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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional is about what you DON'T learn in your certification program. Host Sara Intonato shares an honest look at making sales, about managing clients, and building your business.

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional Sara Intonato

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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professional is about what you DON'T learn in your certification program. Host Sara Intonato shares an honest look at making sales, about managing clients, and building your business.

    Is Group or 1:1 Work a Faster Road to Success

    Is Group or 1:1 Work a Faster Road to Success

    On today's episode of Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wellness Professiona we're looking at a very common and important question in most wellness businesses, and that is what's better for your business group work or one-on-one work.

    I come at this through the yoga lens and I've worked with many wellness professionals of all kinds, but one common theme that I see in the yoga world time and time again, is that group work is what really lights people up, but it doesn't pay as well.

    ​​In many cases, yoga teachers will often make better money for teaching a one-on-one session. However many of them say they hate teaching the one-on-one sessions. They love the group work, but they feel like they have to teach one-on-ones in order to make ends meet so to speak.

    ​I want to call this out and say that it's not true.

    Come find out why on the latest episode. Click the link below to listen now.​

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    Why getting sued was the best thing for my business

    Why getting sued was the best thing for my business

    on today's podcast episode, where I'm getting real with you. About the time both myself and my business got sued. That's right. Someone managed to take Saratoga to court, and while it was uncomfortable at the time, it was one of the best things that has ever happened to my business. And to me, I know that sounds crazy, but stay with me and listen through the entire episode. And you're going to hear how it really made me bolder. It made my business stronger and I don't regret one moment of it. The reason I'm sharing this here today with you is because so many people I speak with clients, potential clients, people on social media, et cetera, really want to put themselves out there into the world. They want to share their gifts and their passions. They want to help and heal others.
    And yet they're scared of all the things that might go wrong. They're scared of the haters. They're scared of the negative reviews and they're scared of the big, bad Wolf lawsuits. My hope in sharing this with you today is to show you that for many people, this is just a milestone in your business. Just like getting your first refund request. It's nothing to lay awake at night. Wondering about it's nothing to prevent you from putting yourself out there to the world, unless you choose for it to be. So I'm going to run you through what happened when myself and my business faced that worst case scenario of someone filing a lawsuit against us and how we got through it and what we learned along the way, because I am a better person now for having gone through this experience.

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    Three things you go right now to bring more money into your wellness business

    Three things you go right now to bring more money into your wellness business

    On today's podcast episode, where we're talking about three things you can do right now to bring more money into your wellness business.

    So often people over-complicate this, they think, I need more money. I'm not reaching my goals.

    They start thinking about a whole new line of services to sell or having to go into a launch model of selling, selling, selling really hard. This doesn't feel good or natural to them.

    I'm here to blow this notion right up in your face and tell you that it doesn't have to be that hard. It doesn't have to be that complicated to bring more money into your business right now.

    That said there are things that you need to show up for and take action on. So we're not going to pretend that you're sitting at home on the couch, eating Bon bons, and this is how you're going to make more money.

    Definitely not.

    You're going to have to show up and take action. It can be simplified and it can be much more joyful than you expected it to be.

    Some of this podcast episode might be new techniques that you've never even thought of. Some of it might be a little bit scary, even though straightforward.

    I'm going to encourage you to listen all the way through. Running a successful business that grows healthily, one that is profitable and sustainable is often not the most sexy thing. What I mean is that you're not always launching new services. You're not always doing hardcore social media campaigns. Sometimes it's the small behind the scenes tasks that make the biggest difference. This episode is going to highlight that very, very well.

    Come found out more on this episode of Ancient Wisdom of the Modern Wellness Professional.

    You can listen now wherever you enjoy podcasts, and if you haven’t already, please be sure to leave a review on Apple or Stitcher.

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    The Real Reason Why You're Not Closing Sales

    The Real Reason Why You're Not Closing Sales

    On today's podcast episode we're once again talking about sales. I see this subject as beautiful, magical, and fun. Others find it nausea inducing. If that sounds more like you, then take a deep breath because you're in the right place.

    However, today we are looking at sales through a different lens. Namely, why aren't you closing them, even when you go into a sales call with confidence? 

    Many of you have popped up recently in my dm's and in my email telling me about this exact issue, and you're all saying the same thing. 
    You're going into the sales call feeling excited, prepared, and enthusiastic. You've been devoted podcast listeners and used your intake forms to qualify your prospect beforehand (good job!) and are aware this person could be an ideal client for you.

    But instead of closing the sale you up going into the friend zone, except you don't remember losing control of the call. When I ask you what went wrong you sincerely don't know. 

    The answer is more straightforward than you think, and you can start changing the outcome of your sales calls immediately once you discover it (no, you don't need another certificate to do it). 

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    The sales activity you're probably missing

    The sales activity you're probably missing

    On today's podcast episode, we were taking an honest look at the sales activity you're probably missing. Today I am going to give you tips that you should implement in your business, starting today and watch your sales and revenue transform for the better are you ready?
    When most new yoga teachers and wellness professionals who I coach dive into their onboarding process with me, they usually come in thinking that their problem is in the form of marketing or social media. As we look closely at everything in their business, we quickly realize what they have is a selling problem.
    Now, there is so much chatter all over the place. So much talk about launching and getting your online program up and running.
    People tell you to create email funnels as if, once you automate all of these things, you can just set it and forget it. And watch sales magically fall from the sky. Will these processes help your selling? Yes, they will. Are they enough on their own? Absolutely not.
    Come find out how to fix your selling problem on todays episode

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    Being visible when life is intense behind the scenes with Nicole Otchy

    Being visible when life is intense behind the scenes with Nicole Otchy

    On today's podcast episode I have a very special guest, one of my favorite guests, Nicole Otchy. Nicole is not only a brilliant personal stylist, but she is a dear friend of mine.
    We went to high school together, so we go way back. We're both 40 this year. So we go way, way back.
    It's been such a joy to discover each other as adults, as business owners and as fellow women moving forward in our lives.
    If you don't follow Nicole on Instagram, first of all, you should. Second of all, our topic today came from an announcement that she made last week on her Instagram that stirred up a lot of news and really joyful news at that.
    That was her pregnancy announcement. She shared very vulnerably that she is and that she has been waiting to share this announcement for five years.
    From that came beautiful topic of how can you show up for yourself for your business on social media, in your email, or however you need to show up, even in person.
    If you're going through things behind the scenes that make you feel challenged or sometimes less than or questioned yourself then this episode is for you.
    Nicole has certainly experienced this with her journey towards being pregnant and a mother. I've certainly experienced this in my life as being a mother to a special needs child and having a journey that looks really different.
    So today we are both getting really honest and personal with you, and we're going to dive right into this topic.

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5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Nicole CO ,

So Much Wisdom! A Must-Listen

Sara isn't just an incredibly skilled yoga expert, she a deeply intelligent business woman. I get so much out of this podcast and always appreciate Sara's take on the world and advice for running a business and living a life with integrity. Tune in for a refreshing point of view on wellness, business, and life!

Racheal Cook MBA ,

Great Insights for Entrepreneurs

I just finished listening to Sara’s episode about how she navigates life and business as a special needs mom and I’m so inspired to really double down on self-care and support in my own life. Thank you Sara!

Hanneke Antonelli ,

Yoga Teachers/Healers - THIS PODCAST IS A MUST!

If you’re a healer/yoga instructor and want to grow your business and disrupt the industry. Sara’s podcast is an absolute must. She gives great advice and strategies to expand your business while earning what you deserve. It’s so good!

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