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A podcast about "all things" music, politics, sex, social issues and some BS'n inbetween. Hosted by Mr.B, Black Madonna, Blu, & Trey featuring Frankie Metalz.

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A podcast about "all things" music, politics, sex, social issues and some BS'n inbetween. Hosted by Mr.B, Black Madonna, Blu, & Trey featuring Frankie Metalz.

    All S#!T Aside

    All S#!T Aside

    Veggie Glizzies w. Kraut with a side of Sexy Fries (0:00)
    Outside is open yall (07:13)
    Happy Birthday Andy Mac, Shout out to JCMusicScene (14:38)
    Listener's Choice Episodes (16:56)
    Mr.B said some things on America's Online (21:37)
    Vaccines, Masks, Politics, & Marketing (23:46)
    Eve VS Trina (48:08)
    Billionares....In ...SPAAAAAACE (59:51)
    That one time at camp with Blu (1:03:44)
    Vacationships (1:19:49)
    Executive Producers: Mr.B, Blu, Black Madonna, & Trey
    Produced by: Frankie Metalz at The Dojo
    Theme music "4thamind" by Streetiebaby



    We've finally made it to 20 episodes, and we reflect on the joiurney and things were learned...... or not (3:13). Black Madonna though she escaped criticism of her online activities (16:00) Mr.B on vacation and everything opening up (23:31) We talk about the events that transpired around Joseph Budden (40:09) Is the Me Too Movement Dead? and our problem with recent hashtag movements and the politics around it, and other politcial sh*t (1:13:21) We gotta drag Steve again, his new opponent Lewis Spears (1:22:27) Maino vs B. Dot, J Cole "Off-Season", Vince Staples being told by SAINt JHN that "Nobody cares about his music"(1:33:13), Men from the stone age need to stop making decisions regarding women's reproductive systems (1:50:06) and more.
    Executive Producers: Mr.B, Black Madonna, Blu, TreyEngineered & Produced by: Frankie Metalz @ The DojoTheme Song is "4thamind" by Streetiebaby
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    • 2 hr 30 min
    Automation (ft. Tee G)

    Automation (ft. Tee G)

    We just a bunch of kings and queens having a conversation, aint no harm in that.
    (Table of contents are coming soon)
    Executive Producers: Mr.B, Blu, Black Madonna & Trey
    Producer and Engineer: Frank Metalz at The Dojo
    Theme Song "4thamind" by Streetiebaby
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    • 2 hr 26 min
    Stop Being Greedy

    Stop Being Greedy

    The sabbatical is over, we're back.....
    I. Who Got Vaccinated? (0:40)
    II. We Remember DMX and We desecrate Prince Phillips corpse (13:34)
    III. Recap of The Isley Brothers & Earth Wind & Fire Verzuz, Underrated R&B acts (43:42)
    IV. We Hungry..... (01:06:40)
    V. Hating on The Weeknd (01:11:33)
    VI. New Rappers, Female Rappers (01:16:39)
    VII. Mayor Fulop shows his ass once again (01:27:10)
    VIII. Announcements and Comclusion (01:43:17)
    Executive Producer(s): Mr.B, Black Madonna, Blu, TreyProduced by: Frankie MetalzTheme Song "4thamind" by Streetiebaby

    • 2 hr 13 min
    All Agendas Aside

    All Agendas Aside

    This episode's tea is Ashwagandha Pomegranate, and Matcha with Tumeric and Passion Fruit. The flower is Mac-1 so forgive Mr.B's smackedness.
    Experiencing Turbulance in the Air/ Stimmy Talk (1:15)
    Cancel Culture is Just Getting Annoying Now (Ya'll might get offended in some parts, but we are looking to be educated) (12:40)
    This Generation has gone soft (54:32)
    ATA in Miami? (1:12:03)
    Anita Baker's Masters (1:26:29)
    Jersey News (Shout out to Hummus JC) (1:35:15)
    Wikipedia Killed Movies (1:42:08)
    Erasing Racism (1:53:44)
    Thoughts on Coming 2 America (2:05:29)
    Executive Producers: Mr.B, BLKMDNA, Blu, & Trey
    Producer: Frankie Metalz @ The Dojo
    Theme Song "4thaMind" by Streetiebaby
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    • 2 hr 32 min
    Some Things

    Some Things

    No tea today.
    Black Madonna tricks the kings into talking about Trey Songz on Only Fans (1:39)
    F*ck Steven Fulop, Save whats left of Jersey City (19:37)
    Since Texas froze over, does Ted believe now (38:01)
    Reparations........... (45:21) (this might be offensive)
    Shout out to Dave Chappelle again (52:10)
    Lori Harvey is a playa (59:32)
    Why people hate on Russell Wilson and Ciara? (1:08:08)
    Shout Outs (1:17:13)
    Executive Produced by Black Madonna, Mr.B, Trey, & Blu
    Produced by Frankie Metalz at The Dojo
    Theme Song "4thamind" by Streetiebaby

    • 1 hr 31 min

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