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Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.

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Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.

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4.8 out of 5
352 Ratings

352 Ratings

Gforce757575 ,

Podcast rate

I love your show , and will keep listening for a long time , there's only a couple of things, I would like to mention,
I love to hear your guys opinions about the different topics of each podcast,
but it seems to me , like you Guys don't do much research about your topics .
I would like to see both of you do a little more research about your topics, and give us that information, not just give us your long opinions about the matter , which we love don't get me wrong , just a little of research combined with your opinions
that's all.

The second thing is just not that important , but one of you
every time a few words are spoken you will say at the end the words
it seems that you say the words
( YOU KNOW ) every few seconds,
one time I tried to count the times you said (YOU KNOW) during one podcast but they were so many I lost count ..
I couldn't keep track of the times you repeatedly said (YOU KNOW )
and it's very very annoying ... you know

We are not asking for you to stop saying
(YOU KNOW) but we for sure don't wanna hear the words (YOU KNOW) a couple hundred times in one show ...
thank you ..

pantera714 ,

Pretty Ok

These guys have a lot of really great information, but the delivery is not so stellar. “You know...ummm...” comes up multiple times an episode. I usually throw this on before I go to bed because it knocks me out pretty quick due to how monotone it is. Could be much better by showing some excitement and confidence in what you’re talking about.

Mailman21 ,


I found this podcast and listened to a few. Overall good but the audio quality is not good and crackled in places with blank spots. Almost like the three people are in separate locations. I liked the Bigfoot one from 21 August the best but the first person reading someone’s testimony seemed kind of snarky, pc and disrespectful to the persons’ story. I am glad I stayed with the story though because the rest of the podcast is good. I would’ve given this 5-stars but had to take one away due to the audio issues.

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