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A monthly podcast of fiction from the Hugo award-nominated Apex Magazine

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A monthly podcast of fiction from the Hugo award-nominated Apex Magazine

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4.1 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Mommabird25 ,

Lots of great stuff here.

The other day, I wrote a bad review about this podcast. I regret that I can’t take it back because I’ve listened to more stories I find really great.
I also wish I had been nicer about the producer’s voice. It’s hard to listen to, but it does get one’s attention.
This podcast is filled with gobs of talent and entertainment for the listener… That’s what I really wish I had said.

P.TwoBears ,


Good narrations (mostly. A few obvious honkers) I like various voices instead of the same one each time.
What's BEST and makes this my very FAVORITE FICTION PODCAST is that they just start by telling the story!!! Yeah!!!! I so much wish every single other podcast could figure out that we are here to HEAR THE STORY *** not to hear the host—thus forcing us to guess how much to fast forward—thus making it impossible to put on auto play to enjoy. KNifepoint Horror did this best of all...but I know that was just one author. I wish podcasts would supply all the links we need to know more and TRUST THEIR AUDIENCE to follow up when the stories compel them to.
They wouldn't lose exposure for the authors, they'd gain becUse more listeners would come to a podcast they could listen to without having to manually manipulate it each time to get to the story.

ElleHelle ,

New host = gross

Great stories, but this chick’s voice is like razor burn.

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