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    Episode 47: The Election is in Two Weeks: How Should We Vote?

    Episode 47: The Election is in Two Weeks: How Should We Vote?

    There are so many voices weighing in on this right now. And for good reason. It’s a contentious season, we are a divided nation, and Christians want to genuinely make the right choices. As the nation rages, there are some distinctly Christian ways for followers of Jesus to participate in the election. Spoiler alert: I won’t tell you who to vote for or who I’m voting for but I will remind you and me of some things that are eternally true and what’s required of us in the days ahead.

    The following resources were helpful to me in preparing for this episode:

    Free Audiobook: How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?

    Russell Moore: A Conversation with Makoto Fujimura on Art and Beauty

    Prophetic Politics: The Christian Conscience and Political Choices 

    Pastor Writer Podcast: Eugene Cho and A Christian's Guide to Engaging Politics

    Gospel-Bound: David Platt’s Plea Before You Vote

    Episode 46: What is Biblical Justice?

    Episode 46: What is Biblical Justice?

    On this episode of All Things we’re taking a deep dive into the five facets of Biblical Justice, which were outlined and described by pastor and author Tim Keller in an article recently published at the Life in the Gospel Website (link to article below). The five facets are: community, equity, corporate responsibility, individual responsibility, and advocacy. Biblical Justice is able to meet us in our cultural moment and help us navigate everything from covid, to racialized tension, to education, to immigration, to the 2020 election. Honestly, Biblical Justice is glorious and even worship-inducing as it takes after the character and kindness of our God in heaven. Listen and be encouraged as you hear more about God’s heart for the powerless and how you and I might apply what he’s given us to serve Him and His kingdom.
    A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory by Timothy Keller
    Generous Justice: How God's Grace Makes Us Just by Timothy Keller

    Episode 45: Happy 4th! Now Let's Apply the Declaration of Independence to Unborn, Disabled, and African Americans

    Episode 45: Happy 4th! Now Let's Apply the Declaration of Independence to Unborn, Disabled, and African Americans

    This weekend we are celebrating the birth of our nation. Happy 4th! The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776, is a brilliant and powerful document. But just like 244 years ago, many marginalized populations in our nation do not enjoy the protections and provisions outlined in our founding documents. In 2020 I am particularly concerned about how life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are withheld from many unborn, disabled, and African Americans. On this episode we’ll look at the Supreme Court’s abortion-related ruling from last week, the premature death of Michael Hickson, a quadriplegic who with Covid was was starved to death in an Austin hospital, and the senseless death of Elijah McClain, an innocent African American young man, at the hands of the Aurora Police Department.
    The following links contributed to this episode:
    The Declaration of Independence - ConstitutionFacts.com
    Twisting Supreme Court precedent - World Magazine
    Culture Friday – Losing faith in the Supreme Court - The World and Everything In It
    Planned Parenthood CEO Resigns After Staff Say She Engaged in Racist and “Abusive Behavior” - LifeSiteNews
    Austin Hospital Withheld Treatment from Disabled Man Who Contracted Coronavirus - The Texan
    'LEFT TO DIE' Disabled man, 46, died from coronavirus ‘after docs REFUSED to treat him “because he had no quality of life”‘ - The Sun
    Tweet Thread by Steven Spohn providing a perspective from the disabled community on the death of Michael Hickson
    A police officer in photos near where Elijah McClain was put in a chokehold has resigned - CNN
    Here’s What You Need to Know About Elijah McClain’s Death - The New York Times
    Colorado Police Officers Under Investigation Over Photos At Elijah McClain Memorial - National Public Radio
    Above the Law: The Data Are In on Police, Killing, and Race - Public Discourse

    Episode 44: All the Qs in My Inbox: BLM, CRT, Defunding the Police, the Gospel, and More

    Episode 44: All the Qs in My Inbox: BLM, CRT, Defunding the Police, the Gospel, and More

    On this episode I share the top six questions I’ve gotten by email, text, What’sApp, social media, and more in the past couple weeks, as well as my answers to them. This episode was long in the making because these questions aren’t just from afar, but are being posed in my own community, family, and church and I have been spending my days in conversation, prayer, and action with people in real life.
    You all have been asking: 1) Given the beliefs of the organization, can Christians say Black Lives Matter? 2) Should Christians employ Critical Race Theory? 3) Shouldn’t we just preach the gospel? 4) Should we defund the police? 5) Aren’t emotions untrustworthy and shouldn’t we only make decisions based on statistics? 6) But what about this one black speaker/commentator/thinker?
    After the questions and answers I share four exhortations for you and me who are in the church in the United States. More than anything I want to urge us to consider how this is a critical moment for followers of Jesus to take action. We who know our Creator and his Word have the framework, tools, passion, and conviction to seek justice and mercy in this deeply divided time in our country. We know and serve the God who made man in his own image, he appointed that we would live here and now, and he compels us by his love to go and love others. Now is not the time to wring our hands on the sidelines. Now is the time to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8).
    The following links might be helpful for further research:
    5 Ways Christians are Getting Swept into a Secular Worldview in This Cultural Moment - Natasha Crain
    Race, Injustice, and the Gospel of Critical Race Theory, With Monique Duson - Alisa Childers Podcast
    SBC President: ‘Southern Baptists, We Need to Say It Clearly as a Gospel Issue: Black Lives Matter’ - Relevant Magazine
    George Floyd, Police Culture & Facing Fear that Leads to Violence - Jamie Winship with Brad Jersak
    Black Lives Matter Website
    Preston Perry on Twitter
    The Systems That Protect the Police - NYT The Daily Podcast
    There Were TWO Reports: Remembering Mike Brown and Ferguson - Jemar Tisby
    On Critical Race Theory And Intersectionality - SBC Convention

    Episode 43: Social Justice: Antithetical to the Gospel or the Inevitable Fruit of the Gospel?

    Episode 43: Social Justice: Antithetical to the Gospel or the Inevitable Fruit of the Gospel?

    Is social justice antithetical to the gospel or is it the inevitable fruit of the gospel? On this episode of All Things we take a look at that question, employing the words and wisdom of Pastor Brandon Washington. Additionally, we look at how the gospel requires that we engage with the racial division of our day. Greater objectivity and humility will serve us well as we seek to understand the perspective and lamentations of our friends of color. Our God is a reconciler and so must we be too.
    Transcript available here.

    The Embassy Church sermon May 17, 2020 by Pastor Brandon Washington
    Trauma Won't Heal If We Won't Listen: Ahmaud Arbery and Our Long History at jenoshman.com
    Radical Grace Radical Reorientation sermon, May 17, 2020 by Pastor Mark Oshman

    Episode 42: What's Life Like Amongst Vulnerable Populations During the Pandemic?

    Episode 42: What's Life Like Amongst Vulnerable Populations During the Pandemic?

    We’re all starting to have Coronavirus fatigue. It’s so easy to be inward focused and discouraged about our own circumstances. But what is life like for others? The entire globe is going through the same pandemic, and yet different populations are getting hit in very different ways. In this episode of All Things we look at weeks worth of headlines, statistics, and stories to understand how the pandemic is affecting the most vulnerable in the US and overseas—the homeless, African Americans, the disabled, immigrants, refugees, the poor, women and children in exploitive communities, and others who live in fragile circumstances. The coverage is not exhaustive, but it’s a powerful glimpse. The goal is not to feel guilty, but rather made aware and motivated to be prayerful and generous, so that we might know the plight of others, pray for them, and give generously to alleviate suffering. As Covid-19 persists, and we are tempted to disengage, let’s instead lift our eyes off ourselves and seek to bear the burdens of our brothers and sisters around the globe.

    The following headlines and news stories were cited in this episode:

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4.9 out of 5
140 Ratings

140 Ratings

h_osh ,

Amazing podcast!

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So good

Jen speaks bold truth from which others seem to shy away. She speaks on important current events and how Christians should rightly think using scripture as the only lens. I don’t like podcasts, but I never want to miss an episode of this one.

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Great Podcast!

I stumbled across this podcast and instantly liked it. The topics are covered thoroughly and quickly.

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