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Anstandig on the Future is a podcast for today’s visionaries, seekers, and builders to inspire your next great idea.

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Anstandig on the Future is a podcast for today’s visionaries, seekers, and builders to inspire your next great idea.

    The Future of AI and Breaking News

    The Future of AI and Breaking News

    We live in a world where news stories break and disappear from our screens within the blink of an eye. This new environment means it is impossible to be the first to break news, and people now expect their news to be delivered in real-time.

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig explores the power of social media in today’s news cycle, and how artificial intelligence (AI) empowers the media industry with a “sixth-sense” to identify the stories that move the mark with their audiences.

    Media professionals must now sift through incredible amounts of information in a short amount of time like never before, which is why AI is critical for the future of news and a must for those looking to stay ahead.


    ● How AI is impacting news-gathering in the media industry.
    ● The impact of social media on today’s news cycle.
    ● The ways AI can be used to develop stories aimed at audiences.
    ● AI’s impact on non-traditional news sectors like sports.
    ● How Futuri’s TopicPulse keeps your content ahead of the conversation.

    ● The focus is no longer on being the first to a news story.
    ● Social media turns anyone into a reporter.
    ● AI can scan thousands of sources to develop stories.
    ● Tools like TopicPulse are the future of news-gathering.

    • 11 min
    The Future of Data Policies and Content Moderation

    The Future of Data Policies and Content Moderation

    Social media regulation is a popular topic these days, but with little progress on laws that protect users from misinformation and no real answer to the content moderation dichotomy, where are we headed?

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig outlines the future of data policies and breaks down the problems with content moderation and Section 230—the internet law that laid the foundation for how social media functions today. It’s a grim topic, but there are solutions in the pipeline that could change social media entirely.


    ● All about data laws—but not in a boring way.
    ● What data policy changes mean for advertisers.
    ● All of the background and context you’ll ever need on social media censorship.
    ● How social media content is monitored today.
    ● Alternatives to data monetization.

    ● Upcoming data laws are creating major shifts in the global advertising landscape.
    ● Internet companies are not driven by ethics.
    ● Social media content moderation is largely a failure.
    ● Changes in the tech landscape may be the only answer to an impossible problem.

    • 13 min
    The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Images

    The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Images

    Our colorful world is full of images, films, ads, and data forcing our brains to process an incredible amount of information in a short time. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are now using this new visual culture to change our understanding of images.

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig explores how AI is enabling the creation of incredible artistic works from text, enhanced medical imaging, photo manipulation and detection, augmented reality glasses for hands-on workers, and more!

    It’s time to embrace the future of AI as it impacts nearly every industry across the globe. And by pairing the power of AI with this visual culture, we can see far beyond the human eye.


    ● How AI is impacting industries in this new visual culture.
    ● How words can be transformed into visual works of art.
    ● The ways AI can detect image manipulation.
    ● How AI imaging can improve healthcare for millions.
    ● Specific technologies like DALL-E 2, AI photoshop, and Edition Glass.

    ● AI will change our understanding of images.
    ● The technology behind AI image generators.
    ● New methods of graphic modeling and healthcare imaging.
    ● How AI turns the visual world into usable written data.

    • 14 min
    The Future of Podcasting for Local News

    The Future of Podcasting for Local News

    Local TV broadcasters have the potential to fall behind as the globe shifts to its new digital future. After COVID-19 upended our daily habits and propelled our dependency on connected devices, podcasting is rapidly gaining audience — yet there is a noticeable lack of podcasts focused on local daily news.

    But that doesn’t mean local TV broadcasters should fear becoming obsolete. The digital world provides more opportunity than ever, and businesses that accommodate a changing consumer landscape often come out on top. As podcasting audience and revenue grow, it could be a saving grace for local TV broadcasters.


    ● How consumer habits are changing in a work-from-home environment.
    ● How major television broadcasting networks are adjusting to these changes.
    ● What hurdles — and opportunities — exist for local TV broadcasters who want to get into podcasting.
    ● How local TV broadcasters can adopt podcasting in a turnkey way.

    ● Consumer habits are changing rapidly.
    ● Podcasting has grown significantly in recent years, while cord cutting is growing.
    ● Broadcasters are well-positioned to fill the daily local news void that exists in podcasting.
    ● Tools like Futuri’s POST can help stations use their broadcast content to quickly and easily develop a podcast presence.

    • 8 min
    The Future of Metaverse Podcasting

    The Future of Metaverse Podcasting

    The metaverse will bring with it new opportunities for creators, but new challenges as well. From the development of digital venues inside the metaverse to opportunities for podcasters to use NFTs as merchandise, the metaverse is set to bring change to the podcasting world.

    So what should podcasters consider as the metaverse grows?

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig discusses opportunities that the metaverse will bring for podcasters. For an industry that is primarily audio, the metaverse will bring new opportunities for live events and connection for podcast fans.


    ● How is the metaverse growing?
    ● What kinds of opportunities will come as the metaverse grows?
    ● How podcasts fit into the metaverse experience.
    ● Virtual merchandise opportunities.

    ● The metaverse will be a key player in the coming years as more brands see the financial opportunity within it.
    ● Metaverse event venues are already being built, and will create a demand for both performers and creatives to design them.
    ● Podcasters can use this opportunity to forge new connections with digital artists to develop collaborative opportunities in the future.
    ● Metaverse podcasting can create new revenue streams for podcasters, and enable new ways to market their projects.

    • 7 min
    The Future of Paywalls

    The Future of Paywalls

    Paywalled journalism and content has been around since newspapers were first printed. In the digital age those news outlets are not only competing with each other, but with individual content creators and information that circulates on free platforms like social media. Today, as consumers cut costs on subscriptions, paywalls may be more of a challenge than ever.

    So how do media companies accommodate those changes?

    In this episode, Daniel Anstandig discusses several approaches to paywalling and subscription models. Some you’ve heard of, like the metered paywall or traditional subscriptions, but some look at how emerging services and technologies can be used to create new and innovative experiences for readers.

    The future of paywalls is bright! They just might look a little different in the coming years.


    ● What is the state of the subscription industry today?
    ● Why journalists are flocking to Substack.
    ● What media companies can learn from streaming services.
    ● Alternatives to the traditional paywall.
    ● Why NFT memberships can actually save you money.

    ● Consumers are cutting costs and subscriptions are first.
    ● The traditional paywall model does not grant access to information to those that need it most.
    ● New paywall alternatives are emerging in services like Twitter Blue.
    ● Web3 can help media companies find new revenue streams.

    • 9 min

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