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Singing hymns together can help us find calm in the chaos. To make it through the day with peace, not just in one piece. Hi, I’m your host April, and I sing…A LOT! While AprilSingsalot may sound silly, it is also simply the truth…singing saved me and spiritual songs continue to give me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow (to borrow from one of my favorite hymns!). If you like story and singalong, this podcast is for you!

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Singing hymns together can help us find calm in the chaos. To make it through the day with peace, not just in one piece. Hi, I’m your host April, and I sing…A LOT! While AprilSingsalot may sound silly, it is also simply the truth…singing saved me and spiritual songs continue to give me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow (to borrow from one of my favorite hymns!). If you like story and singalong, this podcast is for you!

    Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    I planned a rock climbing outing for my birthday a few years ago. Having been a ropes course instructor, I thought I knew how.
    I knew nothing about rock climbing. 
    We get into the facility and Mike (then boyfriend, now husband) asks if I want to belay him.

    I say, sure.
    He climbs to the top of the wall and says "on belay"
    I say, "belay on" 

    He lets go...
    ...and free falls.

    What happens next personifies amazing grace....

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    Faith is the Victory

    Faith is the Victory

    After leaving the military, I wanted to get a "real job".
    So I started working in our local courthouse, for the registrar of voters office. Regular hours, off most weekends, no travel...it should have been a dream come true.
    What I thought I wanted turned out to be an awful fit. 
    I lasted 6 months before telling my husband, "I don't know what I want to do, but I know it's not this!"
    I quit and a few months later found my ideal job doing something that was definitely NOT the "real job" I thought I wanted. 
    Proof that despite our plans, faith is the true victory! 

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    Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus

    Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus

    I had the opportunity in 2018 to sing the national Anthem for a saints game in the Superdome and it's a natural question when people find out about that, to ask, well, how did you get that gig? Who do you know basically?
    And here's how convoluted this chain of events is.
    In 2017 a former choir members daughter who I met maybe twice, texts me out of the blue and says, my best friend's boyfriend's dad is looking for someone to sing the anthem for a Pelican's game.
    I texted her back and said, of course that I would be interested. She says, okay, I'm going to pass your contact information on to my best friend's boyfriend's dad, and he's then going to pass it along to the person that makes the decision.
    So best friend's boyfriend's dad is not even the decision maker here. 
    As soon as she says the name of this contact person, it sounded familiar.  
    Turns out back in 2016 I was on a kick and I wanted to sing the anthem for sporting events. I reached out to the booking people for all the major sporting teams and sent them my audition video. This woman had emailed me back and said, we're full up for this season, but I'll definitely keep you in mind for the future.
    And then she went on with her life and I went on with my life and we totally forgot about each other.
    Well, here we are a year later, and I realized, Oh my gosh, she's going to get my name and information from this best friend's boyfriend's dad, but I can also email her. So I replied to that email from a year before and say, Hey, I hear you're looking for somebody to sing the anthem, here's my info, I'm available. 
    There we go. So I sing the national Anthem for the pelicans game in 2017 and the people at the Saints facility are like, Oh, here we are in 2018 we're doing a salute to service and we need someone to sing the anthem. How about that girl from last year?
    And so that's how I got the gig.
    When you are ready and God wants to put you on a stage, there is nothing that will get in the way of that. Nothing. He will literally move heaven and earth and have someone's best friend's boyfriend's dad put in a good word for you.
    Which brings me to the song today, Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
    I need to remember that more than ever right now, when the future of singing in public is uncertain. 
    I'm very glad for the opportunity to start a podcast because at least now I can reach out and help people sing wherever they are. And I wouldn't have started this podcast if I was still able to lead music in the public settings that I was doing. So I'm thankful and this is helping me so much to reframe it as something that it's like a new chapter, right?
    Maybe you're facing the same thing. I have no doubt that your life was also turned upside down recently with Covid. And it honestly is so easy just to get like, I'm going to pull my hair out, or scream into a pillow, or just run away. But instead I invite you to trust in Jesus.
    Look for the door that He's opening. Something is out there, and it might be something as crazy as starting a podcast like it was for me or I honestly don't know. But I think you do. If you get really honest with yourself, trust in Jesus.
    Want to be in the loop for more music and musings like this? Visit https://www.aprilsingsalot.com/hi/ and I'll send you a special welcome gift!
    Need a lyric video to sing along with? I've got you covered! https://www.youtube.com/user/AprilSingsalot

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    Anchored My Soul in a Haven of Rest

    Anchored My Soul in a Haven of Rest

    I used to think anchors were something that holds you down because people in boats or on ships use anchors to hold them in place. So when people would use the term anchor as a positive thing, I would think, yeah, but that's also is going to hold me down. Right? I don't want something that's going to hold me down, I want something that's going to lift me up!
    Then I learned that anchor is also what climbers use when they're scaling a wall and they put something above them to get them to the higher point that they need to be.
    That really helped me with that imagery and it helped me to identify more strongly with an anchor as a positive thing. So I want to anchor myself to something higher than me that will lift me up and help me to grow in whatever situation I face. And fittingly, today's song is anchored my soul, and I invite you to use that imagery of something that's higher than you that you are using to lift you up.

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    Walk through the Valley in Peace

    Walk through the Valley in Peace

    I have been walking around the neighborhood with my son since the first week that we had him home. Weather permitting, we're outside every day.
    I've noticed recently that he has started waving the exact same way that I wave. Now you might say, well of course, cause that's how you wave. But honestly, he's never seen me wave because he's always in front of me. It freaked me that he is picking up on mannerisms he's not even seeing until I realized he's not mimicking ME, he's mimicking the people waving BACK at me!
    Because people wave back at you the way you waved to them.
    Our life is a reflection of how we are showing up in it and all the more reason to show up as much at peace as you can be.
    We'll be singing "You shall walk through the Valley in peace" and I invite you to sing that along with me and throughout your day.
    Right now it seems that every situation is heightened in intensity because we're a little on edge and people are wearing masks so you can't really see expressions as much as you usually do, and then if people aren't wearing masks or aren't wearing them properly then that can make people even more nervous, and so just more than ever let us walk in peace. 

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    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

    There's a ministry that provides spiritual retreats for inmates. 
    I have had the honor to participate in several at women’s prisons. 
    Our mission is to show Christ’s unconditional love.  
    I’m ashamed to admit that when I walked into the prison and saw the women for the first time, what filled my heart was not love.
    I was horrified at the things that started running through my head.     
    As soon as I got to the chapel on the prison grounds, I went to the restroom, locked myself in a stall, and had a meeting with God. 
    I was pleading, “I had no idea I felt this way, this is wrong and terrible and I just want to be filled with your love for these women. Pour your love through me and change my heart right now!” 
    I left the bathroom stall and go into the meeting area where each of us is going to be paired with a resident. 
    I was wondering how this was going to go because I was still feeling things that were not Christ-like. 
    I wanted to treat these women with respect and love but what I was feeling was really not.  
    So the residents are lined up and they're coming in and when they call out the name of your person, you walk up to meet them. 
    We only know the person's name and we meet them for the first time as they're walking into the chapel. 
    When I saw my person, before they even said her name, I knew.  
    It was the closest thing to the experience of love at first sight that I've ever had. 
    We immediately connected and she was “better than” me in every single way. 
    Those feelings that I had of fear and prejudice were so glaringly wrong and it was such a humbling experience. 
    There's nothing like being confronted with your own bias, and it’s excruciating to realize.  
    I needed that experience to show me how much I needed to change and grow.  

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