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    #2 Intro To Complexity Theory

    #2 Intro To Complexity Theory

    In this episode I sit down with Sam, a friend and grad student, to discuss Complexity Theory. This is a method of analysis that can be applied to different models to describe how a large number of independent factors can spontaneously form a coherent system.

    Sam can be found on twitter @pregnantmemedad

    • 54 min
    #1 - Duncan Hunter's Dangerous Campaign

    #1 - Duncan Hunter's Dangerous Campaign

    Rep. Duncan Hunter of California's 50th district recently released a dangerous campaign ad evoking Islamophobic sentiment similar to the attitudes that have inspired recent white nationalist lone wolf attacks. This shameful attack on his opponent is a desperate attempt to distract from the fraud charges Hunter is currently facing for the misuse of 250k of campaign funds.

    • 30 min

Customer Reviews

tjiaabf ,


Offers a highly important and progressive perspective. Highly recommend listening.

bsot33 ,

What a great conversation

Overall a great listen. Engaging conversation, interesting and convincing takes on multiple topics. Highly reccomend!!!

Suuuulllyy ,

Great Podcast

All around great podcast.

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