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A podcast by Maniv Mobility for founders, stakeholders, and the mobility-curious.

Anything that Moves Maniv Mobility

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A podcast by Maniv Mobility for founders, stakeholders, and the mobility-curious.

    Better Place: a ten year post-mortem

    Better Place: a ten year post-mortem

    Mike Granoff, former Board Director at Better Place... and Maniv's Founding Partner, looks back at the audacious startup that tried - and failed - to spur large-scale vehicle electrification 15 years back. Mike explains the logic behind the startup's battery swap model, and explores why the company declared bankruptcy six years and $850M in investment after its founding. Mike even tackles his decision to back Better Place in place of Tesla's Series B investment round.

    For bonus Better Place reading, Mike's reflections on the ten year anniversary of the startup's founding can be found here.

    • 52 min
    Defining security for software-defined vehicles

    Defining security for software-defined vehicles

    Roy Fridman, CEO of ⁠C2A Security⁠, shares a (possibly) contrarian view of automotive cybersecurity: away from disaster prevention and towards product enablement. Roy shares why cybersecurity is not the "world's worst insurance policy" and what shifting in-car value from hardware specs to software capabilities means for players across the automotive value chain.

    • 25 min
    The million mile battery & the trillion dollar question

    The million mile battery & the trillion dollar question

    Steve LeVine, Editor of The Electric and author of The Powerhouse, joins Anything That Moves to talk about the battery supply chain, second life for lithium batteries, and where human psychology meets the charging challenge. Plus: a discussion of why this transition is so tricky for ICE automakers and why it is so hard to take new battery chemistries to market.


    A note to our listeners: 

    You'll forgive Steve and Meir for geeking out with some deep industry battery acronyms – they couldn't help themselves; for the rest of us, here's a glossary of terms.

    Steve's book, The Powerhouse, is a great resource if you want to dig deeper. 

    LFP (Lithium-iron-phosphate) – Lower energy density, cheaper than the main alternatives; in theory, longer range and safer (less likely to blow up).

    NMC (Lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt) – Most common in today's vehicles. Higher energy density, longer life cycle, and more expensive than LFP. 

    NCA (Nickel-cobalt-aluminum) – Most common in Tesla's higher-end models. More expensive than LFP, batteries are similar to NMC packs with better lifespan. 

    • 35 min
    Nothing certain but (a complicated) death for gas taxes

    Nothing certain but (a complicated) death for gas taxes

    Long-time Florida State Senator Jeffrey Brandes and current President of the Florida Policy Project joins the podcast. Jeff sheds light on the elegant simplicity at the center of today’s gas tax, why it is so essential to maintaining roads and other infrastructure, and how even a modest increase in EVs on the road is going to leave a dent. He makes the case that whatever follows the gas tax will have to contend with everything from fragmented tax collection and enforcement to data privacy concerns.

    • 30 min
    Tesla Talk

    Tesla Talk

    Diarmuid O'Connell, current board member of Volvo Cars and former VP of global business development at Tesla, shares a podcast’s worth of first-person Tesla lore. Hear his views on the company’s original raison d’etre, why it’s proven to be so uniquely polarizing, and why he doesn’t think its success is easily replicable today. Bonus: the scene – Christmas 2008: A startup in trouble, managers being forced to dip into their own pockets to make payroll…even if you know how this story ends, there’s nothing like hearing it from the source.

    • 26 min
    Nobody puts regulation in the corner

    Nobody puts regulation in the corner

    Nicole Nason, ex-US Federal Highway Administration, ex-NHTSA, and current VP of Federal Affairs at Boeing, joins the podcast. Tune in to hear how she got a ride in one of the first Tesla vehicles, why she challenges the notion that federal policy has lagged on mobility innovation, and get her hot take on electrifying the skies. Plus - a dire warning to mobility startups who sleep on hiring a government affairs team and the first and last Kardashian reference on Anything that Moves.

    • 33 min

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5 Ratings

pdcstlstnr1958 ,


This podcast’s discussion of mobility topics is interesting and insightful. Keep up the great work!

mikejgr ,

Fantastically insightful!

Meir does a great job drawing his guests out on the most useful mobility insights!

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