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An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free!
Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.

Age of Plastic Andrea Fox

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An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free!
Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.

    Time to talk poop! And reusable nappies... with Close

    Time to talk poop! And reusable nappies... with Close

    Time to talk about kids and sustainability!

    Nappies, are a huge polluter. Close, formerly Close parent sell reusable baby items, from nappies to carriers, swimwear and lots for kids messy play times too amongst much more.
    Launched in 2004, and featured in a Channel 4 show in 2007 and rebranded as Close in 2011.
    Find out everything you ever wanted to know about sustainable kids products and more on today's episode with Martine & Hester from Close


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    Plastic Alternatives with Sam from WiseSip

    Plastic Alternatives with Sam from WiseSip

    Hello! This episode was recorded two weeks ago and is slightly delayed as me and the guest felt we didn’t want to put it out whilst the discussions was about the Black Lives Matter movement.
    When I started the podcast I wanted to showcase a diverse range of voices and I feel like I have failed, but I will do better.
    Below are some black climate activists and voices I recommend you follow and I would love to hear yours too!

    Right - today’s guest - we’ve spoken to lots of campaigners and businesses and charities all on a sustainable journey, and today’s guest is very much at the start of theirs.
    Sam Theakston has set up 'Wisesip' company who make re usable products and that want to spread the word about becoming plastic free! They use plenty of alternatives from glass to hemp!
    Find out what Wisesip is all about - and hear me discover how the hell cork is made!...


    Climate and sustainability voices recommended for you
    Aja Barber

    Mari Copeny aka Little Miss Flint

    Marine Biologist Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
    Here is her article on the links between climate change and racism

    Mikaela Loach

    Isra Hirsi

    Also check out the @RealHotTake Podcast and newsletter by
    @AmyWestervelt @MaryHeglar

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    Fashion and furloughing with Sophie Slater from Birdsong

    Fashion and furloughing with Sophie Slater from Birdsong

    Today’s guest talking all things sustainable, and people and planet centric is the lovely Sophie Slater from sustainable ethical fashion brand Birdsong, a brand that is a social movement first and foremost. We spoke just after Fashion Revolution about what Covid 19 means for the fashion world.

    Support them via their Patreon and get access to their Fashion Revolution Week content:

    Mari Copeny (Little Miss Flint)

    Eco Life Hack:


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    Plastic Waste Campaigning in Lockdown

    Plastic Waste Campaigning in Lockdown

    Today we hear from friend of the podcast - Daniel Webb - I spoke to him at the end of 2018 about the year he had spent collecting ALL of his plastic.
    Listen again here: https://podfollow.com/age-of-plastic/episode/83a6defc27fd5c83eb878807151ea8f81a5c33e9/view
    That plastic; 22 bags, turned a personal plastic blueprint, a mural in Margate, and a report put together with scientist Dr Julie Schneider, giving a snapshot of one person’s plastic waste.
    Now he’s trialing a way to do that for you! The Everyday Plastic Survey LOCKDOWN addition!
    Listen for more and sign up to all the Everyday Plastic Channels to keep up to date!

    Find out more about Ella Daish

    And Amanda Keetley

    Eco Life Hack

    Say hi!

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    Cleaning and Plastic Waste, in the time of Corona

    Cleaning and Plastic Waste, in the time of Corona

    We are back! Today hear from Nick Torday & Marcus Hill from Bower Collective, a business dedicated to the best natural household products in plastic-free and reusable packaging, delivered on repeat to your home.

    We spoke (via the magic of the internet) about their journey, the animal inspired name for their company, stock pilling, closed circle loops, some terrible environmental hot takes that have been going around regarding Coronavirus, and why they didn't chose compostable packaging.

    Apologies for the audio quality - my microphone failed me but our guests sound pretty good thanks to Zoom video calls.

    Find out more below

    And follow here;

    And here;

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    How to take on the bottle water industry?

    How to take on the bottle water industry?

    Our guest today is the David in David & Goliath Battle with BIG PLASTIC. Rich Razgaitis truly believes we should think of the petro chemical companies in the way we have previously thought of BIG TOBACCO. Raz as he’s known is the co-founder and CEO of FLOWATER and is on a mission to provide the best water on the planet, without any plastic bottle waste.

    Flowater is water purification using the newest filter technology in water Refill Stations, to create drinking water that tastes better than anything in a single-use plastic bottle. They in most states in the US and have just launched in the UK.


    Rich Raz Ted Talk



    Natalie Fee on Age of Plastic

    Soul Cycle (in case you didn’t know)

    • 45 min

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Katie Joy B. ,

Sustainable Superstars!

Andrea and her incredibly knowledgeable guests do a great job at teaching us how to live a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle in a practical way! Educational, insightful, and engaging are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Andrea - keep up the great work!

Luminous89tx ,

Simply Wonderful

Lovers not haters of plastic! That says it all. Absolutely in love with this podcast. Andrea Fox has a down to earth approach about tackling the issue of plastic and the impact it has on our planet. Learning an incredible amount on the issues of plastic, circular economy, environmentalism and so much more. Love!

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