorming up various explorations for this classic conundrum of the fantasy world… that is, pesky invading entities from other dimensions!

    But… who is truly invading who?

    From the City of Sigil, the 16 Gate Towns of the Outlands, and the weirdest spot in the Astral Plane imaginable, to the Rivers of the Dead, the Mists of Ravenloft, and (naturally) all the way to the Miskatonic Valley of Massachusetts… there is no realm in all the multiverse immune to the visitations of your co-hosts’ imaginations!

    Rob looks to Golemoro’s Mansion and the Cult of the Machine God from his Blackspire homebrew setting to draw inspiration for a “Macrocosm Manor”… a home whose attic may stretch into Heaven, but whose basement may lead all the way to Hell… and denizens of both places may find themselves in other rooms where they surely do not belong...  And later he imagines a Planescape version of the Homo Signorum for the Dungeons and Dragons universe, and the whats (and whos) of its “true” composition might just make all the whys in your mind shatter to bits like so many false idols…

    Meanwhile Aaron puts his own powerful faith into various products of the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos(which spreads like a pandemic throughout the show), and ultimately results in him leaning heavily into possibly his most pervasive pop culture reference to date! And no… it’s not Star Trek (though there’s that too), for this time his inspiration is something even more mind-boggling… possibly one of the schlockiest B-movie horror films ever made…

    But you’ll just have to listen for yourself to get to the good stuff..!

    Plus… the guys give an insightful dissertation on their conceptualizations of the Secret Math, and Rob lets slip a major secret of the Blackspire world..!

    Banter Topic: to kick this show off, the Adventure Hook guys first have lots to share concerning Vampire the Masquerade, not the least of which are the two of them reminiscing about their college days spent playing games set in a World of Darkness version of the city of Baltimore.  Aaron talks about his new #vtm cover work before sharing his game-changing advice for online gaming to help Rob prepare for some upcoming sessions he plans to run for Blackspire. They also discuss how gaming in the age of Coronavirus totally doesn’t have to be limited to just RPGs, and they float a few other options you may wish to consider, including a game that Rob’s wife Jenny recently invented that you can easily play with your other quarantined friends (totally free) called Mixtape ©!

    And while it turns out that sometimes it’s just better to actually socialize with your gaming buddies rather than just play a game together, this episode Adventure Hook still attempts to bridge the gap of social distance by teasing a new opportunity that’s being offering solely to Patreon supporters… a chance to game online together with the Adventure Hook guys!

    Visit:  ***TBD:  Adventure Hook Calls You to Adventure… with Us! on Patreon for details!


    #vampire #vampirethemasquerade #vtm #worldofdarkness #vamily #mixtape #alonetogether #thestuff

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    #d20 #fantasy #dungeonmaster #DM #GM #gamemaster #FirstTimeDM ...

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    Episode 41: The Dream That Came True - Adventure Hook

    Episode 41: The Dream That Came True - Adventure Hook

    Today’s Hook: The party awakens from a dream that starts coming true, but everyone’s dream ended differently. (Game Hook #403 by Critical Dice on Instagram)

    What’s that? Rob finally starts winning initiative again and we suddenly get treated to yetanotherepisode about dreams? Who knew restoring the Rightful Order to the Universe would carry such consequences..?

    Or bring forth such a treasure of a #newadventurehook!

    For not only did the Adventure Hook guys have this über-interesting idea to work with, but this episode sports a number of firsts, included the first really-and-truly start-to-finish fleshed out beats of a complete adventure… as well as featuring the brand new resource it was created with…

    Introducing: “The Plot Device”!

    And this episode the guys use its skeleton of a mind-map in all sorts of different ways… from the simple beats of an old skool Five-Room Dungeon, to plotting out an epic adventure of various storylines all running parallel, or even imagining multiple possible timelines and how they might conflict (or overlap), this simple flow-chart-of-choice may be just the mandala to inspire (and help flesh out) your next sci-fi game, existential human drama, or interactive RPG bedtime story..!

    For this episode relied heavily on speculative science fiction to imagine up a number of First Contact scenarios, and an alien invitation for Humanity to join an intergalactic federation that might just be a little too good to be true… especially for certain psychic player characters…

    Is mankind now suddenly rocketing into a futuristic utopia… or an impending genocide? Or more chillingly… could it somehow be headed towards both at the same time..?

    From your favorite traditional tabletop system, to a simple story-based game of 100 Plot Points, Rob shows how anyone can use the game mechanic of the Prisoner’s Dilemma to navigate players through the various choices framed by the Plot Device… and which can also terminate “prematurely” for those who wind up choosing martyrdom (or villainy)… while Aaron reviews some of the more interesting mechanics worth considering from the Numenera RPG system, particularly the use of the clever “GM Intrusion” to reveal either a Danger, Boon, or Secret (all in a dream of course) from any of the beats of the Device.

    Plus..! This episode Aaron fails his saving throw against Storytelling Juice and finally admits his deep love of making pop-culture references (really leaning into it this show)… which again naturally includes his profound fondness of all things Star Trek!

    Bonus XP if you can count the number of times kool-aid gets mentioned…

    Banter Topic: at the behest of Adventure Hook’s newest Patreon supporter, this episode the guys revisit the 5-Room Dungeon idea imagined by JohnnFour (of roleplayingtips.com) they’d explored back in Season 1… and this time really expand on it by showing how this concept also parallels a number of other very important storytelling ideas… including the beats of an action sequence from a screenwriter’s perspective, the Cambellian Hero’s Journey, and even a slice from the Zodiac itself!

    All this in the valiant pursuit of actually creating a much, much more concise storyline this time around… (I know, I know) but regardless of how it all started, this coupled with the episode’s Hook (plus the need for a certain ten year old’s bedtime lights-out to come at a reasonable hour) was what actually inspired the entire Plot Device resource in the first place… and by the time you’ve finished listening to the episode you too may have your own rewarding ideas of how best to bring out the “role” in your players’ roleplaying…


    #plotdevice #5RoomDungeon #bedtimestory #bedtimestories

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    Episode 40: The Sleeping Dragon God - Adventure Hook

    Episode 40: The Sleeping Dragon God - Adventure Hook

    Today’s Hook: The sleeping dragon god is going insane, and projecting his/her dreams into all of his/her clerics. (by Bert Schmid @cubfinder)

    Dreams? Madness? Religion? Dragons??? It’s like this idea was tailor made for the Adventure Hook guys… Now, while you could arguably say many of the #newadventurehook ideas are actually exactly that, this pitch was again totally just right up their alley. So, while it would seem to be just the sort of story idea that lends itself to the Lovecraftian, the guys (admittedly additionally) first veer their imaginations off into some other much more uncommon territory indeed…

    By dreaming of Cockaigne..!

    If you’re unfamiliar with this rather obscure bit of medieval conceptualization, fear not..! For this episode you’ll be treated to a not-so-brief briefing on some the principle ideas surrounding this rather anarchist peasant fantasy.  From an earthly paradise populated by roasted fauna keen on their own consumption, or literal rivers flowing with wine, to the pilgrim hobo’s sacred mountain of rock candy, this episode these childish musings (and much more) can all be made manifest by the chaotic wild magic of various somnambulant dragon-clergy..!

    And madness is the key to your understanding here… for from Bahamut and Tiamat, Paladine and Takhisis, Chronepsis (the Dragon God of Fate) to Nidhög himself, and even  worse… Rob and Aaron imagine up some dragon gods and then (naturally) lift a little from Lovecraft and so manage to tie all this craziness together with some of the wider concepts of the Cthulhu Mythos..!

    Careful what you wish for, though… for the dreams of Cockaigne will literally begin to spoil, bringing a whole new meaning to a “Feast of Fools” as (amidst the post-apocalyptic swarms of ravenous zombified roast animals) the dragon god’s new hive-minded prophets’ de-evolution in their deity’s image will also change your very ideas of what a dragon’s hoard truly can  be…

    Dragons  are  the ultimate hoarders after all…

    So open those newly reptilian eyes of yours and come along with the Adventure Hook guys (as well as the rest of those “walkin’ around” clerics) for a serious exploration of the otherwise absurdist realm of Cockaigne… and hopefully you won’t have to eat through a mile of custard to join them first…

    Banter Topic:  this episode the Adventure Hook guys serve up some more  Writing Advice for Game Masters, this time paying particular attention to the importance of structuring everything that you create centered around your player characters’  choices… And from first time Game Masters to veterans of countless RPG scenarios, there is still certain to be some bit of advice dispensed this episode to help any one of them hone their craft for this still  relatively  new art form of “collaborative storytelling”… and become the type of GM your players will honestly thank you for...

    Plus..! Enjoy hearing the guys unpack why the series finale of Game of Thrones likely felt so unsatisfying to viewers.  Hint: it’s got something to do with the banter topic…

    And for the record… the name of the other fruit tree treant (besides the lemon tree Sourlips) in Rob’s Blackspire setting is the apple tree called: “Ol’ Johnny Applecore”. Plus FYI, Rob’s also the one who actually came up with the name of Aaron’s folk hero character “Jack Shingleshoes “… :P


    #hellblazer #cockaigne #DreamingofCockaigne #storytelling #worldbuilding #rpgmaker #writingforgames #planescape #chronepsis #bahamut #tiamat #paladine #takhisis

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8 Ratings

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