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Anstandig on the Future is a podcast for today’s visionaries, seekers, and builders to inspire your next great idea.

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Anstandig on the Future is a podcast for today’s visionaries, seekers, and builders to inspire your next great idea.

    The Future of Playlists

    The Future of Playlists

    Music playlists have become a modern way of expressing one's personality and environment in the digital world. From mixtapes to streaming services, we still haven't realized their full potential - who knows what heights playlist curation will reach!

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig takes a deeper look at today’s playlists and how they are becoming more personalized than ever with technologies like artificial intelligence and user behavior analytics. He also explores how the future of playlists will include many platform options and innovative new ways to collaborate with other listeners.

    We are still in the beginning of this transformation of playlists, and we will see audiences and revenues grow substantially for the platforms that offer the most personalized and accurate curation techniques.


    ● The evolution of playlists.
    ● Various platforms and their curation techniques.
    ● Why Spotify often leads the pack.
    ● How platforms are introducing more collaboration features.
    ● The ways AI is used for playlist curation.


    ● Our playlists are becoming highly personalized to our behavior and interests.
    ● There will continue to be many platform options in the future.
    ● Spotify has aggressively championed playlist features more than other platforms.
    ● Collaboration features are a big component of future playlists.

    • 15 min
    The Future of Tech in 2023

    The Future of Tech in 2023

    Today we’re in what many are calling a “digital renaissance.” This year has shown that even in times of struggle—as thousands of job cuts signal that even the most successful tech companies are restructuring—we’re only going to rely on tech even more in the years to come.

    The technology developments we’ve seen throughout 2022 make one thing clear as we head into 2023 and beyond: tech will advance the human race significantly in the coming decades and in ways we have never seen before. Our lives are going to become more streamlined with the digital world, and that means that tech isn’t just limited to the tech industry now—it’s every industry.


    ● Why massive tech layoffs don’t mean that tech is declining—just changing.
    ● Which major corporations are investing in emerging tech.
    ● What tech products we’re going to see more of.
    ● What advertisers need to know about the coming changes.


    ● Hiring for roles related to emerging tech will grow, despite all of the layoffs in other departments.
    ● Companies in other industries will hire more tech roles in the future, especially in areas like the metaverse and Web3.
    ● Data will continue to become more expensive, and in response to that, advertisers are going to have to become better acquainted to alternative digital advertising methods.

    • 16 min
    The Future of New Music

    The Future of New Music

    The digital age has transformed how we consume music; with that, it’s transformed how audiences discover new music. Today services like Spotify and Apple Music offer curated suggestions based on your personal music taste. As bespoke as streaming platforms are today, they’re only a sample of what is to come for music discovery in the future.

    In the future, new music could meet you where you already are—from exploring a virtual world in the metaverse to the peaks of a digital bike ride in an at-home, virtual exercise class. Record labels are exploring all of how audiences can be introduced to music in the future, and the result will be a more integrated listening experience.


    ● How you’ll discover new music in the coming years.
    ● What tech and music partnerships mean for the entertainment industry.
    ● How music discovery changed throughout the years, and how that has influenced its future.
    ● All about emerging tech that will expose audiences to new music.

    ● Music has always adapted to changes in technology and consumer demand.
    ● As the music industry seeks to avoid the mistakes it made in the early digital age, audiences will see more exposure to new music.
    ● Record companies are eager to integrate with new technology.
    ● The coming music landscape is more beneficial than ever for artists.

    • 12 min
    The Future of The Next Billion People Online

    The Future of The Next Billion People Online

    It is estimated that the continent’s potential internet economy in Africa could reach $180 billion by 2025 and $712 billion by 2050. With more global users coming online, broadcasters moving into the online space have the potential to reach an even larger audience by supporting globalized models such as NFT subscriptions with cryptocurrency.

    Connectivity throughout Africa is improving, thanks to a technology called wireless mesh networks that enable decentralized access to the internet. In parts of the world that are often subject to government-mandated internet shutdowns, decentralized connectivity could prevent authoritarian regimes from limiting access to the internet.

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig discusses the future of the next billion people online, from improved connectivity to banking and healthcare access and improved supply chain transparency in some of the globe’s most dangerous trades.


    ● What does connectivity look like in developing nations today?
    ● Why there is a demand for decentralized connectivity.
    ● What connecting 2.9 billion people will do for the global economy.

    ● Connectivity is difficult to provide in developing nations throughout Africa and Southeast Asia.
    ● Centralized ISPs are subject to government shutdowns, creating a demand for decentralized access.
    ● Better connectivity can improve virtually any aspect of life for the unconnected.
    ● Blockchain can significantly improve existing infrastructures across many industries.

    • 13 min
    The Future of Cable TV

    The Future of Cable TV

    Streaming is now more popular than cable. Recent Nielsen data shows that streaming attracts 34.8% of viewers, while cable had 34.4% in July of this year. The broadcasting and media industries have been preparing for this shift for over a decade. With the arrival of streaming in recent years, consumers have migrated away from cable to a more tailored experience on streaming networks of their choice to cut monthly costs.

    So, where does that leave the future of cable tv? Many cable networks have started offering direct-to-consumer connectivity services, while others have focused on b2b opportunities with streaming services. Major tech companies have moved in on broadcasting and entertainment, while smaller broadcasters have migrated to new content platforms like social media and on-demand broadcast audio.


    ● What cable companies are planning to do in the future.
    ● How sports broadcasting is acclimating to the streaming era.
    ● What local broadcasters are doing amid the slowdown of cable.
    ● All about emerging tech from cable providers.

    ● Cable companies are seeking ways to survive the streaming boom.
    ● Cable providers are diversifying into ISPs in some cases.
    ● Local broadcasters and media companies are moving online.
    ● Sports broadcasting lacks the infrastructure to make the migration easy.

    • 12 min
    The Future of Audience and Revenue

    The Future of Audience and Revenue

    In this episode, Daniel presents the latest insights from Futuri’s ongoing Future of Audience and Revenue series. This new information is designed to help broadcasters identify and unlock growth opportunities to keep them relevant and competitive in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. This episode features new data from a survey of more than 1,200 American consumers aged 18 to 64, conducted by Futuri research partner SmithGeiger.


    - The surprising content that more than 1,200 survey respondents say they want more of from your media brand.

    - What Gen Zs, Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Boomers plan to do more of — and less of — in the coming year, and how you can use that information to your benefit.

    - The eight things media brands need to do to experience high growth.

    To access the video from this webinar, along with a wealth of supplemental materials, visit FuturiMedia.com/Growth2022.

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