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A podcast hosted by Brad and Matt, lovers, haters, and best friends who lived in California until they realized that was for the birds.

and that's the thing and that’s the thing

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A podcast hosted by Brad and Matt, lovers, haters, and best friends who lived in California until they realized that was for the birds.

    Cop Apologist Television

    Cop Apologist Television

    who ever knew we'd get this place, you know what I mean?
    Get at us at andthatsthething666@gmail.com

    • 1 hr
    Don't Touch the Bread for Five Minutes Brotherhood

    Don't Touch the Bread for Five Minutes Brotherhood

    Don't be tacky.
    Email: andthatsthething666@gmail.com
    COLD GAWD: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4nD7mZ37GMiFBSjvWZIlDb?si=Hj85a3kuSpSQpth4LJWWVQ&dl_branch=1 
    GULLI: https://open.spotify.com/album/6if77yD46jYaftDRepXUFP?si=ln_rHkSSQ3aBB8DI_GD3Fw&dl_branch=1 

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Worst UK Drivers 2018

    Worst UK Drivers 2018

    Here's the videos we watched so you can follow along.
    First parallel parker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf4TIWECZ30&ab_channel=Ciar%C3%A1nShannon
    Worst Drivers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klp4ceAxOw0&t=669s&ab_channel=WelshDrive
    Spongebob parker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gNAy_wkgvs&ab_channel=David
    Chicago tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb-EvlwB5g0
    Seattle tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwLcGD4JlZc&ab_channel=BookingHunterTV

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Rated M for "F**k"

    Rated M for "F**k"

    Nothing matters. Grow up.
    Get at us: andthatsthething666@gmail.com
    Gulli "I Want to Live Inside Your Dreams": https://open.spotify.com/album/66d6Uec9LUjZMdfwfzrgBE?si=A_Mfqtk2Sj-FmHxt9xP1Jw
    COLD GAWD: https://thevoidtrademark.com
    ENTER THE NIGHT GALLERY: https://nightgallery.bigcartel.com
    Listen to Death of Lovers

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Texas (Not Austin)

    Texas (Not Austin)

    If this file is a little hot is because now I'm editing for all my factory workers. True blue collars need to here to bros catching up over the sounds of pushing the American ceramics industry.
    Get at us: andthatsthething666@gmail.com
    ENTER THE NIGHT GALLERY: https://nightgallery.bigcartel.com
    Gulli "I Want to Live Inside Your Dreams": https://open.spotify.com/album/66d6Uec9LUjZMdfwfzrgBE?si=RfVf15wQT3qLy8Mb1ug0YA

    • 1 hr 1 min
    That's a Trashbag

    That's a Trashbag

    "...and that's the thing": After Dark
    COLD GAWD: https://coldgawd.bandcamp.com
    BRAD: https://twitch.tv/absolutebrad
    NIGHT GALLERY: https://nightgallery.bigcartel.com
    EMAIL: andthatsthething666@gmail.com

    • 58 min

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

MooreAmanda ,

I like it

Matt’s funny.

Teethvsteeth ,

Harry Potter app review

Why didn't the "wizards" just cast themselves out of the dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises? Seriously each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody?just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

a-at least the books were good though

"No!" The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

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