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Presenting a Self Learning Infotainment Podcast.

As there are DJs, VJs & RJs, likewise there are AJs - the Awareness Jockeys - a learners' tribe that keeps blabbering 24x7, anything & everything about love, life & learnings.

On AJ, Awareness is always being played Live NOW!

AJ - The Awareness Jockey Ajinkya Shaurya

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Presenting a Self Learning Infotainment Podcast.

As there are DJs, VJs & RJs, likewise there are AJs - the Awareness Jockeys - a learners' tribe that keeps blabbering 24x7, anything & everything about love, life & learnings.

On AJ, Awareness is always being played Live NOW!

    Thinking is Doing

    Thinking is Doing

    We are told "Don't Think, Just Do", but is there any doing without thinking? Are you thinking with Clarity?

    • 7 min
    Covid-19 Frontline Heroes

    Covid-19 Frontline Heroes

    A Special Musical Tribute, a token of a gratitude, to those who are on frontline, fighting this invisible enemy, the deadly pandemic, risking their own lives for ours. Let not the sacrifices go in vain, let's commit to staying safe and immune, commit to staying happy and healthy, let's learn from all this & evolve as a new humanity, as that's what is the need of the hour, for you, for me and for them.. Love & light.. 💜🙏😊

    • 7 min
    Lagaav Tramedy - Hindi PodTrack

    Lagaav Tramedy - Hindi PodTrack

    Saste Nashe ka Shauk - Lagaav.. Lagaav sa ho jata hai kabhi kabhi..

    Kabhi kisi cheez se, kabhi kisi insaan se,

    Kabhi ek aadat se, kabhi kisi ehmiyat se..

    Lagaav sa ho jata hai kabhi kabhi..

    Badi tucchi urf chindi feeling hai..

    Saste nashe ke shauk hain ye..

    Jo mehenge pad jaate hain, umr ke jate jate..

    Banavati Tragedy me Asaliyat ki Comedy.. Tramedy hai ye hum sabki.. So Serious hone ki koi avshyakta nahi hai, vaise bhi aapke serious hone se kisi ka koi khaas faayda nahi hai..

    Apni khushi ko leke zara sincere ho jaye zara..

    Jo dil andar se hi khush nahi, wo pyaar kaise karega..

    Wahan apni khushi puri karne se fursat nahi hai, apni hi zarurarate puri nahi ho rahi hain.. Apne hi ghaav bhare nahi hain, kisi aur ka kya dekhe, sune, samjhe.. Ho sake to koi hume hi samajh le.. Zara sahara dede.. Kitna dard hai dil me.. and all that..

    Ye khaali dil kahin lag gaya to samjho lag gaye..

    Fir to kisi aur ki zindagi aapki zarurat ban jati hai..

    Kya karen, lagaav sa ho jata hai har cheez se..

    Kaisa ho ke thoda promote karen apne aapko hum..

    Kabhi tarakki andruni bhi ho zara..

    Kaisa ho ke hum apni khushi ke liye khud kaafi ho jayen..

    Tab lagaav nahi hoga kisi ka, na faltu ke boring tragedy loops..

    Jo apne me khush hai, vahi dil pyaar kar sakta hai..

    Jisme lagaav ki chahat hai, behisaab desires aur zabardast zarurat hai.. Actually bas khushi ki kami se ye halat hai..

    Andar ek alaav jalao..

    Socho, samjho, seekho..

    Apni hi zindagi ke apne hi learnings..

    Lagaav bhagao, Pyaar Jagaao..

    Apne andar ek alaav jalao..

    Inqualab kabhi Inward karao..

    Light ayi ho to pehle jahan khade ho vahan to lagao..

    Learning Chalao, Corona Bhagao..

    Lagaav bhagaao, Pyaar Jagaao..

    Saste nashe ke shauk mat lagao.. Kya karen, ho jata hai kabhi kabhi ;-)

    • 3 min
    Birth of Divine - 639

    Birth of Divine - 639

    A Psymbeint Music Track celebrating the Sunshine of Summer Solstice. 21st March is a Day of Summer Solstice, a day of birth of Sunshine on Earth, the day of birth of Divine. Somehow number 639 has been going on in my mind and it just happened that the track length came to be 639 which also sounded a little rhyming to title - Birth of Divine 639..

    • 6 min
    Self-Doubt - Covid 19 & Fear 2020 - An Inward Podtrack

    Self-Doubt - Covid 19 & Fear 2020 - An Inward Podtrack

    Join us for FB Live tonight at 20:20 for..
    #COVID19 - Happiness, Health & Harmony

    (An Emotional Health Awareness Campaign inspired, led & guided by AnantaGuru Foundation)

    An hour long Q&A based Interactive Facebook Live, twice a day (Hindi & English) from 21st to 31st March 2020.

    IST 08:20 am to 09:20 am in Hindi
    & IST 20:20 pm to 21:20 pm in English. Questions are like; Do we also need a World Happiness Organization now?

    Is your Life in Harmony with Nature? And do you feel the connect & impact?

    How sensitive are we to our own life? Does it impact how we treat every other life around us?

    Climate Change, Geo-Political Turmoils, Social Unrest, Aggravated Bush Fires in Amazon & Australia, Floods in Dry Regions & Draughts in Wetlands and now, new virus outbreak, almost 4th Global Pandemic Outbreak in last 20 years..

    Is there any role of Happiness in all this?

    Is Happiness Ignorable or Negotiable at all? Then how do we manage to do it?

    And what could be the repercussions, if not what's going on right now everywhere.. ? Think.. Think.. Think..

    Is Emotional Health of any concern or any factual significance to you? Why?

    What if Happiness is the Core of World Health & not vice versa?

    External Information Vs Internal Immunity - What do we really need right now?

    Can a Deep Emotional Detox resolve the grave human health issues?

    All this and a lot more..

    Join us for a Live FB Video Conversation everyday - 21st - 31st Mar 2020
    @ 08:20 to 09:20 in Hindi &
    @ 20:20 to 21:20 in English

    See you Live on Facebook tonight at 20:20!

    Kindly DM your Questions, Doubts, Concerns & Suggestions so that we address them Live tonight.

    You can also join us Online for the Live Conversation from your Phone or any other device. Please DM for your participation requests.

    #fear #risk #danger #covid19 #virus #ignorance #happiness #health #harmony #music #psymbient #beats #love #stayblessed #inwardrevolution

    • 2 min
    Ekaarth - Inward PodTrack 004 - #IamShakti Mix

    Ekaarth - Inward PodTrack 004 - #IamShakti Mix

    Here are a few recorded audio clips from our learning sessions, now mixed with our another Ecstatic Genre Track #IamShakti. Music is supposed to catalyse your enquiry inward whenever the PodTrack leaves you with a question or two, don't skip thinking on it. Reach out for feedback, suggestions & questions - WhatsApp +918484889582

    • 18 min

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