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Podcast featuring Interviews with experts from around the world on wild animal behavior. Come learn more about your favorite animals, from humpback whales, sharks and dolphins to mountain lions, wolves and grizzly bears. Get the latest science on what it is like to be one of these amazing animals!

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Podcast featuring Interviews with experts from around the world on wild animal behavior. Come learn more about your favorite animals, from humpback whales, sharks and dolphins to mountain lions, wolves and grizzly bears. Get the latest science on what it is like to be one of these amazing animals!

    Black Bears Will Blow Your Mind! (with Benjamin Kilham)

    Black Bears Will Blow Your Mind! (with Benjamin Kilham)

    Black bears have a very strong public image as lone roaming, dangerous and mindless eating machines -  here's something that will completely change the way you look at them!

    Benjamin Kilham, author of In the Company of Bears: What Black Bears Have Taught Me about Intelligence and Intuition, has been studying and living with them for many years and has a connection and insight into their society that almost no one else has. Mother bears punishing cubs, sharing with family members, language, standing up to bears in the wild and so much more!

    Important Times:
    00:10 Intro
    02:50 Welcome Benjamin! What caused you to start studying bears?
    04:20 Your first bear encounter
    06:40 Rehabilitating black bears and keeping bear cubs
    10:15 Bear scent: how do they use their sense of smell?
    15:50 Sharing resources and being social: bears share with family members
    22:10 Your friend Squirty the bear
    25:40 Do the bears you raise see you as a parent? How she punishes bad behavior
    29:50 They can read people, highly cognitive animals
    34:55 Males vs female bears
    38:45 Bear hazing -  helping bears caught around people
    40:20 Communicating with the bears in the way they understand
    42:05 Alpha males
    45:10 What do you do if you run into a bear in the wild? Deescalate the situation
    50:10 Attacks on humans
    52:45 Backyard chickens are drawing the bears closer to humans
    54:50 Hunting black bears and population
    59:40 One thing you wish people understood about bears
    01:02:35 Male bears and cubs
    01:05:25 There's so much more to learn, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • 1 hr 7 min
    The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 2 (with Robin Hanson)

    The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 2 (with Robin Hanson)

    Part 2 of our conversation with Robin Hanson about his Grabby Aliens theory! We dive into the details and explore the things that might have happened and possible explanations for UFO sightings and ultimately mankind's fate. We weigh up the different options to try understand what these things could be, if they are real after all!  A really interesting dive into the theoretical universe.

    What do you think? Do aliens have a rule against expanding? Would you break that rule? Do you lean towards the hoax or the aliens theory? Let us know!

    Important times:
    00:10 Welcome to All Things Wild!
    01:00 Lying can be a solution
    02:20 1 in 1000 chance for Grabby Aliens to be true: here's how.
    03:50 How likely is intelligent life?
    05:00 The big puzzle: they didn't expand, why?
    07:15 Weird things can end up being true
    11:30 Why do they stay officially hidden?
    13:10 Social animal hierarchy
    18:20 This is my best story to explain the alien theory
    20:00 Nuclear facilities and visitations
    21:50 The aliens needed a simple and robust strategy
    23:05 Are they reporting back to anyone?
    24:15 Are they biological or artificial life?
    25:25 What if they were biological?
    26:20 They seem cruel to not allow expansion
    28:25 What happens when they meet other aliens?
    30:25 Grabby humans
    31:40 Would you follow their rule?
    33:25 Ecosystem of the universe
    36:10 Leave this to the experts in each field
    38:10 Would we be in danger of breaking the rule yet?
    40:30 Problems with the hoax theories
    43:20 Grabby Aliens seems possible but makes a lot of assumptions, hoax takes less
    45:40 Thank you Robin! Hope to see you in the Pentagon one day!
    46:45 Outro

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    The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 1 (with Robin Hanson)

    The Grabby Aliens Hypothesis Part 1 (with Robin Hanson)

    Today is something completely different... but actually really similar if you think about it. We are always talking with experts about how animals experience our world, today we are talking about how an animal from another planet would experience it's world! Robin Hanson tells us about his Grabby Aliens Hypothesis and we explore the possibility of life on other planets!

    This is a 2 part episode -  next week is part 2!

    Important Times:

    01:40 Welcome Robin! What made you interested in your field of research?
    03:00 What is your Grabby Aliens Hypothesis?
    07:10 Is the universe dead and empty?
    09:20 We should see evidence of civilizations in the stars
    10:30 The model is a 3 parameter model, linked to data
    14:10 Finding spheres in the universe
    16:30 What would prove your hypothesis wrong? Time, Panspermia
    19:30 The early solar system
    21:20 How sure are we of our solar system's history?
    24:20 What research is being done now about Panspermia?
    25:40 Grabby vs Non-Grabby Aliens
    28:40 They're either there or not 
    30:40 Congressional hearings on UFO's
    32:00 Old crazy theories can become fact, like meteorites and pink lightning
    34:50 Robin is evaluating how 'crazy' these theories are, which one's can be dismissed and which can't
    37:05 4 categories of UFO reports. 1: Mistakes/Errors
    37:50 Category 2: Hoaxes
    41:55 Many reports are category 1
    42:55 Some reports fit well into category 2
    43:40 Next 2 categories. 3: Built on earth. 4: Built outside of earth
    45:25 Evidence trumps chance, but I can make a reasonable theory for each category
    47:50 Category 2 vs 4: Lying and Hoaxes could be working
    49:00 What about the Nimitz Incident 
    50:20 Uncertainty can be used to your advantage
    54:05 Outro

    Part 2 coming soon!!

    • 55 min
    Are 2 Orca's Scaring Away All Of Cape Town's Great White Sharks?

    Are 2 Orca's Scaring Away All Of Cape Town's Great White Sharks?

    Port and Starboard, 2 affectionately named Orca's that have been visiting Cape Town's shores over the past few years seem to be responsible for the disappearance of the once common Great White Sharks! Are these 2 individuals really responsible for chasing them ALL away? Join Martin as he shares his thoughts about a recent study that found that these whales were linked with the disappearance of the Great Whites. 

    Orca's are incredibly intelligent animals, come learn more about them!

    Important Times:
    00:10 Hello and welcome!01:20 Shark Shield02:40 Orca's and Great White Sharks04:15 Why are the sharks disappearing?07:00 Orca brains09:50 They are very culturally specific and don't mix with other groups and hunting styles12:45 The findings of the study done in South Africa15:35 What are Great White Sharks most scared of?17:20 An alternative theory

    • 19 min
    Reef Shark Society! (with Yannis Papastamatiou)

    Reef Shark Society! (with Yannis Papastamatiou)

    Yannis Papastamatiou definitely studies one of the coolest animals in the world: Reef Sharks! We talk about all things Reef Sharks, the many different types, new info on their body language, communication and what their society is like.
    Yannis tells us about his research and theories on these interesting animals! When you hear sharks, you don’t think of social animals - this should change your mind!
    Follow him on Instagram @yannispapastamatiou
    Important Times:
    00:10 Intro00:55 Welcome Yannis! What is your background with sharks?02:25 Are sharks ‘social animals’?04:25 What species of shark are we talking about?05:10 Tell us about Reef Sharks - are they one species or many different ones?06:25 Notorious body language07:05 Attacking scuba divers or is it spearfishing?09:20 Do sharks form schools? School vs Shoal10:00 Some sharks seem to become friends11:30 How many sharks did you tag and how did you study them?13:35 Night time activity17:50 What fish do they eat? Do they target weaker fish?20:05 Sharks behaving similar to sharks22:35 Why do they pick friends?24:35 The mystery of shark pups: where are they?!27:25 Thanks for your time!

    • 30 min
    The Wolverine Way (with Douglas Chadwick)

    The Wolverine Way (with Douglas Chadwick)

    Today’s interview is with Douglas Chadwick, an American wildlife biologist, author, photographer and frequent National Geographic contributor. He has also written several books, most interestingly in this case he wrote a book called The Wolverine Way! You guessed it, it’s all about wolverines! Listen as Douglas tells us the unbelievable stories he’s experienced with Wolverines, why they are in so much danger and how he is pushing to save the natural world with a slightly different approach to most people. 

    Buy The Wolverine Way & Four Fifths a Grizzly: A New Perspective on Nature That Just Might Save Us All from Patagonia!

    Important Times:
    00:10 Intro02:05 Welcome Douglas!02:40 Glacier National Park is still one of the wildest places04:25 The original food chain05:50 Public lands are important06:35 Wolverines in Glacier, how did they get there?07:20 I just finished reading The Wolverine Way! How did you start studying them?13:00 Trapping and tagging19:30 They can take down much larger animals20:45 They are mostly scavengers24:50 Handling the Wolverines27:20 Attacking humans32:20 Mountain climbers, why do they climb mountains?35:40 We didn’t expect they were climbing over mountains36:50 They are extremely territorial and one animal can cover huge areas of land38:25 The problem with National Parks -  they don’t solve the conservation problem!41:15 They have very unexpected family dynamics49:45 We need to connect conservation lands to eachother45:15 Are Wolverines on the endangered species list?57:35 Meeting captive Wolverines01:01:00 They can be breakout artists01:03:35 Reading a passage of The Wolverine Way01:07:20 Four Fifths a Grizzly: A New Perspective on Nature That Just Might Save Us All01:16:35 Outro

    • 1 hr 17 min

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4.9 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

dr.king.adjei ,


Very informative podcast regarding wildlife. He goes above and to bring in those who are knowledgeable to discuss wildlife. It is enjoyable. Keep up the good work

mkid ,


A great conversation about dolphins. We need to save our oceans for dolphins and all wildlife and for ourselves.

To me the most interesting theory presented was that dolphins may leap out of the water to communicate with other dolphins far away and not just for fun and exercise as I thought!

Beyonce#1#1#1FAN ,

Best Podcast about Wildlife

This is a great podcast if you enjoy learning about animals or want to expand your knowledge about endangered species. Amazing for middle schoolers too. 🥰

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