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5.0 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

ojcad bu , is the real deal!!!

Been listening for a while now and have not found anything as down to earth as this before.

Keep your head in the clouds but your feet firmly planted my friend be safe on the front line…

Rama6418 ,

Art is Freedom With Mark Loughney

What a great show! This is a great look at the backstory of how Mark Loughney became such an incredible artist. From the childhood stuff to major transformative moments, this episode really tells the story. It’s a great introduction to Mark’s work and the advocacy he represents, and a tremendous background for anyone already familiar with his art. I highly recommend anyone familiar with Mark’s work check this out, and anyone familiar with this show check out Mark’s work!

Sean9791 ,

Phenomenal interviewer

Podcast is both entertaining and informative when it comes to the illness of addiction. I look forward the these every week!

E_B_C ,

A Heartfelt Thank You

The “All Better” Podcast brings me so much comfort, joy, and unexpected laughter during one of the most difficult times in my life. Thank you to all who have shared their stories. And Joe, a special thank you to you, you are changing lives beyond measure. Looking forward to hearing more.

CateE.D. ,

Compelling perspective

A really compelling peek inside the journey of recovery. So articulate and well put together. Time well spent listening to this podcast!

Kaylee MP ,

All Better

This is a raw but tender look into alcoholism. A honest, heartfelt reminder that this disease does not discriminate. Good people suffer but also recover and have amazing lives.

Jaime/C ,

Amazing recovery podcast!

Love hearing the different approaches to sobriety as well as the focus on AA!! I listen every week!❤️

Roadrunnaroadrunna ,

Exquisite recovery podcast

Top to bottom, pound of pound, bar none, the best recovery oriented pod on the block. It’s informative, humanistic, realistic, and honest. It’s a refreshing listening experience where the host doesnt look to be a gatekeeper of information but rather a vessel of the spiritual truth of our universe. Thank you for helping us all be a little all better

Msssleahhh ,

Love how this goes beyond the surface

As an individual in long term recovery, I can say that a turning point in my development (for the better) came when I was taught to dig and find out answers as to why. The approach of cause and effect helped me break out of habitual thinking. The episode of this podcast with Jeff Brown, titled Working With Others, demonstrates an example of this demonstration. I am able to know if the information I am given is right or wrong, because I’ve been able to practice consulting my conscience. Once I was willing to believe taking responsibility over every aspect of my life would solve things, It gets stronger with practice. I recommend listening to this episode for anyone who may feel they are still searching for answers. I also encourage anyone in that place to check out Jeff Browns book linked on the episode, and share it with others! Much Love to all.

kelly-pa ,

Excellent Podcast

If you’re in recovery and live in Northeast PA, this podcast is for you. Actually, it’s for anyone interested in recovery, mental health, new and old modalities of treatment and just listening to some fascinating people. I love it. I binged Season 1 in a few weeks and was truly riveted to the dialogue between Joe and his guests. Joe is an outstanding host and asks pointed questions that lead to meaningful discussions. I’m hooked. ☺️