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A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.

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A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.

    Deuce for the Deuce of Deuce Deuce

    Deuce for the Deuce of Deuce Deuce

    It's Kevin and Pete, and only/just Kevin and Pete. They talk some current watches and then look at what should be big in 2022. With just 2 of them, you figure they'd be able to stay on track and hold it all together...who are we kidding, no one actually thinks that.

    • 2 hr 2 min
    The 2 Andrews

    The 2 Andrews

    After a long hiatus, Pete and Kevin are back, with not one, but two dudes named Andrew. They talk current streams, Spiderman, and (drum roll please) MCU vs. DCEU. Its been a while since we've gone this far off the rails, so excuse us, and enjoy.

    • 2 hr 29 min
    Pete’s Hosting: An Unexpected Journey

    Pete’s Hosting: An Unexpected Journey

    This week the guys invite another of Pete’s friends to show, Andrew. Andrew is FAR classier than the current roster of guys. Does this make things awkward? Naw, the guys job stay utterly classless and Andrew is just pulled down the he river of stupid in his class canoe. But he takes it like an absolute champ!
    This week’s episode isn’t as long as the last one, but it’s pretty damn close… What do the guys talk about out? Well, far more than they intended, to be sure. This episode is an impressive array of tangent management. The guys go through the “what we’ve watched” and cover content like What If…? And Ted Lasso. There’s some other good stuff in there, too.
    In the 2nd half (which is actually 2/3) the guys discuss what is coming down the pipe for the theatrical experience over the next year+. Again, they don’t exactly stay on topic, but they do cover a lot of ground. Sit down, grab a bowl or twelve of popcorn and have a long listen.
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    • 2 hr 53 min
    Another Kubrick in the Wall

    Another Kubrick in the Wall

    Kevin, David, and Pete get together with a special guest from Pete's high school days, Jared. The boys talk all sorts of whats new until they settle in after the break to discuss the works of writer/director Stanley Kubrick. Enjoy all this good aural!

    • 3 hr 2 min
    Docking With Steven Amell

    Docking With Steven Amell

    After a week the boys get together and let it all hang out. The show goes off the rails early on, but the train keeps on rolling!
    Stop reading this and start listening!

    • 2 hr 30 min
    Charlies Angels Turned Us Into The Suicide Squad

    Charlies Angels Turned Us Into The Suicide Squad

    This week, the guys deliver unto thine ears, what is probably the shortest episode in the history of APNC. How did they do that, you ask? They sent David on a fetch quest to Colorado. 
    This doesn’t mean there was a lack of content this week. Funny enough, the guys generally just watched the same things. They talk a bit about Ted Lasso and Shimgadoon and Kevin ends the show with talk of the last 2 Connery Bond films and a spin of the wheel.
    But between those sexy slices of bread is the real meat of this episode. The guys discuss The Suicide Squad (2021) and Charlie’s Angels (2019). I’m sure you can’t decide which you are more excited for, but let me tell you… it’s probably neither. 
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    • 1 hr 15 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Ronnie Ursenbach ,

So fun!

Great podcast with super fun hosts. You really quickly feel like you’re in the room hanging out with them. It’s good times.

Congotim ,

Great pop culture podcast

These guys do a great job talking about current pop culture offerings. They've been covering Game of Thrones and the recent flood of Marvel movies and their reviews are entertaining and spot on! Can't wait to hear what they do next!

James Perdue ,

What a show!

Have been listening to Opie and Pete for many years on various podcasts. They have only gotten better. This show does not disappoint. #TheListener

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