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Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.

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Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.

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4.9 out of 5
336 Ratings

336 Ratings

Gforce757575 ,

Podcast rate

I love your show , and will keep listening for a long time , there's only a couple of things, I would like to mention,
I love to hear your guys opinions about the different topics of each podcast,
but it seems to me , like you Guys don't do much research about your topics .
I would like to see both of you do a little more research about your topics, and give us that information, not just give us your long opinions about the matter , which we love don't get me wrong , just a little of research combined with your opinions
that's all.

The second thing is just not that important , but one of you
every time a few words are spoken you will say at the end the words
it seems that you say the words
( YOU KNOW ) every few seconds,
one time I tried to count the times you said (YOU KNOW) during one podcast but they were so many I lost count ..
I couldn't keep track of the times you repeatedly said (YOU KNOW )
and it's very very annoying ... you know

We are not asking for you to stop saying
(YOU KNOW) but we for sure don't wanna hear the words (YOU KNOW) a couple hundred times in one show ...
thank you ..

Tmpagirl13 ,

Great discussions, audio needs some work

I just found this podcast and was excited to listen to more UFO/supernatural stories and topics. I think the discussions are great so far (just listened to a couple of podcasts). The only concern I have is the audio quality, it keeps cutting in and out or there is some silence that occurs and I am having a hard time following. At first I thought it was my AirPods so I switched to my old headphones and later realized it was coming from the recorded podcast. Hoping for better audio but excited to find a new channel!

Lrfire103 ,

Ummmm you know...

Just tried to listen to the project serpo episode and it was horrible. Not even sure the guys name but he has zero vocabulary. Every other word was " you know" or "ummm" then dead air. It bacame so distracting. After 20 minutes I turned it off.

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