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Java, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and Web oriented conversations with Adam Bien

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Java, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and Web oriented conversations with Adam Bien

    From Java/JDK 7+ and Project Coin over Project Amber to Better Java Serialisation

    From Java/JDK 7+ and Project Coin over Project Amber to Better Java Serialisation

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Stuart Marks (@stuartmarks) about:

    the classic optimization problem in 1950’s at the Western Pacific Railroad,
    the first computer IBM 1401 - in 1960s,
    transitioning to the JDK group,
    the nice thing about Oracle’s Sun acquisition,
    updating Java’s codebase with new features,
    the Java Coding Conventions style guide,
    the Local Variable Type Inference Style Guidelines,
    Small language enhancements (Project Coin) diamond operator,
    refactoring Java’s codebase,
    JT Harness - the Java Test framework,
    JT Harness is repurposed jtreg,
    fixing bugs in Serialization and RMI,
    Serializable Records,
    a better Java serialization,
    Project Amber and pattern matching,
    Java deconstructor is the opposite of a constructor,
    construction during deserialization is similar to dependency injection,
    RMI for unstable code isolation,
    try-with-resources and suppressed exception,
    JEP 421: Deprecate Finalization for Removal in Java 18,
    multi catch, varargs, Strings in switch Statements,
    decoupling from serialization formats,
    all powertools can kill,

    Stuart Marks on twitter: @stuartmarks, Stuart Marks blog: stuartmarks.wordpress.com

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    Real World Enterprise Serverless Java on AWS Cloud

    Real World Enterprise Serverless Java on AWS Cloud

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Goran Opacic (@goranopacic) about:

    sales force automation at ehsteh,
    Palm Pilot syncing,
    starting a SaS company,
    hetzner, Azure, then AWS,
    running EC2 machines,
    going serverless,
    kubernetes and the clouds,
    running MicroProfile applications on Quarkus and AWS Lambda,
    one code base - multiple lambdas,
    Lambda runs on Firecracker VM,
    OkHTTP on Lambdas,
    tree shaking with GraalVM,
    AWS CodeArtifact to cache Maven repositories,
    Amazon ECR, AWS CodeCommit,
    databases are hard to split,
    AWS CodeDeploy with scheduler,
    code hot swap,
    managed services is serverless,
    running AWS Fargate on spot intances,
    using Eclipse BIRT on AWS Lambda,
    Goran is AWS Data Hero,

    Goran Opacic on twitter: @goranopacic, Goran's blog: madabout.cloud

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    How Pulumi for Java Happened

    How Pulumi for Java Happened

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Joe Duffy (@funcofjoe) about:

    HP 386,
    LILO - the linux loader,
    MBR and dual boot,
    first programming language - C,
    GNU Compiler Collection (gcc), g++, C++,
    circle mud,
    fascination with 3d,
    starting with Windows 95,
    running BBS,
    CGI, ASP and Java servlets,
    ATG (Art Technology Group) dynamo and jhtml,
    servlets are inverse JSP,
    airhacks.fm episode with Marc Fleury "#98 Walk the Path--How JBoss Happened",
    starting with .net,
    Borland Paradox - the form
    project longhorn, indigo and avalon,
    starting Pulumi,
    Pulumi for Java,
    Infrastructure as Code and terraform,
    Pulumi is written in Go,
    python + c = go,
    projects are stacks,
    pulumi is opensource,
    Mercedes-Benz and snowflake are using Pulumi,
    the AWS Cloud Control API,
    pulumi supports terraform providers,
    jsii CDK project,
    pulumi crosswalk,
    go runtime handles the state management,
    Java communicates with GO via grpc,
    a component resource in Pulumi is similar to custom construct in CDK,
    AWS Cloud Control API metadata for new AWS services is published immediately,
    Pulumi supports the most recent AWS resource API,
    ARM templates can be converted to Pulumi,
    a state of AWS account can be imported to Pulumi, then the IaC source can be generated,
    "#143 How Hudson and Jenkins happened",
    kubernetes in public clouds,
    ECS fargate before kubernetes,
    simultaneous deployments to azure and aws,
    conference talk: Hey Enterprise EJB Developers Now Is The Time To Go Serverless

    Joe Duffy on twitter: @funcofjoe, Joe's blog: joeduffyblog.com and company: pulumi.com

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    Finding Some Sense in a Nonsensical Technology World

    Finding Some Sense in a Nonsensical Technology World

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Bruno Borges (@brunoborges) about:

    previous episodes with Bruno "#29 Jakarta EE / MicroProfile in the Clouds: Runtimes not Servers",
    "#90 Bruno Hates YAML-Microsoft Loves Java"
    servers vs. runtimes recap,
    languages vs. runtimes,
    blogpost: Why are you not using [the language of the year] instead of Java?
    polyglot programming with dapr,
    polyglot programming - the engineer’s excitement,
    what is “the” standard?,
    addressing the complexities now, or later,
    fashion driven development,
    technology changes, complexity remains the same,

    Bruno Borges on twitter: @brunoborges and LinkedIn

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    Our Favourite Java 9, Java 11, Java 17 and Java 18 Features

    Our Favourite Java 9, Java 11, Java 17 and Java 18 Features

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Nicolai Parlog (@nipafx) about:

    use cases for Java 17 Text Blocks,
    JSON with Text Blocks,
    String formatted vs. replaceAll,
    string templates could ship with Java 19,
    the draft JEP for string template,
    draft JEPs don’t have a number,
    100k subscribers for the Java channel and the silver youtube plate,
    Silver Creator Award youtube,
    factory collection methods in Java 9,
    Map.of and List.of,
    Java Records for code reduction,
    Java records vs. classes,
    getters and setters are not necessary,
    polymorphic classes vs. procedural record,
    nicer Pairs with Java records,
    Sun Coding Java Conventions / Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language,
    a code formatter JEP,
    JEP 413: Code Snippets in Java API Documentation,
    the new switch without a name,
    no fall-through with arrow switches,
    sealed types and pattern matching with switch statements,
    JEP 380: Unix-Domain Socket Channels,
    RandomGeneratorFactory in Java 17,

    Nicolai Parlog on twitter: @nipafx, Nicolai's website: nipafx.dev

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    Structuring Applications With Or Without OSGi

    Structuring Applications With Or Without OSGi

    An airhacks.fm conversation with Jürgen Albert (@JrgenAlbert6) about:

    Checkout last episode with Jürgen Albert: "#175 Pragmatic Modularity and OSGi",
    Why do we need a module?,
    related episodes: "#151 Modularization, Monoliths, Micro Services, Clouds, Functions and Kubernetes",
    "#160 Modules Are Needed, But Not Easy",
    Physical vs. Logical modules.
    How to pick a perfect module,
    picocli for building Java CLI applications,
    module as to to divide and conquer,
    how to cut the modules,
    in OSGi the smallest module is the package,
    OSGi core specification already understands modules,
    build time vs. runtime dependency and manifest assembly,
    JAX-RS and Vaadin OSGi "whiteboard",
    Peter Kriens started with the OSGi idea,
    the OSGi phone,
    OSGi services and service registry,
    service registry listener,
    OSGi Declarative Services provide lifecycle,
    OSGi vs. kubernetes,
    Kubernetes solved the port collision problem,
    OSGi remote services,
    the Eclipse OSGi project,

    Jürgen Albert on twitter: @JrgenAlbert6, Jürgen's company: Data In Motion

    • 1 hr 1 min

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

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