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A podcast about "all things" music, politics, sex, social issues and some BS'n inbetween. Hosted by Mr.B, Urs, Blu, & James featuring Frankie Metalz.

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A podcast about "all things" music, politics, sex, social issues and some BS'n inbetween. Hosted by Mr.B, Urs, Blu, & James featuring Frankie Metalz.

    Velvet DuRags

    Velvet DuRags

    The ATA Crew is back in full effect we got a great episode for you.
    (1:35) Shameless plugs and shoutouts
    (3:40) Studio stories with Frank Metalz
    (7:58) Verzuz and #DreamBattlZ
    (12:33) Eazy E's widow lets everyone sample his music...... except his children
    (18:57) The underappreciated, Teyana Taylor & Good Music, Mr.B's music recommendations, Royce Da 5'9's anti vaxx lyrics
    (29:07) We need to sue McGraw-Hill
    (39:05) Hummus, Gentrification…..and more Hummus
    (01:10:51) OHHHHH Madlibfest…F*ck yall too

    (01:16:26) Juneteenth, Black Businesses, Breonna Taylor, and Defunding the Police
    Exec Producers: Mr.B, Urs, Blu, & James
    Producer and Engineer: Frank Metalz
    Theme Song "4thamind": Streetiebaby

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    Black Lives Matter.....

    Black Lives Matter.....

    After all these weeks of quarantine we are finally back, all things are not good in the world ( then there are some things like Urs Food Ninja Foodi) we address the death hoax on our beloved engineer/host Frankie Metalz (01:07). We talk about the pandemic canceling our 2020, and other quarantine tings (04:03). Police brutality over the years until now (18:04). White feminism, forgetting to hold down black women when they've been holding down black men(25:07). Trina's comments (31:30) What we bought with our stimulus checks (34:02) But what about black on black crime? (43:43) and more.
    Executive Produced by Mr.B, Urs, & Blu
    Engineered and Mixed by Frank Metalz
    Recorded at the Dojo in Jersey City, NJ
    Theme Song "4thamind" by Streetiebaby
    Follow us on IG:
    GEM Network : @gemnetwork.pod
    Mr.B: @mrb_201
    Urs: @cuthrumaspeckz
    Blu: @se_magnific_angelique
    James: @king_killmonger201
    Frankie Metalz: @frankmetalz
    The Dojo: @thedojojc

    Streetiebaby: @streetiebaby

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    All Things Aside

    All Things Aside

    Well..... we tired. We have a disclaimer before the show telling you what its going to be all about, but we smoked some fire ass weed, and got immensly side tracked but, dont think this episode aint a good one, shoot.. we might get high snd go off the plan more often, just kidding........maybe not.
    On today's episode we discuss D'Angelo, Brown Sugar, The Soulquarians, and Voodoo (2:23) Untitled, Hiatus, Mental Illness & Summer Walker? (6:57) Something happened here when our conversation jumped from talking about Torey Lanez to Dave East's major label flop (9:20) Stream rates artist vs the label (10:15) Ursula's rant on Aaliyah's uncle not releasing her music on streaming platforms after it was announced (12:20) Jahiem need to put his healthcare first (17:59) Ursula's rant on Whitney Houston throwing a fur coat in the ocean in "Heartbreak Hotel" (22:20) Maxwell's "Urban Hang Suite" and how we appreaciate it now, but back then...boi!!!!! (23:33) Shake dat Ass (25:01) Frankie tells us a story (31:32) The dynamic of Til the Cops Come Knocking and Sh*t, Damn, Motherfucker (39:00) Speaking on Neo Soul.... (45:00) and more
    Executive Produced by Mr.B and UrsEngineered and Mixed by Frank MetalzRecorded at The Dojo in Jersey City, NJTheme Song "4thamind" by Streetiebaby

    • 1 hr 3 min
    All Love Aside

    All Love Aside

    Today we are talking about those "ships" friendships, relationships, and marriageships( I just totally wrote that for the sake of concept) and we wanted to introduce our dearest friends James and Tesha as well a welcome them to the cast of the ATA.

    (0:00) GEM Radio Premiere AD (01:11) Introduction of our new cast members and the history of our friendship (03:40) Friendships vs Fake Friendships (28:52) Being single/Being in a relationship (32:10) Mr.B gets wayyyyy too dark unintentionally (36:19) You can't be out here smashing raw (41:11) Being in a relationship, learning from past mistakes (55:12) What we won't settle for in a relationship at the age of 30 (1:00:45) Being in a relationship to save face (1:07:41) Being in a relationship when you've been given the door to leave (1:15:08) Dating with children/Dating others with children (1:25:15) How long should the boyfriend/girlfriend phase should go until? (1:31:45) Giving thanks to all involved in the show
    Executive Produced by Charles "Mr.B" Bowers & Ursula "Urs" Woodards Engineered by Frank Metalz Recorded at The Dojo in Jersey City,NJ Theme Song "4thamind" by Streetiebaby

    • 1 hr 35 min
    All Demons Aside

    All Demons Aside

    New Year, New Show, but just with two and a dope engineer who provides hilarious adlibs. In this episode Mr.B and Urs talk about the abrupt ending of "the BLACK way" Podcast and Tee G's status in the company (01:39) Self reflecting on identifying and dealing with depression (11:27) Mr.B's illness, men unwillingness to go to the doctor, woman's health and healthcare (19:45) Ursula dont got hot sauce in her bag but she got that lube (23:08) pharmaceuticals and opioids (30:53) Juice WRLD's death, and hip hop's current drug culture (39:19).
    Produced by Charles "Mr.B" Bowers and Ursula "Urs" WoodardsRecorded at The Dojo in Jersey City,NJEngineered by Frank MetalzTheme Music "4thamind" by Streetiebaby

    • 1 hr 10 min

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