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J David Osborne and Kelby Losack talk to DIY rappers, filmmakers, and writers about Japanese extreme cinema.

Agitator J David Osborne

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J David Osborne and Kelby Losack talk to DIY rappers, filmmakers, and writers about Japanese extreme cinema.

    85 - Nightmare Detective: Can Auteurs Make Films with Mass Appeal?

    85 - Nightmare Detective: Can Auteurs Make Films with Mass Appeal?

    This week, we're pitting two Tsukamoto films against each other: Nightmare Detective and Nightmare Detective 2. What was the GOAT going for here, and did he pull it off? Which attempt was better and why? Can auteurs succeed in the mainstream, or do pop sensibilities not compute in the mind of the experimental artist? We tackle the first entry on the free episode, and follow up with Tsukamoto's redemption on Agitator Z: patreon.com/agitatorOn this episode: Apology tours, David Lynch presents Race Debates at Jiffy Lube, our new court show idea, how to properly raise rich kids, the meritocracy factor of cancellation, Ant Power supplements, Rare Candy, what goes wrong when an auteur attempts a mainstream project, adopting pop sensibilities, did Tsukamoto go color blind?, how to watch the best cut of Nightmare Detective, the beginning of late stage Tsukamoto, our rankings of Tsukamoto's films, why this is the no-guest season of the show, being ride or die, doing the show covered in vomit, major bag alert, and weathering the storm. 

    • 1 hr 11 min
    84 - Versus / Stranglehold

    84 - Versus / Stranglehold

    Versus (2000) dir. Ryuhei Kitamura

    Stranglehold (2007) dir. Brian Eddy

    On this episode we talk DIY filmmaking in the woods, with a backing soundtrack of a Youtube playthrough of Stranglehold, the video game sequel to Hard Boiled.

    Topics covered:

    Ain’t It Cool News hype, the Blade 2 wave, Matrix homage, Midnight Meat Train, philosophy puts me to sleep, wolves turning into anuses, 666 portals, punched-through faces, who’s the bad guy in this movie?, censoring Ichi the Killer, the importance of good sound in movies, reading the Versus wiki, Japanese actors, not liking movies when you’re young, John Woo’s Stranglehold, how babies see the world, DMT apples, movies on a $10k budget, David’s storage unit gets destroyed by a tornado, Kelby’s Pepe LePew get rich quick scheme, male feminists, the importance of iconic posters, and a rant about people who don’t like our kids making noise.
    For our Oscar recap and our own best and worst Agitator episodes of 2022, visit our http://www.patreon.com/agitator.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    83 - Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl

    83 - Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl

    Kelby and JDO talk Katsuhito Ishii's 1998 ensemble crime film SSMaPHG. This is a fashion episode.
    Having a face for movies, proto-Kakihara, Takeo Kiuchi designer wear, becoming a 40-year-old hypebeast, defense of Shark Skin Man, Agitator boys cameo, not being able to kill people who are too cool, the cringeness of conscious rap, the texture of shark skin, a crew having fun on set, writing one book for you and one for “them,” artistic literacy, SWERY65, Michael Crichton, webnovels, writing shit that works for you, pacing your story, balancing self-indulgence, favorite characters, and seeing yourself in the third person.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    82 - Ichi the Killer: Manga vs. Movie

    82 - Ichi the Killer: Manga vs. Movie

    Ichi the Killer by Hideo Yamamoto (1998-2001)

    Ichi the Killer dir. Takashi Miike (2001)

    We go into a deep dive on the Ichi manga, which was written around the same time that Miike was adapting it into his iconic film. What does the manga do differently from the film? Which is better? In the process of analyzing the work, we discover new insights about the relationship between creator and audience, and the power of creativity and the imagination.

    On the free episode, we talk about:
    Lost mail, editing promotion, working while parenting, looking for prolific author clients, natural gas bills, social media pink cloud, sacrificing birds, separate golem, no moderating, Ichi the Killer manga fan translation, the abomination of converting 16mm to 4K, the necessary layer of grime, estate sales, the history of hankos, Japanese surnames, the two Kakiharas, the prince albert punishment, Tetsuo’s discharge, describing Ichi the Killer with delicate language, sweetness perception, and becoming the TV.
    On Agitator Z, we talk:
    Burning the boats, owning a UPS store, Ichi the Killer manga recap, submissive sadism and aggressive masochism, the people who act like clowns are the actual psychopaths, Ichi as a representative of the political class, yakuza as dogs, torturing the audience, Gus the hype man, treating violence as sacred vs. comical, the place for edgelords, the narcissism of the artist, relationship to art is relationship to community, ass blood sprinkler, the lengthy middle of the Ichi manga, the Psycho Twins, everything is the period, trademark dreads, turning dicks into tuning forks, the differences of the endings, the only regular guy in the manga, Ichi the Killer as a metaphor for the artistic process, bean thieves, Yamamoto and Miike working together, playing Yakuza, serialized novel talk, Ichi the Killer 2, never winning the lottery and sigil work.
    For a full recap/dissection of the manga vs. the film, visit the http://patreon.com/agitator.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    81 - Dead Leaves / Redline

    81 - Dead Leaves / Redline

    It’s heritage not hate round hurr. We’re stumbling over how to pronounce Japanese names to bring you Hiroyuki Imaishi’s 2004 crude and colorful manic anime Dead Leaves AND Takeshi Koike’s directorial debut in collaboration with Katsuhito Ishii, 2009’s Redline, perhaps the coolest movie ever made. On this episode: audiobook narration, Ren & Stimpy, stained glass animation, throat exercises, the value of fun, why ‘made by hand’ will forever trump the machines, censorship compromises that turned out for the worst, the Fast & Furious franchise, Fight Club, effective satire, and what’s going on at patreon.com/agitator

    • 1 hr 10 min
    80 - Extra Terrestrials and the Secret to Hometown Success

    80 - Extra Terrestrials and the Secret to Hometown Success

    Shin Ultraman (2022) dir. Shinji Higuchi
    Cum Town homage, radioactive black superheroes, the motherfuckin ass, mechanic sounds, a whole year of your life on social media, indecent proposals, Hogwarts Legacy, moderation, conservatard Ls, escaping from Twitter, organic growth, emulating Z-Ro, reaching people in real life, our new logo idea, becoming regionally hot, Shin Ultraman, inventing techniques, the idea of progress in art, the reason people like YA, feeling the struggle behind the art, financial limitations, why does Japan have all those kaiju?, the meaning of “shin,” monster discussion, and peekaboo.

    • 1 hr 5 min

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5.0 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

D_V_K ,

This podcast makes me think — and want to think

The NO COUNTRY podcast is the perfect tonic for the news of the world today (at least here in the US). The conversation is often funny, always insightful, and introduces original ideas on a wide variety of topics. It’s all the more interesting because although Kris and David are both clearly intelligent and highly educated, the presentation is more like a barroom conversation, not an academic lecture — which is where many such podcasts fail.

Lesiure Lotion ,

Bow to me splendidly

This show makes me feel smart

bpastorella ,

Excellent show

JDO is entertaining, as are his guests. I love how the show doesn't really follow a locked down interview format, allowing the conversation to veer in interesting directions. Good stuff, highly recommended.

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