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Exploring the personal impacts of evangelical childhood indoctrination

Adventures in Ideology Adventures in Ideology

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Exploring the personal impacts of evangelical childhood indoctrination

    31 – By Heresy, Noah

    31 – By Heresy, Noah

    Adventures In Odyssey Album 4 Episode 1 – By Faith, Noah.

    Welcome back to our newest season of Adventures in Ideology! We are so excited to introduce two new team members, Lindsay and Mitch! If you are part of our patreon, you may recognize them from our Christy Miller Series discussions, and we are pumped that they are here for some non-patreon content too! On today’s episode we discuss all things Noah’s Ark, including the genocide of basically everyone on earth. Not problematic at all, right?

    • 1 hr 19 min
    30 – Whit’s World

    30 – Whit’s World

    Adventures in Odyssey Video #8 – Go West, Young Man

    Today’s special guest is Evan, host of the Kino Lefter podcast. We talk about the Wild West and discuss the problem of empty promises. Eugene finds a nice girl and accidentally saves her life.

    Make sure to check out the Kino Lefter podcast for a socialist perspective on movies and culture.

    • 1 hr 29 min
    29 – Dark Knight of the Soul

    29 – Dark Knight of the Soul

    Adventures in Odyssey Video #1 – The Knight Travellers

    We are so excited to finally have Andrew and Dylan from WodFamChocPod on today’s episode! We reminisce about similar google reviews and dig in to the very first video episode of Adventures in Odyssey. Who knew Eugene was so wirey and hungry? Also who does the snake’s eyelashes, because they are glorious!

    Make sure to check out WodFamChocPod for even more Adventures in Odyssey fun!


    Crusades Lego Kit: https://www.klickypedia.com/wp-content/uploads/setsimages/4625.jpg

    • 1 hr 42 min
    28 – Lucy Settles

    28 – Lucy Settles

    Adventures In Odyssey Album 50 Episodes 8 & 9 – The Triangled Web.

    It’s time for the epic conclusion of Jack and Lucy! Linda, our favorite Jack and Lucy groupie, is back to talk about the thrilling fight between Jimmy, Curt, and Jack over Lucy’s heart. Do they include her in the conversation? Not really! Does she end up with the best partner for her? Well, you’ll have to decide that for yourself when you listen!

    Personally, we are #TeamJimmy all the way!

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Patreon Unlocked: For the Love of Todd: Summer Promise Part 3

    Patreon Unlocked: For the Love of Todd: Summer Promise Part 3

    Candace, Mitch, and Lindsay come together for the exciting climax of Summer Promise. Alyssa gets dumped, Christy continues to idolize her (while also hating her), and Uncle Bob has lots to say about “girls like her”. 

    Todd continues to be the worst (so what else is new) and we hit the conclusion of Christy’s summer adventure. Is she changed forever? You’ll have to listen to find out! 

    • 2 hr 40 min
    A Swan Song for Hillsong

    A Swan Song for Hillsong

    Charis, Lindsay, and Mitch discuss some of the controversies that have recently come up about Hillsong Church (a global charismatic Christian megachurch based in Australia, but with over 80 churches worldwide).


    Thanks to David Farrier for his excellent transcription of Hillsong’s recent “damage control” staff meeting. You can find his whole article here: https://www.webworm.co/p/secrethillsong?s=r

    Other Hillsong controversies discussed: https://www.grunge.com/795673/the-biggest-scandals-to-hit-hillsong-church/

    • 1 hr 49 min

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Hh789h5 ,

Great show

It’s amazing to have a podcast help you deconstruct the toxic propaganda we were raised with in the evangelical church. Thanks!!!

Amyceline1820 ,

A humorous and validating perspective

I am a longtime fan of adventures in odyssey, and find this deconstruction of the show, both validating, humorous, and also very insightful. Thank you so much!

leena solusar ,

Absolutely brilliant!

Having listened to adventures in odyssey growing up, and having found myself in very evangelical spaces, and having left them, I truly appreciate and love the insight and humor of this podcast! Thank you, thank you thank you!

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