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Doing the deep dive into what it means to be an American today. What is it that divides us? How can we diffuse the hyper-charged state of vitriol?

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Doing the deep dive into what it means to be an American today. What is it that divides us? How can we diffuse the hyper-charged state of vitriol?

    The world rallies around Ukraine while shunning Russia

    The world rallies around Ukraine while shunning Russia

    The horrific and nightmarish scenes playing out in full view of the entire world has brought us to a historic moment. Today we are seeing people and nations around the globe come together to embrace Ukraine and its people while simultaneously condemning Vladimir Putin and Russia. Putin's unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation, the killing of civilians, and the destruction of one of Eastern Europe's most beautiful and vibrant countries has unified literally billions of people.

    While Moscow's Madman directs the destruction and devastation of Ukraine, in clear violation of international law and the Geneva Convention, here at home the American people are at a loss about what to do and how to help. The Biden Administration has taken bold steps to enforce choking sanctions to punish Putin, yet the blowback people are feeling at the gas pump has become a rallying cry for assholes who can't see beyond the hood of their gas-guzzling monster trucks.  How are they supposed to drive all the way to Washington with their Trump Won and Q-Anon flags unfurled when gas costs $5 a gallon.  It's so hard to be a jackass these days.

    Robin and David sit down for a wide-ranging discussion on these issues and of course, have some fun at the expense of Marjorie, Lauren, Rand, Matt, Louis, Lindsay, and the rest of the Capital Hill cRazies.

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    Episode 33 - Looking Out for a Hero

    Episode 33 - Looking Out for a Hero

    This week, when we remember one of the greatest leaders in our nation's history, serves as a reminder that we once strived for greatness, overcame the most formidable obstacles, and injustice was never a thing we shrank from eradicating.

    That was then. Another time. When we had heroes occupying the highest offices. Men and women who answered the call to serve for the greater good.

    As we survey the current political landscape, the vitriol, the intolerance, the rigid adherence to ideology, and the inability to seek or find common ground, it is hard to hang onto hope.

    That's why this week we invited Rep. Park Cannon of Georgia to join us.  A symbol of the next generation of leaders who believe we can once again be a country where the ideas of visionaries like Roosevelt, JFK, and Barack Obama made us believe in the possibility of progress and change for good.

    To learn more about this dynamic new powerhouse in Georgia politics click here: https://www.gasupreme.us/events/oa-january-20-2022/

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    All is lost...Not So Fast!

    All is lost...Not So Fast!

    There is a sentiment circulating among Democrats that the end is upon us, that given the historical nature of mid-terms the shift in power in Congress will surely occur and the Great American Experiment will come crashing down.  Is there cause for concern? Sure. Is it a foregone conclusion? Not by a long shot.

    By any stretch of the imagination, these are not normal times.   Norms and cycles have been busted wide open. Political pundits are scrambling to make sense of it all during a time when sense is at a premium.  Watching the January 6th Committee ramp up their efforts to expose the smarmy traitors who facilitated the insurrection, including the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president hiding in his gold plated toilet in Florida, should tell us that the full story is yet to be told, and when it is, it is going to be a doozy.

    Bottom Line? Let's not be so hasty to jump to conclusions. To help us understand why is Davis Han, the political strategist for Grassroots Democratic HQ and a rising star in the ranks of the Democratic Party.  He lays it all on the line regarding the races that are in play, where the Dems can not just hold the Senate but actually expand their majority, thus making Mr. Manchin an after-thought.

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    Election Fallout - Some Good, Some Bad

    Election Fallout - Some Good, Some Bad

    Democrats were shaken to the core this past Election Day as Republicans turned out in record numbers, driven by a variety of ginned-up tropes about everything from socialism, to the Big Lie, to crime  and even to what is being taught in schools. It all got stoked to the boiling point by fearmongering candidates, Republican PAC's and of course Fox News and their ilk.

    The slap in the face did serve as a wake-up call for Democrats though, as just 48 hours after the stinging rebuke, they passed Part 1 of Joe Biden's Infrastructure Bill.  All it took was a good hard dose of ice water and a look in the mirror to recognize that the self-inflicted wounds, caused by political infighting within their own caucus, had put them on the brink of disaster.  

    While Joe Biden's approval numbers sank lower and lower, despite huge economic gains in employment and employee wages, the stock market keeps climbing and, apart from the price of gas, things are pretty darn good considering the fact that we're still dealing with a catastrophic pandemic. So why is America's opinion of Joe so low? Consider the media who fixate on anything that looks like conflict and unrest. Let's see where the numbers go when the trillion dollars start flowing around the nation.

    Robin and David are joined by a true expert in the field of Democratic communication and messaging, something the Democrats sorely need, Anat Shenker-Osorio. Anat helps us understand how messaging needs to be clear, straightforward, and memorable. You won't want to miss her insights.

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    Is It Too Late To Salvage Democracy?

    Is It Too Late To Salvage Democracy?

    The constant assault on reason, logic, facts, science, and reality is taking a toll. The non-stop barrage of nonsense, obfuscation, misdirection, lies, and treachery are undermining the very foundation of the nation we grew up believing in.

    Are we at a tipping point? Is there a way to put the brakes on this train that is speeding towards the end of the tracks, where democracy goes up in smoke and all that awaits us is autocracy, nihilism, and a country that bears no resemblance to what the Founding Father's envisioned, or what brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for?

    We'll talk to one of the good guys, a former Republican lawmaker from New Hampshire who said, enough is enough and switched sides! If you are starting to feel that is nothing left to believe in, listen to William Marsh, a brave doctor turned state representative who stood up and said Enough!

    Let his story and his courage embolden us all to take the fight to those who have abandoned the dream of America and bowed down to the false narrative of Trump and his minions.

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    Don't Mess With Mah Freedumbs

    Don't Mess With Mah Freedumbs

    Pandemic still raging? Check
    Anti-vaxxers still raving? Check
    Infrastructure Bill still languishing? Check
    America on the edge of default? Check
    Manchin and Sinema.....? Whatever

    It's been another period of rough and tumble politics with absolutely nothing to show for it. Lots of name-calling, finger-pointing, blame-hurling, and anything else you can think of. The bottom line is that it's been anything but productive. Welcome to Washington or as Mitch McConnell sees it, Nirvana.

    This week to find some good we turned our eyes and our microphones westward to the Land of Lincoln to talk with a most impressive Illinois General Assemblyman, Will Guzzardi. Will is also co-chair of the Illinois Progressive Caucus.  Will serves on the Prescription Drug Affordability Committee, the Economic Opportunity & Equity Committee, the Judiciary Committee, AND on the Mental Health Committee!  You won't want to miss this.

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7 Ratings

luv_my_mac ,

Good Listen

I definitely recommend this podcast. It focuses on call to action and being a part of positive change. It’s what the world needs now good vibes.

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Fresh, sharp & thought-provoking

Robin & his guests are a great listen. You’ll come away feeling smarter & will gain insights into the news of our time. You’ll be inspired and learn about ways you can be a more active citizen.

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