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APPetite PR's App Marketing podcast features interviews with app developers about the best ways to publicize and market apps to drive downloads and usage.

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APPetite PR's App Marketing podcast features interviews with app developers about the best ways to publicize and market apps to drive downloads and usage.

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4.5 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

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Keep 'em Coming

This podcast is very useful, _including_ when marketing service providers come on to discuss their wares. Jeff cannot control the extent to which some marketers oversell, and it's clear he's trying when in the later episodes he segues after the interviewee has their bio moment with "Since this is a show about app marketing…" to the subject matter that is important to his subscribers. Might I also mention Jeff himself is in business to be gainfully compensated for providing value (oh, the horror!).

I recently contacted Jeff about rounding out the show notes he often references in the show, and he immediately replied that he would do so and inquired if i knew any APP DEVELOPERS with interesting stories to tell (note, not app marketing service providers). It's clear from listening that he pays attention to and implements the critiques offered in the podcast reviews.

I didn't intend for this review to turn into a point-counterpoint with the criticisms in the other reviews, but since my review will be the most recent in several months, and since I've blown through the entire podcast this week on 1.5x speed (the show length is perfect, by the way), I want future readers to know the current state of affairs, and also to take note of the positive trend in Jeff's actions in taking his reviewers' comments to heart and giving them what they're asking for, absolutely free.

Keep up the good work, Jeff, and I'll be looking for those show notes on the blog, mate!

Njmarquardt ,

Very helpful!

I am just getting started in the app business and have found this podcast to be the most informative one I have come across. I have listened to several episodes more than once!

Zukalous ,


The first few episodes of this podcast were great. The host interviewed real app developers and got their honest take on how they marketed their apps.

Then all of a sudden the guests were exclusively guys shilling their marketing websites. This show is now like a 30 min infomercial for some questionable marketing company. I don't even know if what they promise works. The host asks questions that are never challenging. Instead, he serves up softballs that these guys already have well rehearsed answers to. Of course they are going to say the #1 way to market your app is to buy their product. I am not learning anything from this podcast.

I would much rather hear from real (non marketing) app developers who describe their trials and tribulations while marketing their own app. I want to hear them candidly say "no this marketing company is crap and didn't help sales" or "using service X was worth it and put our app on the map."

Please, no more marketing companies on your podcast.


The latest podcast with Pavel mamaev Was really great there was tons of information about different services. Please more interviews with people like Pavel!

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