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The podcast companion to anarchysf.com, an archive of anarchist science fiction.

During each episode, we'll analyze one piece of science fiction media which explores themes relevant to left-wing ideology.

anarchySF - an anarchist, science fiction podcast Yanai Sened / Eden Kupermintz

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The podcast companion to anarchysf.com, an archive of anarchist science fiction.

During each episode, we'll analyze one piece of science fiction media which explores themes relevant to left-wing ideology.

    Optimist Awakenings with Citizen Sleeper

    Optimist Awakenings with Citizen Sleeper

    Citizen Sleeper is touching and optimistic without being saccharine and might be just what we need in these trying times.

    The podcast opens with us venting our feelings and thoughts about another demonstration of incredible violence from Israel against the Palestinian people. Free Palestine!

    Then we talk some themes. Here's what you can expect:

    Gaming under capitalism
    Vicious and virtuous cycles
    Refugee experience
    Care ethics - A softer world is possible)
    Intra-class struggles
    Radical embodiment (Yes, Eden talks about the body some more)

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Repo Virtual repossesses Cyberpunk

    Repo Virtual repossesses Cyberpunk

    We talk about Corey J White's modern vision of Cyberpunk: Repo Virtual, reimagining the genre and its radical potential.

    Topics discussed:

    - Data creep

    - Radical potential of games

    - Firearms in smart cities

    - Cyberpunk's questionable beginnings

    - Opting in / Opting out

    - Identity politics and data dystopia

    Referenced pieces:

    - Video discussing (among other things) how youtube manufactures identities:
    - Watched over by machines of loving grace:


    • 1 hr 3 min
    Spire, racialization and resistance

    Spire, racialization and resistance

    We discussed the role-playing game Spire, with its different ways of representing oppression and the struggle against it.

    - Epistemic vice and epistemic resistance

    - Construction of knowledge and infrastructure space

    - Adevnturism and the challenge of struggling in a hopeless fight

    - Good weird and bad weird


    Eden's podcast appearance about magical realism and much more:


    Eden's essay on the topic:


    • 1 hr 10 min
    The Materialist Fantasy of Mordew

    The Materialist Fantasy of Mordew

    Mordew is a down-to-earth, complex fantasy world, and a promising beginning to a promised trilogy. We talk about:

    - Realist fantasy

    - Materialist morality

    - Knowledge and Protagony

    - Mark Fisher's Red Plenty

    See much more anarchist science fiction at anarchysf.com

    External links:

    Protagony, by Innuendo Studios:


    • 1 hr 8 min
    Woah, the Matrix

    Woah, the Matrix

    We dive deep into "The Matrix (1999)" and a little bit into the sequels. No Resurrections here as this was recorded before it came out.

    Topics discussed:

    - What is the Matrix?

    - Snooty philosophers vs. the Matrix

    - Abolishing everything

    - The Messiah Complex

    - Do we want to escape to the Desert of the Real?

    - Fighting together

    Editing took a while, so references to current events are referring to about a month ago, including the sad discussion of Charles Mills' death.

    Charles Mills' NYT obituary (many more exist):


    CCK Philosophy's video on Baudrillard and the Matrix:


    • 1 hr 1 min
    Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Some Pretty Good Books

    Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Some Pretty Good Books

    We talk about a medley of Kurt Vonnegut books, how they play around with cynicism and sentimentalism, how they're anarchist and humble and absurdist.

    Near the end Eden mentions this paper by David Graeber and David Wengrow:

    • 54 min

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4.5 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Nostalgianaut ,


I fell in love with this podcast when I found their discussion on “
Random Acts of Senseless Violence. Fell in love again when they introduced me to Aniara. One of the best podcasts on SF period.

Arconna ,

A Solid SF Culture Show!

It's always interesting to see a completely different approach to interpreting science fiction. If the title of this particular show doesn't give things away, it takes an anarchist politics approach, which would seem odd except a lot of anarchistic thought ties into many of the very things you'd expect, from explorations of societal collapse to critiques of colonialism and on and on. So when I found this show, I was, well, pleasantly surprised to find more of the kind of critical examination I love in an SF/F podcast. Plus, the hosts, Yanai and Eden, clearly know their stuff and love talking about SF new and old.

Subscribe. Learn a thing or two :P

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