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Doing the deep dive into what it means to be an American today. What is it that divides us? How can we diffuse the hyper-charged state of vitriol?

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Doing the deep dive into what it means to be an American today. What is it that divides us? How can we diffuse the hyper-charged state of vitriol?

    The Georgia Runoff

    The Georgia Runoff

    All eyes are on Georgia once again as yet another runoff to determine who will represent the Peach State in the US Senate for the next six years. The stakes could not be higher.

    The Democratic incumbent Rev. Raphael Warnock or the Republican candidate, former football star, Herschel Walker.  

    The lines and differences between these two could not be clearer however, when it comes to Georgia politics there are so many deep divisions between red and blue districts.

    Join Robin and David as they dive into what has been happening on the ground with a massive volunteer effort, along with some numbers from polls which, as we have all learned, aren't worth a hill of....peaches.

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    Governors races: Some real nailbiters

    Governors races: Some real nailbiters

    Midterms aren't just about control of Congress, a majority of states will be electing the person to serve as the Chief Executive of their state government.  The people who occupy these positions have the power to halt radical right state legislatures run amok, like those who try to pass statewide bans on abortion (even in the case of rape and incest!).  With a stroke of their pen, they can veto and put a stop to the insanity.

    Robin and David run through some of the states where races are close, where they pose some intriguing matchups, and where you can make a difference, either by donating your time or money, or both.

    Oh and let's not forget those suddenly exciting Secretary of State elections (what?!), yes indeed, there are people on the ballot in some swing states who believe they should have the power to overturn or reverse the will of the voters by counting the ballots they choose while tossing out the others.  It's madness, and it must be stopped now!

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    Democracy's Destiny Will Be Decided In November

    Democracy's Destiny Will Be Decided In November

    It's not hyperbole to say that the fate of our nation hangs in the balance as voters head to the polls.  Either the forces of authoritarianism, minority rule, and violent sedition will grab control of our nation, or we will stave off the darkness and reject those who would discard the Great American Experiment.

    Across the nation, races offer up options between people of principle and those who embrace the dismantling of our democracy.  Republicans, MAGA Nation, Big Lie believers, and Reality Deniers, and people who believe in minority rule will infest our political process and bend it to their will until it no longer represents what our Founding Fathers envisioned.

    On that cheery note, Robin and David start an Election Countdown, with the first of several podcasts focusing on the November 8th mid-term elections. In this episode, the dynamic duo dives into Senate races. They break down where the races are close and why, look at the poll numbers, the campaign cash situation, and how you can be a part of ensuring that Mitch McConnell does not re-ascend the throne in the Senate chamber, by donating your time, your money (or both) to support key races.

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    Memorial Day Losses, A Sad Mournful Day in America

    Memorial Day Losses, A Sad Mournful Day in America

    The grief and anguish people are feeling throughout our country (and throughout the world) is enough to sour the taste of grandma's apple pie, burn the best BBQ and bring to a screeching halt any festivities because this country is broken. Beyond repair? We shall see.

    As a nation, we remain in stunned shock and horror at the tragedy that occurred in Uvalde just this week. And yet, even as we tried to comprehend the senseless loss of life of the most innocent of lives due to yet another gun-related mass murder, the GOP gathered under one roof with the NRA to cozy up for favors and of course campaign donations.

    It's nothing new and anyone surprised by it needs to get their head out of their ass.  The GOP is coming for you. Are you a woman? They want control of your womb. Want to love a person they don't approve of? They're watching your room.  Speak with an accent, "not in my neighborhood" and on it goes.

    This is the moment, the GOP is declaring war on both democracy and decency.  The only way to fight it is to turn out in numbers never seen before to reject them all at the ballot box in November.

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    The world rallies around Ukraine while shunning Russia

    The world rallies around Ukraine while shunning Russia

    The horrific and nightmarish scenes playing out in full view of the entire world has brought us to a historic moment. Today we are seeing people and nations around the globe come together to embrace Ukraine and its people while simultaneously condemning Vladimir Putin and Russia. Putin's unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation, the killing of civilians, and the destruction of one of Eastern Europe's most beautiful and vibrant countries has unified literally billions of people.

    While Moscow's Madman directs the destruction and devastation of Ukraine, in clear violation of international law and the Geneva Convention, here at home the American people are at a loss about what to do and how to help. The Biden Administration has taken bold steps to enforce choking sanctions to punish Putin, yet the blowback people are feeling at the gas pump has become a rallying cry for assholes who can't see beyond the hood of their gas-guzzling monster trucks.  How are they supposed to drive all the way to Washington with their Trump Won and Q-Anon flags unfurled when gas costs $5 a gallon.  It's so hard to be a jackass these days.

    Robin and David sit down for a wide-ranging discussion on these issues and of course, have some fun at the expense of Marjorie, Lauren, Rand, Matt, Louis, Lindsay, and the rest of the Capital Hill cRazies.

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    Episode 33 - Looking Out for a Hero

    Episode 33 - Looking Out for a Hero

    This week, when we remember one of the greatest leaders in our nation's history, serves as a reminder that we once strived for greatness, overcame the most formidable obstacles, and injustice was never a thing we shrank from eradicating.

    That was then. Another time. When we had heroes occupying the highest offices. Men and women who answered the call to serve for the greater good.

    As we survey the current political landscape, the vitriol, the intolerance, the rigid adherence to ideology, and the inability to seek or find common ground, it is hard to hang onto hope.

    That's why this week we invited Rep. Park Cannon of Georgia to join us.  A symbol of the next generation of leaders who believe we can once again be a country where the ideas of visionaries like Roosevelt, JFK, and Barack Obama made us believe in the possibility of progress and change for good.

    To learn more about this dynamic new powerhouse in Georgia politics click here: https://www.gasupreme.us/events/oa-january-20-2022/

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4.5 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

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Robin & his guests are a great listen. You’ll come away feeling smarter & will gain insights into the news of our time. You’ll be inspired and learn about ways you can be a more active citizen.

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