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Anstandig on the Future is a podcast for today’s visionaries, seekers, and builders to inspire your next great idea.

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Anstandig on the Future is a podcast for today’s visionaries, seekers, and builders to inspire your next great idea.

    Robots Part Three: Soul Purpose

    Robots Part Three: Soul Purpose

    In the final installment of the three-part series on Robots, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig wonders if robots can, or ever will, have a soul.

    As robotics continues to advance, this is a tricky question that has caused science and spirituality to converge in unprecedented ways. What exactly is a soul? Where does it reside in our bodies? And if we don’t know, how can we bestow it onto something we create? Perhaps putting our own souls into robots is the closest we’ll get: Anti-aging is a huge business, and technology will have a huge part to play in our longevity, from legacy pages on Facebook to uploading our consciousness into the Cloud to Elon Musk’s goal of merging our brains with computers. But as far as AI developing a soul of its own, the jury is still out.

    It seems to Daniel, after this three-episode deep dive, that “AI and robots do not have much purpose without us – they’re assistive, not substitutive, and they wouldn’t be here without us.” But with their help, we can have more time to be human than ever before.

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    Robots Part Two: Bots, Drones, Wearables & The Autonomous Future

    Robots Part Two: Bots, Drones, Wearables & The Autonomous Future

    In the second part of this three-part series on Robots, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig looks at the bodies artificial intelligence is inhabiting.

    While most of our sci-fi assumes that robots will be built to look human, in real life, they’re anything but. The most ubiquitous robots are service bots built for e-commerce – like the over 200,000 robots Amazon has working in their warehouses – or cleaning, like Roombas. No one would say they look anything like people, but they get the job done; so well, in fact, that Fortune has said that automation could replace 40% of human jobs in the next 15 years. Other robots include drones, delivery bots, self-driving cars, and robot pets; Samsung has even unveiled a robot butler. Then there are the wearables, like Apple Glass, Eyeborg, VR headsets, and more that incorporate robotics into our own bodies.

    As with the first episode on the robot mind, Daniel is excited about all this technology but wants to keep what’s unique about humanity front and center. As we approach an increasingly automated economy, how should we be rethinking work and society to give humans more time to be human? Find out on this episode about the robot body, and don’t miss the final installment tackling the trickiest question of all: Can a robot have a soul?

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    Robots Part One: The Mind In The Machine

    Robots Part One: The Mind In The Machine

    In this three-part series, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig dives deep into robots. The more innovative we get with robotics, the more we’re faced with existential questions. Are robots on a course to becoming indistinguishable from humans, like in the sci-fi drama Westworld? And if so, then what makes humanity unique?

    In part one, Daniel looks at the mind in the machine. So far, artificial intelligence operates a lot like a better brain, capable of problem-solving, spotting patterns, and recalling information. But “mind” indicates a sense of identity and consciousness that robots may never achieve. We can see that when they're programmed to create art, like an AI that wrote a Beatles song or another that painted a portrait in the style of the Old Masters: There’s something eerily off-putting about their creations because they lack an essential emotionality or humanity. Should we digitize our own humanity? Or is there a happy medium where AI and humans collaborate, instead of competing?

    Hear all about the robot mind in this episode, and don’t miss the follow-up episodes on Body and Soul to get the whole picture of the future of robotics.

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    The Future of VR

    The Future of VR

    People associate virtual reality with gaming because it's been introduced to us through games. Eventually, VR will shape the future of fitness, the workplace, commerce, enterprise, and much more.

    In today’s episode of Anstandig on the Future, Daniel Anstandig of Futuri Media walks us through the reality of virtual reality. While it might be used for games, its potential can change all of our lives.
    Before your strap on your VR headset to explore (virtual) worlds unknown, listen to this episode about the optimistic future of VR!

    • The capabilities of VR (2:10)
    • Types of VR software being used in the business environment (3:09)
    • Use cases for VR (4:45)
    • How VR can help with both mental and physical health (6:37)
    • VR and its impact on commerce (8:24)
    • The power of photogrammetry and what it means for VR (9:05)
    • Does VR water down real in-person experience? (10:59)

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    The Future of eSports

    The Future of eSports

    eSports are more than just a game.
    While many of us know of eSports, most of us don’t really just how BIG of a following they have.

    And, as with every growing form of entertainment, eSports present ample opportunity for creative marketing and advertising channels that some companies have yet to explore.

    For example, some of the largest e-sporting events have audiences bigger than that of an NBA Finals game… and they last for 8 hours! That’s a long time to have an audience looking at your logo.
    To take a deeper look, Daniel Anstandig of Futuri Media is here to guide us through the world of eSports and what it can mean for players, fans, and companies around the world.

    As you boot up your PlayStation or computer to drop into a game of Fortnite, enjoy this episode about the optimistic future of eSports!

    ● The story of the very first eSports match.
    ● How much money game companies make from tournaments (it will surprise you!).
    ● How companies and celebrities are tying their brand into games.
    ● Why eSports events might offer a better ROI than traditional channels.
    ● How do you stay on top of the eSports boom if you’re a media company?
    ● How eSports can become more influencer-focused.

    ● A game of truth vs. myth: eSports edition! (1:51)
    ● How major media companies are investing in eSports. (4:23)
    ● Benefits of eSports advertising compared to more traditional channels. (5:28)
    ● Companies such as Riot (behind Valorant) are getting creative with marketing efforts. (8:31)

    • 10 min
    The Future of Retail and Omnichannel Shopping

    The Future of Retail and Omnichannel Shopping

    As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, does this mean the end for ordinary brick-and-mortar retail stores?
    Hopefully, the omnichannel approach can breathe new life into the struggling industry!
    In this episode of Anstandig on the Future, Daniel Anstandig, CEO of Futuri Media, explains the omnichannel approach and why many retail companies are shifting toward it. The omnichannel is more than just balancing a physical and online store—it’s combining and interconnecting them within the shopping experience!
    The collaboration between the two allows the consumer to use both, creating a more comfortable environment in which individuals can make purchases.
    Ready to learn about the future of retail shopping? Daniel Anstandig is here to help.
    Whether you’re driving to your favorite store or shopping online, enjoy this episode!
    ● What is omnichannel shopping?
    ● Why reviews are becoming essential for online purchases.
    ● How are companies transitioning toward an omnichannel approach?
    ● Can omnichannel shopping be done incorrectly?
    ● What makes people go to brick-and-mortar stores?
    ● How will omnichannel shopping look in the future?

    ● Defining omnichannel. (0:55)
    ● Two prominent consumer behaviors occurring. (3:26)
    ● Examples of existing businesses shifting to omnichannel. (5:39)
    ● Physical and online stores cannot be treated as separate divisions. (8:01)
    ● The power of personalization within brick-and-mortar stores. (9:44)
    ● Technology will continue making the shopping experience fun. (11:36)

    Did you have a favorite quote or topic? Do you have a preference between physically shopping versus online shopping? Don’t forget to share in the comments!
    Tune in to the next episode for a brand-new look at a new topic. Don’t forget to follow on your favorite podcast platform. Reviews are always appreciated, too.

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