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Interviews with interesting people that are leading a creative lifestyle of making brand new content that the world has never seen before!

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Interviews with interesting people that are leading a creative lifestyle of making brand new content that the world has never seen before!

    Capitol Hill Block Party 2: Mental Health at Home and on Tour

    Capitol Hill Block Party 2: Mental Health at Home and on Tour

    The second panel took place right a short break and covered the topic of mental health at home and on the road.
    Moderated by Kelly Fleek
    Panelists included: Evie Cooke —KEXP Andrew Vait —Sisters, Little Wins Daniel Lyon —Spirit Award Whitney Monge' —Whitney Monge', PNW Chapter Recording Academy/Grammy's Board of Directors Jordan Leonard —PNW Chapter Recording Academy/Grammy's
    Q: What strategies do you use to push yourself past the hardships?
    Trying to maintain balance
    Physical exertion, running working out, stretching
    Get enough sleep
    Listen to yourself
    Talk to your friends, connect with people
    Forgive yourself for feeling bad, accept where you are and allow it to run its course
    Positive self talk
    Doing things that align with your purpose
    Doing nothing is still doing something
    Your body knows what you need when you need it, listen.
    Learn to say NO
    Mental health, just like physical health, is an active lifestyle. You must create an environment that supports a healthy mindset, through healthy boundaries and healthy outlets for your body and mind to grow. The best thing to focus on is always on preventative measures like showing up for yourself and knowing when your batteries are drained and need a recharge. Taking care of yourself is always priority number one!
    Q: What do you do on the road?
    Take time for yourself
    Have quiet time/personal time
    Accepting the fact that everything won’t go perfect, and going with the flow
    Remind yourself that the audience doesn’t know what is or isn’t “right” so go easy on yourself if you do make a mistake. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to express yourself in front of an audience, just remember “I am enough!”
    Remembering to have alone time and make sure that you are showing up to every gig or interaction with a balanced state of mind. Being stuck in a tight van, or just being away from family or home for long periods of time might make you feel disconnected. Remember the tools you use to stay grounded when you are not on tour and make sure to implement them as much as you can.
    Sometimes silence is all you may need.
    Resources for outreach
    MusiCares is a charity that has provided more than $60 million in health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to music people in times of need.
    Send Me A Friend.org
    SMAF is a national network of “sober friends” that are on call to come to a show and offer a helping hand and source of support for struggling musicians.
    *Special thanks to The Rivetter to housing this special event

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    Capitol Hill Block Party Panel 1: Possible strategies of band management

    Capitol Hill Block Party Panel 1: Possible strategies of band management

    The first panel covered the topics of possible strategies of band management.
    Moderated by Kelly Fleek
    Panelists included: Megan Jasper — Larger record label “Sub Pop” Ben Jenkins —Small-sized record label “Killroom Records” Abbie Gobeli —KEXP Radio Station DJ, and manager for the band “Actors” Shannon Hemmett — From the band “Actors”
    Q: What makes a band “Label Ready?”
    A willingness to put in the work
    Taking yourself seriously as a band and as a business
    Have music that resonates with your audience
    Believe in what you do and make it meaningful
    "LLC Factor"
    Experience doesn't play a big role in their decision-making process. Jasper brought up the example of the artist Yuno, who is now under the Sub Pop record label. She talked about his inexperience with the music industry, but because he had a special sound, was very talented, and is incredibly driven, the record label had no qualms with taking a chance on him.
    Q: What are labels looking for today?
    Same as always, great art and great people to work with.
    Many things are changing in the music industry, that is not one of them. There are many ways to get your music out to the masses, DIY or with a label, one thing remains the same, great music will always be great music.
    Q: Is it important to live in a city of music?
    Whatever location you live in provides a special foundation of experiences that foster your own unique sound, giving you a unique perspective to draw from, leading to new music. Living in a music city might be overwhelming for some because it creates a high-pressure environment from the need to stand out amongst a gaggle of other talented and driven musicians, just like you.
    That being said, sometimes it is important to move to gain new perspectives, and to grow. It doesn’t matter where, as long as you feel comfortable and are able to express yourself creatively.
    Touring, on the other hands, is much more important if you want to be seen.
    Q: Is it necessary to rub elbows with everyone?
    The panelist agreed that it is NOT necessary to go around collecting the names of people that you are in bed with, but they also mentioned that having friends in the industry is always helpful. If networking is not your cup of tea, remember these words, “Great art always finds a way!”
    Some tips on networking
    Connect and collaborate
    Build friendships with bands in other cities
    Help and support each other
    Before heading off stage, some ideas the panelists left us with are as follows:
    You band label is a marriage, it is important to set healthy boundaries, honesty and communication is key.
    Genres are not very important right now, Spotify is even talking about creating a new way to get music discovered that would help artists that are in-between genres.
    Focus on writing and playing good music!
    The job of a label is to help push bands to the next level, strategize and execute new ideas to reach greater audiences, and ultimately, create profits for both the band and themselves.
    Touring is CRUCIAL, tour as much as possible for your situation.
    If there is a label that speaks to you, don’t hesitate to send them a demo, they will listen to it eventually.
    Get your music out there! People always forgive a bad recording of a great song. Record it to your best ability or budget, and get it out!

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    Avery Martin- Shut the F**k Up

    Avery Martin- Shut the F**k Up

    19-year-old creative on the path to the next hit animated comedy series.
    Reach Avery Martin here
    Twitter is @GatorDaSlugga11
    Insta is @d_1_dreamer

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Erin Rae and the HeartBeets

    Erin Rae and the HeartBeets

    Erin Rae and the Heartbeets
    DansTunes Seattle
    Andrey Psychè

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Dan Ray and the Hormone Monster

    Dan Ray and the Hormone Monster

    Dan Ray is the CEO of Danstunesseattle.com focusing on giving a voice to people that want to be heard

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Erin Murray -Every Rose needs its Thorns

    Erin Murray -Every Rose needs its Thorns

    http://www.honeymustardmusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/erin.rae.murray Here is Erin. A lovely human being sharing her spark with the rest of the world through music. I am so happy I could sit down and have this chat with her on a beautiful afternoon. Birds were chirping, dogs were playing and she and I were taking in the sun. We get into friendship and having people we can rely on and push us forward. She mentions her upcoming show which will be a killer, I hope to see you all there. Setting boundaries, work, travel, following your heart, doing what is right and trying to be as real with yourself as possible. Much much more was covered. I hope you enjoy it and get something for your own life s well.

    • 1 hr 59 min

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TobyVonDoom ,

A great positive show!

This show is a journey for happiness and positive thinking! Andrey explores the lives and experiences from other people and his friends. He talks with his guests about motivation, success and trusting in yourself to make decisions to become happy. Really a great show.

ItsB. Rob ,

LOTS of Audio enjoyment

If you are on a long trip or commute, this is the show for you. A little long for my liking but it does not take away from the content. Positive vibes throughout the show. He gives his guess a chance to get out whatever they need too. It's almost like theropy, from what i've heard so far.

popanimecomics ,

we are all connected

Andrey is a great interviewer and knows how to speak with his guest to not only keep them engage but the audiences as well. In talking with his guests he connects his audiences with his guest, which shows how we all are connected in one way or another.

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